Now at the age of nine I started to understand what the world was here for 'Pain'. I wander the streets of cities hoping that one day the light will finally take me away from this place. It is in a strange sense funny that people always go on and on about there kindness and how many people they have helped where when they see me they turn trying to forget that they ever saw me. My goal bother dieing was to find the secrets of the world so I could understand why people have to live a way where they blind them self's from the truth. It is funny to think that the blind person saw more then some one with perfect vision. So with all the words and goals in my head I walked … I listened….. I smelt…I understood.

One day I reached a place which was very curious because the ground was soft and it smelt of Salt and Ash and driven be curiosity to find the answer. I walked in until the round under my feet was harder because of people or animals walking on it more often. I walked along the path contemplating about the smell and what it meant because the salt was clearly from salt water and bye the softness of the ground meant I was waking on sand by the beach and the ash wasn't like anything I have smelt bother not like ash from a fire, not like ash from smoke at all. I kept at the path until the smell stoped so I turned arrowed and walked back the way I came and this happened repeatedly.

I was thinking that I would find the answer or die trying and both of those options seemed possible and not hated upon so I had no problem about walking the same path for days but one day some thing changed. Someone was looking at me like a hawk watching a animal trying to find a way to eat its eggs. Each day that passed there was more and more people looking at my but I would not stop walking, turning and contemplating.

Nothing changed other then how many people staring until one was moving much more then necessary and started to walk closer to me and I allowed it until he was two feet ahead of me I stoped and waited until the person spoke.