Sleep Now

Hush and shush, you must make no noise

If they hear you, they'll take your toy

Your toys are the only things bringing you joy

They'd send you to the home for crazy girls and boys

Hide all your scars

Hide all your pain

Showing them off, you have nothing to gain

The white coats will load you into their cars

Don't scream

Don't shout

They'll knock you out

Hide some sedatives in your cookies and cream

Blood stains your bed

It runs from your wrist

Ending the pain is hard to resist

They simply think you're wrong in the head

It's unbearable, you just want to rest

I understand

Come take my hand

Lay your head on my chest

I'll make it stop

I'll help you sleep

I promise that you'll not make a peep

Go to the roof, it's a four story drop

Sleep now

Eternal peace

Sleep now my dear, the pain will cease

A marvelous show, I'll go take my bow