GONE by Aiden Rose

Dedicated to Aiden Rose Dem., the girl who made me who I am today, but lost herself along the way. Happy 16th Birthday, AJ.

I still love the girl you were,

But my friend doesn't live here anymore.

She's gone.

There is a girl who goes by your name.

Looking closer, she resembles you,

But she is not the same.

You're gone.

But you will live on

In me.

A/N: To clarify, Aiden Rose is not my real name, but a penname I chose to honor a girl who had once been my best friend, taught me more than I really needed to know and eventually, due to so many unfortunate situations out of her control, went down a road I couldn't follow. That last day, I wasn't hugging the same girl with whom I had shared so many great adventures, she got lost in the chaos that was her life. It still hurts every now and then, but I've come to realize that those 4 years shape every decision I make. My way of thanking her is using what she has taught and shown me, and putting her name on it (her first and middle, anyway), and hoping maybe one day she'll see it, and remember.

Now that I've got that out of the way, same message as always. Constructive criticism is welcome and encouraged (but this very personal, so please be gentle). Any and all flames will be used to make s'mores. ~Aiden