soldier, he was made
for rough terrain and veins
bulging, a symptom
that the heart has externalized.
exoskeleton eroded
by storms (sand and thunder),
he stands under a sun circling
down on him and his shadow, but
he will not diminish; the bronze
of his cross reflects
the light and him: faith with
his feet on the ground. the valley
of the shadow of death is more
sweltering than he expected, so
he keeps his eyes on the horizon, looking
for the river foretold and its melodic gravity.

scientist, she was made
to gaze at meteorite rain and
marvel at the night sky because she sees
more than just a wallpaper but
a sea of gas and light to sail. fascinated
by flickers in darkness, she studies
dimension but cannot see any
in herself. she is fragile as butterfly
wings, has learned how
to hide from predators and fly
to her destination without
capture. she knows there is toxin
pumping through her heart, rotting
her, and she prays for a star
to fall on her head.

they uncovered each other in the cold of
empty places. castaways,
they found the sparks in each
other's eyes, in the dark of
light-years between lights. she landed
on his fingers, searching,
and he let her explore his armor;
she slipped inside. she became
gravity, unexpected and lyrical;
he became her antidote, (she no longer
needed to hide). slingshot across
the cosmos, they've locked
hands, fingers careful to avoid
the bruises. sunk in the depths
of a stellar sea, they have seen
more than ever before, and they find it