Serenade Me, My God

Music is my great escape

It's what I use to get away

Away from all this pity and the pain

Music is my savior, my God

Headphones are my preachers

And my wedding will be black

Tainted by the pain you inflict upon me

The hate you hide behind the pity

I see into you

I scare you, do I not?

You hate that which you can't understand

And so I am condemned for whom I am

But I'll still let my candles burn

I will recite my spells

I'll cleanse myself of all this pain

I know who I am, that is more than you can say

You're a clone, an empty mindless shell

You don't know pain

So while you run your mouth

I'll just turn my music up

And let their Hellish screams

And Heavenly serenades

Drown your whiny, accusing voice away

And I'll return to my paradise

So I can sing with my God