The legendary song of the soul-stealing bard began once again. The love of a thousand years would return. No one could predict the broken silence of jealousy. The voice of poison and the blood of the broken were brought along.


Two eyes of blood stared out. The vines of thorns that dripped with insidious poison framed the hatred that shone through. The victim wandered through the tainted garden of decay. He looked past his surroundings for the one.

The ruffled dress made muffled sounds. Skin of ice shone in the midnight garden. She began to follow her path away. Her footsteps were soundless. Her skin shone like the hidden moon. Her crimson tears stained her pristine beauty.

The victim tried to find her. His eyes searched the darkness with fierce determination. She stood out from all else but was invisible to his shallow eyes. He turned his back to her. The vines crept from the poison marred ground.

The moon's veil fell away. Its mourning vanished with unmatchable light. A ghost of a sound was uttered on the grounds of death. The victim turned to find the moon's ravishing light personified. Her icy hair fell around her waist and her shadow of snow eyes beckoned.

She smiled. Her hand was offered to him. The smile of lies was filled with unbridled shadows. Her devilish claws longed to carve his heart out. She tempted him from his senses with a fractured lie.