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Pippa Daltroy strutted down the empty hall, hips swaying in sync with the music that was pumping from the expensive headphones which were covering both her ears. She hoisted her bag further onto her shoulder and unzipped it, finding her keys as soon as she did so. Pippa closed the bag and unlocked the door to her new room; it was a new school term, meaning new dorm rooms, new teachers, new classrooms, and new roommates.

Pippa scowled at the last thought; you had a choice as to whether you wanted to stay with your roommates or get new ones. Pippa had chosen to stay but then got lectured and guilt tripped into moving. This was because her mother's friend's daughter, Willow, had started, and didn't know anyone except Pippa; thus Pippa was stuck with her. She didn't know about her other two roommates. All she knew was that she was sharing room T5 with Willow, Evelynn, and Nicole.

Pippa pushed the door open and stepped inside. Luckily, she was the first to arrive. She threw her bag onto the top bunk of the closest bed, and took out a crumpled sheet of paper from her jacket pocket. Pippa studied it closely. Apparently, Nicole was 16, Evelynn 15 and 11 months, and Willow 15 and 10 months. Pippa sighed. Great, she was the oldest, the one who had to 'set the example'. Just Great.

Pippa was 16 and one month but looked much older. Her shiny brown hair fell to her ribcage and her fringe swept to the side of her oval shaped face. She had prominent cheekbones and plump lips, with pale grey eyes that drew you in the second you laid your eyes on her. She screwed the paper with her roommates' names on and threw it in the bin, shrugging off her jacket and taking a moment to analyse the room.

The beds were rather strange. The four beds were fixed to the wall on the left side of the dorm, with shelves going into the wall behind the pillows. A lamp was beside each one and a ladder in the centre separating them all. Pippa shook her head and chuckled. Each bed was already neatly made and prepared, with each student's items next to the window, and flowers on the windowsill. The other side of the room was just as tidy and posh, and the wallpaper had a striped design. There was also a grey rug on the floor next to two sofas, separated by a small cabinet which held a lamp, a pile of CD'S and a few books. Over the cabinet were two shelves, also holding books and CD'S, but also a few empty photo frames.

Pippa rolled her eyes after taking in her surroundings. She had no idea how any of the pupils attending the School for Stars were going to be able to look after themselves when they left the majestic school and no longer had the luxurious care of the cleaners and room keepers. She walked over to the huge window and pushed the curtains aside, revealing a view of the school grounds and the music block. Pippa sighed mentally. She knew that it was a bribe, since everybody knew that Pippa hated walking for ages to get to the Fashion block, where most of her lessons took place. They thought that having the music block so close would make her change her mind about what she wanted to study? No thank you!

The Fashion block was one of the smallest of all the departments; it included lessons for people who strove to be hairdressers, makeup artists, costume designers, fashion designers, textile students, people involved in beauty pageants, and, of course, people who aspired to be models. Pippa had no interest in makeup, hair, or textiles. She was there for the modelling, the only reason she'd accepted the offer to go to the school. Pippa sighed and turned away from the window, coming face to face with one of her new roommates.

And she did not look happy.