As the sight of a child went missing the father of that said child was taken away to jail in a place called Chinchilla. The man screamed and screamed in his cell trying to say that they deserved it and that one day they would thank him for his tribute to the world. But if anyone herd his cries they would wonder what he did and what was the result of his mistakes. Until one of the prisoners that was there because she made drugs and was sentenced for 2 years her mind was too curious and had to find out what he did. She was known for her curiosity and that is what lead her to go to jail in the first place because people always talked about drugs like they where a good thing so she let her curiosity takeover agene but this time it had worse consequences because he told his story with horrifying detail until she know every little thing about his son Jabez, his wife Ebony and him self and to say that the women was fascinated about what she herd would be under exaggerating. Now this woman was named Willa and she hated the name with a passion so she called herself Widow after the spider. She started to fall in love with Jerold and desired that when she was out of jail she would she that she would do anything for him including killing anyone from his past.

For me time passed slower and slower each day not understanding where I was going and only having a week worth of sight that I could remember that seemed to bring pain to my mind. I would here my mother crying and pleading for help as I wondered in the hospital trying to find my way to who knows what. I fell many times and when I started to understand my whereabouts more they changed by being moved from the hospital but still at this day I know that it was the nurses that pled most for the discharge because they where afraid of me and how I seemed to look like I was a devil child and to me I was a devil child but it was hard to understand how I felt about how people would look at me and try to run away discretely from me but I all ways seemed to notice.

At the age of five my mother was killed and I was there at her side as she was murder with me screaming at the women telling her to stop but it didn't help. I will tell you this story.

After school a walked more and my understandings had changed as I grow more I could walk like any one with sight and maybe even better because I could hear tiny sing and it felt like there was some bit of my brain that told me where things where and what they where I could also smell thing that had a reminder of how they where. As I reached the house that my mother and I shared I could tell that something was different but as a child and in grade two I ignored it thinking that it was nothing and most likely some new piece of clothing. When I entered to house some thing jumped on me and tied me to the wooden support beam that helped keep the roof up. The thing that jumped on my I could tell was a women that smelt like blood, basil and smoke she turned to my mother but I could tell that there was some thing very wrong with her and it filled me with rage as I know that the blood from my mother was the smell that was coming of the other women. I screamed as I could hear tearing of skin and my mother whimpering and whispering my name as if it could stop the pain. The women started to talk to try to get me to understand a new word that seemed foreign saying where she was cutting and how deep and that made me madder and madder the more she did it. Finally and sadly she cut my mothers throat and she turned to me and said in a sweet voice and this words haunt me forever

'I will be back for you'.