The legendary song of the soul-stealing bard began once again. The love of a thousand years would return. No one could predict the broken silence of jealousy. The voice of poison and the blood of the broken were brought along.


"Where are you?" Danny yelled.

He spun around but the woman was nowhere to be seen. She had vanished along with the last hope of his friend's safe return. Most of those present had fallen in their own violent frenzy. There were open wounds in view no matter where he turned.

He turned on his heel and began to run. Those who were nearby began to notice to him. They pursued him in their craze. As he ran to the shadow's embrace a woman in white appeared by the teacher's desk.

Her hands stretched out towards him. A false pained and longing expression marred her beauty. She vanished swiftly; perhaps no more than a trick of the light. Darkness descended to fill her place at once. He saw nothing of her. The entire room fell into darkness. There were no crazed cries and there was no light.

"The love of the commoners was always fragileā€¦"

He spun around. A faint glow enveloped the woman with midnight hair. She smiled at him warmly. Her teeth were white and pierced the shadows. He tried not to be blinded by their purity.

"Who are you? What do you want?" Danny snapped.

His shirt wrinkled. He trembled and glanced over his shoulder. Her dark eyes held a reddish glow. She cupped his face and peered into his wary eyes. For a moment an emotion flickered across her face. She pushed him away and vanished from his sight.

Danny spun around. "Where are you? Come back here!"

He was greeted with a faint echo. His own voice mocked him. He tried to ignore the call of his own voice. It echoed without remorse. He strained to hear something besides himself.

"Don't leave me here!" Danny roared.

The woman touched his shoulder gently. Her other arm wrapped around his chest. She rested her head on his shoulder. He could feel her smile against his neck.

She whispered, her voice as smooth as liquid and as deadly as poison. "I've waited for you to say that for so long,"

Danny fought his fear with everything that he had. He tried to bury his worries behind a veil of empty promises. His hand covered hers.

"I will despise you for as long as I was meant to love you," she cooed. "You never knew that I was the shadows and the light."

"I don't know what you're talking about. Let me help you find the one who did this to you. Let me find the one who left you. I can help you," Danny pleaded.

"Oh, how nice. You're lovely, so lovely," she purred. "but a heart can't save me. There's too much that happenedā€¦ The light that you chose when you abandoned my truth."

Danny gasped loudly. His body shuddered violently. She kissed his neck and leaned away from him. A squelch echoed as she pulled her hand away. His blood dripped loudly and flooded from his wound.

A dark and twisted smile grew on her face. She sighed in relief. A soft laughter poured from her mouth. She looked at the heart in her hand as a mother would look upon their child.

Author's Note: I'm so glad that I can re-join you all. Please relish in the insanity of my writer's mind.

Inspired by an Evanescence song.