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Zander giggled and shied away from his boyfriend when Tristan poked his side, causing him to nearly fall off the Tristan's bed that the two were reclining on.

"Tristan!" Zander squeaked, swatting his hands away. "Stop, I'm trying to watch Avengers!"

"You're paying too much attention to Robert Downey Jr. and not enough attention to me." Despite his words, Tristan stopped poking his boyfriend and settled for running his fingers through Zander's dark hair. Zander smiled at him and snuggled closer, resting his head back against Tristan's chest. Tristan kissed the top of his head, and Zander could feel the metal of his lip ring pressing against his scalp.

"You can't deny that Robert Downey Jr. is hot." Tristan merely shrugged in agreement.

"Not hotter than you." Zander cocked an eyebrow and looked up at his boyfriend of nearly a year. Tristan looked back at him with his steady, jade green eyes—eyes that held only truth in them.

"Oh come on, you don't have to say that."

"I don't have to say anything. But everything that comes out of my mouth, I mean 100 percent. Sure, Robert Downey Jr. is good looking, I'm not going to lie. But Zan, you're gorgeous, and you're mine. And I love you." His hand snaked down to meet Zander's, curling their fingers together. He brought the back of his boyfriend's hand up to his lips and kissed it gingerly.

Zander's blue eyes flicked up to his boyfriend's, searching them for any sign of untruth. It's not that he didn't believe Tristan, but he had been wronged in the past—wronged after the same words had been spoken to him.

But he didn't see any of that in Tristan's eyes.

"I love you too," Zander said softly, squeezing his boyfriend's hand. They looked into each other's eyes and Zander stretched up to press a kiss to Tristan's soft lips. One of his hands moved up to rest on Tristan's cheek, his thumb sliding along his soft and smooth skin.

They pulled back from each other and Tristan grinned, kissing his boyfriend's nose. Zander moved to straddle his boyfriend's waist, his hands resting on his strong shoulders. Tristan's arms circled around his waist, hands linking behind his back. He tipped his lips up to kiss Zander again, and suddenly, all patience was gone. They were kissing each other with such fierceness and urgency that it sucked the air out of both of their lungs.

When they pulled back, they were both breathless, but the moment of rest didn't last for too long. Tristan leaned forward and attacked Zander's neck with searing hot kisses—kisses so hot that all Zander could do was cling to Tristan as he licked and kissed at his neck.

Tristan's name fell from Zander's lips, and he couldn't help but giggle—his boyfriend's lips ghosting along his neck tickled a little bit. Tristan shifted him in his arms so that he could sit on his knees and Zander was about to make a comment about his strength, but his words evaded him when Tristan lifted him up and dumped him on his back.

Tristan covered Zander's body with his own, pressing him into the mattress, and kissed him again—no urgency had been lost. Zander wrapped his legs around Tristan and his hands scrabbled at his boyfriend's back. He couldn't seem to get close enough. He needed more of Tristan—he needed more of him and he wanted all of him.

It took all of his strength to pull back from his boyfriend and push him back a bit from him. Tristan blinked a few times—his pupils had shrunk a little and now he could actually see his jade green eyes. Tristan brushed some of Zander's hair from his face so he could see his beautiful blue eyes and look for some trace of hesitance.

Before Tristan could get a good look, Zander grabbed the hem of his boyfriend's orange polo and pulled it over his head. Tristan wriggled out of it and when his face was revealed to Zander again, he was smiling that wide, toothy grin that Zander loved. His chest was heaving and so was Zander's. He couldn't seem to get any of the air back in his lungs no matter how much he panted.

Tristan shoved Zander's shirt up and mouthed at his boyfriend's abs. Zander sucked in a breath and held it as Tristan moved higher up his torso. His tongue flicked over Zander's nipple, and when Zander gasped and arched against him, Tristan grabbed his ass and squeezed.

