Ok so this was really just a quick and rough drabble of the mind, but I'd really like to know what you guys think. I'm kinda stuck on where I want this to go, so if you have any opinions I'd really love to hear them. Thanks!

Do you ever miss the hotel nights;

the city streets and drive thru lights?

Do the stars still wander in your eyes

or have your demons come and gone?

I could write a thousand stories

just give me one more night.

Take me on a long lost journey

where I can forget what it used to be.

The ice on the street, the frost in the air,

our seclusion lurked just one more time.

Lingering caresses, tempt beware,

frolics through the hazy veils.

Movies together under the sheets,

tangled dreams didn't matter.

Forgotten verbs, forgotten lies,

brought together finally at rest.

One more moment in your eyes,

take me away to heaven's sky.