There's nothing worse

Than living a nightmare

And waking up

Next to a friend who swears

It was only a dream

Yet you live it again

But this time you're not asleep

And it hurts more

Because not only

Is it a nightmare

You've already seen

But you also realize

That it was his lie you believed

Same old story

Same old theme

Another twist

But the same crushed dreams

A broken heart

Because you knew it

From the start

And a girl

That's given up

On love

Because everything you ever

Did just wasn't enough

For him

Not one broken heart

Or even two

Because he always wanted more and more

From you

This is why you cry yourself to sleep

Thinking what's the use

Of trying

If your life has so clearly been placed on a record

Being played over and over again

With the same tragic ending

And countless acts of

People only pretending

To care

And to love you

Because no one honestly

Wants to break this rhythm

Or awake you from

Being with him

They're too selfish

And too afraid to know

What you may become

If you actually dreamed a dream

Instead of living a nightmare

You don't realize

That the moment he fears

The most is the day you realize

That this record can be crushed

And only you have the

Power to walk away

It's not him or the worlds

Choice to make you stay


It's only you who can stop this nightmare

Only you who can wake up

From being stuck on replay

So go tell him that

You've had enough

Go to sleep

And for once in your life

Dream a dream!