"God," Zander breathed, and his fingers slipped into Tristan's dark locks and tugged. Tristan tongue flicked over Zander's other nipple, his hands still squeezing his boyfriend's ass, and his teeth grazed over the sensitive bud. Tristan's mouth felt unbelievably hot and Zander wasn't really sure why. But he knew that he needed to feel more of Tristan as soon as possible.

He pushed Tristan back again and pulled off his red t-shirt, pulling him down for a searing kiss and rutting against him. Tristan groaned into the kiss and shoved his tongue into Zander's mouth for a sloppy, wet kiss. Their lip jewelry clashed together and Tristan managed to pull himself away, instead nibbling on his ear, his hands working frantically to undo Zander's jeans.

Zander barely had the patience to wait for Tristan to undo his jeans. By the time Tristan had unbuttoned them and tugged the zipper down, Zander was pushing his boxers off with them and kicking them to the side. Tristan couldn't help but stare—Zander's chest was heaving and his erection was red, the tip resting right under his belly button.

Tristan shucked off his jeans and boxers as fast as he could, leaning down and running the flat of his tongue over Zander's slit, gathering up the pre-come that had gathered there. Zander moaned and squeezed his eyes shut. He kept them closed for a few moments before opening them. All of his thoughts suddenly screeched to a halt.

He was naked. Tristan was naked. And they were both hard and horny.

"Do you…" Zander started, but Tristan was thinking the exact same thing.

"Yeah. I know. Are you okay with this?" Tristan asked. He was laying back over Zander again, their fronts pressed together. It was hard for Zander to focus on what was being said to him because he could feel all of Tristan pressing against spots that he could press against all the time.

"Y-yeah. I'm alright with this."

"I mean…do you want to continue?"

"Yes." Zander didn't even have to think about it.

"So you want to have sex?"

"God, yes. Just…come on already. Condom?"

"Got it." Tristan moved up to the head of his bed and opened the bedside drawer, pulling out a condom.

"Lube?" Tristan pulled something else out of the drawer and tossed both things at Zander. He picked up the Trojan Magnum condom and KY Warming Lube. Tristan crawled back over to him and got down close to him, grinding their arousal's together. Zander whined in the back of his throat.

"So do you want to…I usually…I like to…"

"You top," Zander said, grabbing the lube. "I want you in me. Hurry up, I can't wait forever." Tristan kissed him, still grinding against him before pulling back and opening the condom. Zander watched him for a moment before opening the small sample packet of lube and squirting some on his fingers. He wasn't a virgin anymore, but improper preparation could cause this to be painful—and not the good kind of pain.

Zander kept his eyes trained on Tristan as he reached two fingers between his legs and circled around his hole, slowly pushing them inside and coating his insides with lube. He groaned and worked the two fingers in deeper, struggling to keep his eyes open. Tristan's mouth fell open a bit as he watched his boyfriend finger fuck himself. He couldn't wait to work himself into that tight heat.

"Zan," he whispered, and Zander opened his eyes—he wasn't even aware that he had closed them.

"Yeah?" Zander rasped, his fingers still moving inside of him. He whimpered and Tristan thought he would come just by watching. He grabbed Zander's hand and slowly pulled his fingers out of him.

"Ready?" He took the remainder of the lube and smeared it on his condom, making sure that he was good and slick, and that he'd slide into Zander easily. Tristan was about to cover Zander's body with his own again, but Zander put a hand to Tristan's chest, stopping him momentarily.

"Wait." He said, and rolled over onto his stomach, wiggling his ass. "Like this."

"I can't see your face while I fuck you?" Zander heard the small bit of disappointment in Tristan's voice. Zander pushed his ass towards Tristan.

"This is not a one time thing. Next time, we can do it face-to-face. Just…come on." Zander couldn't help but thrust against the mattress as he waited, impatiently, for Tristan to get started.

"Stop that," Tristan said, his voice firm. He grabbed Zander's hips, halting his movement, and draped himself over his boyfriend. He lined his erection up with Zander's lubed up hole. "Okay," he murmured, mostly for himself.

