It's refreshing,

Starting new.

Today, I'm officially over you.

I didn't think I ever would be.

But here I stand today.

I didn't think I would ever despise the thought of you,

But I do.

So goodbye.

No more texts.

No more pitiful "Hellos"

I found something new.

And I hope you have too.

Today is the day you're forgotten.

Though I realize, you've been long gone.

I'm about to delete you once and for all, your name, your texts, your memory.

But I can't.

I can't delete that smile. Those sunglasses. That feeling.

I know that I will never really love you.

But I can't forget the days where I thought I did.

I can ignore them, but I can't forget them.

I won't.

So maybe I'll save them for a rainy day.

When I want to remember you.

A.N. So I sat down to write something entirely different, and ended up with this, I guess my fingers didn't want to type that…. It came so quickly, I love it. Hardly a word was changed. (Darn typos) Hope you liked it, a new chapter of Their Story will be up soon!