If you only knew who I was

I kept to myself all these years

Waiting for someone to talk to

Now that I've found myself

In a place where no one knows me

Not even myself

How can I resist

Letting the world know my secrets

And making more of them

So delicious and exhilarating

Telling people what you think

But since I like who I pretend to be

I think I'll stay just like that

And all the dust in my room

If it had mouths could it speak

And share with the world

The delightful fantasies of my mind

But I think I'll stay quiet

And leave it alone

So no one will know

Who I am

I've changed so much that I

Don't even know myself

Who am I

These people say they love me

Love me for who I am

Who am I

Love yourself and be yourself

But I ask you

Who am I