Zander's fingers curled into the sheets and he moaned into the mattress as Tristan pushed into him. "Nngh…fuck," he cursed.

"You okay?" Tristan asked, and he stopped pushing in.

"Yes, yes," Zander gasped. "Keep going. Just…fuck, don't stop." Zander pushed back against Tristan and finally, his boyfriend was buried inside him. He could feel Tristan's balls against his ass and he fought the urge to bite into the sheets and scream. It'd been a while since he had sex, and didn't hurt necessarily. He just wasn't used to feeling so full.

"Are you…"

"Stop fucking asking questions and fuck me already." Tristan started thrusting, his ass muscles clenching together as his hips pounded forward. Zander couldn't even keep his eyes open, the pleasure was so overwhelming.

Tristan's body over him was pushing him into the mattress, his warm presence soothing. He was grunting in Zander's ear as he fucked him, muttering filthy things, most of which Zander had only heard in hardcore porn. Despite his words about fucking Zander so hard he would split him open, his fingers curled into Zander's.

Tristan's hips worked like a piston as he fucked Zander, his balls slapping against Zander's ass. Zander didn't remember putting so much lube, but he could feel it sliding down his crack, and the obscene squelching noise was unlike anything he had heard in porn.

Tears were pricking at the corners of Zander's eye and he gasped, trying to suck some air into his lungs. He could feel the wet spot underneath him, and that was just pre-come.

"Holy fuck." Zander's voice cracked when he spoke the obscenity and he bit down into the sheets, whining high-pitched.

"Jesus Zan, you're so…tight and…god. You're leaking lube everywhere, just so slippery and wet and…god. You're going to make me come so hard."

"Do it," Zander whispered. He could feel his own balls drawing up tight against his body, and he knew that he was close to release. Not only because of that, but also because his vision was starting to white-out even though his eyes were closed. "I want to feel you come in me. Please Tristan, please." He was close to crying, he was so ready to come.

"I'm going to make you come so hard Zan," Tristan mumbled into his ear, biting on the lobe. It should've hurt, but all the pleasure and adrenaline pumping through his body gave him immunity to that small amount of pain. "You're just going to unravel in my arms and fuck, watching that would be so hot."

"C'mon, c'mon Tristan. Just a little more…just fuck me a little more. I'm so close just…" Tristan bit down on Zander's shoulder as he pumped his hips a few more times into his boyfriend. Zander clamped down on him so hard, he yelped in pain. Zander trembled beneath him, his mouth biting into the sheets so hard that Tristan thought he would break some of his teeth. A long, high-pitched whine came from Zander as he came into a large wet spot beneath himself.

"Oh yeah, I told you I'd make you some so hard. You're so fucking hot, Zan. God, I love watching you come…" Zander thrust into the mattress, riding out his orgasm. Finally, after it seemed like he had been coming for hours, Zander went limp beneath Tristan and finally relaxed around him.

Despite Zander's sensitive nerves, Tristan thrust into him a few more times before falling over the edge of the cliff that Zander had fallen over moments before. He continued to thrust slowly into Zander as he came, and Zander gasped with each thrust.

Tristan finally stopped coming and he slumped against his boyfriend, chuckling and kissing the back of his neck.

"You're so dirty," Zander mumbled and he turned his head so he could kiss his boyfriend. Tristan slowly pulled out of Zander, who winced, and he peeled the condom off, tying it off and tossing it in the trashcan. He was still sticky, but he didn't have the energy to get up and wipe himself down. He rolled off of Zander and Zander rolled over.

Tristan peered over his body and laughed when he saw the large, wet, white spot on his sheets. "And you're not? You were the one begging me to fuck you."

"Glad I begged," Zander said, snuggling into his boyfriend's side. "You did a good job."

"Thanks. I enjoyed that."

"So did I." In the background, the Hulk was busy tossing Loki around like a rag doll. Tristan twisted his head and glanced up at the television. "Is it weird that our first fuck was while Avengers was on?"

Zander glanced at him for a moment before responding. "Not at all."

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