Okay, this is the updated version of chapter 1, i remade it :)

"Sorry, Melanie, i don't really wanna do a movie with you. I've already done so many, and i really want to try new thin- whoa!" the voice abruptly stopped, and the person slipped and fell right next to me. I turned and my already big aquamarine eyes widened when i saw who it was.

"I'm so sorry! I-I just accidentally tripped, and the boxes fell. Really sorry. Please don't fire me!" i stammered, the person who i was blubbering to was international sensation Ryan Carter, who apparently goes into random break rooms with Melanie Fray, a teenage movie star.

We stood up. Ryan's green eyes amused. "Its cool, no problem. Accidents happen, and I'm pretty sure i don't have the authority to fire you, anyway. but i wouldn't," he added. His golden colored hair seemed a bit tousled. He stuck his hand out, and i hesitantly shook it. "Hi. I'm Ryan Carter. Whats your name?"

"Umm, Raina West." i replied nervously, looking up to his face. I wasn't a fan or anything, but he's a celebrity! a really famous person! its like meeting Nikola Tesla, or Archimedes, or even Leonardo Da Vinci!

His glance widened when i moved up mine, and blinked. "Um, wow..um, i meant nice to meet you!" he seemed a bit trance like when he said 'oh wow'. He sounded peculiar,almost...surprised. that doesn't make sense, he couldn't have known about me before now. No one did. Not even my flipping BOSS did. but i didn't blush. You get used to it after like, oh,15 years.

"Uh...Yeah,um, nice to meet you er too." we stood awkwardly next to each other. See, i'm a very shy person. This is also why i don't go to parties, and don't, you know, have a life.

"here, let me help you with those boxes. Um, no offense, but you don't seem like the athletic type. I'm not saying your fat! just, like, you don't look like you do a sport," he added.

I resisted the urge to show him how well i can freestyle kick on land. "No thanks. Don't really need um...help," but he picked the boxes anyway.

Ryan handed me the boxes gently. "um, thanks" i muttered.

"See ya around," he smiled, a perfect set of teeth flashing. Him and his blonde beauty Melanie Fray leave the room, leaving me with staring "co-workers", and boxes that way as much as 2 me's.

See, today is my first time on the job, and i'm not really doing well. For example, i broke the copy machine 5 minutes into the job, dropped all of the scripts when i reached down to tie my beat up Converse, then dropped it again when my boss yelled at me to smile when some important guy with strange green eyes passed me. Did i also mention that i was ten minutes late cause my bike's tire ran out of air so i to wheel it all the way to Brooke Stage?(where the movie is being shot)No. I guess i didn't. I'm not really clumsy, but its my first day of my second job (McDonald's smoothie machine magically became a war weapon. Don't ask.). So there i was, walking slowly so the tower of boxes that hold the scripts to part 2 to the movie "AJ" won't fall off AGAIN. I walked into the break room, where some people were drinking coffee and chatting. I saw a table where i can put the box, and then pull out the sign that says "TAKE ONE". I took one step towards it, then immediately fell down, the papers flying out of the box and landing besides me. And that's what happened. Okay, now continue playing.


A sudden flashback started as soon as i walked out of the room. It was me, a few weeks ago at my 16th birthday party. It was at my house, and i wasn't having much fun as i thought i would be. My parents invited a bunch of celebrities (around 200), family friends, etc. It was nice, but i felt like my parents were doing it just for the publicity. Anyways, i was opening the door to my room to get a spare Wii remote that i took with me accidentally the day before, and there was some old guy sitting on my bed like he owned the place.

"Ummm, this room is off-limits," i said uncomfortably.

He looked at me, his grey eyes looking at me with amusement. "I know. I have something to say to you, Ryan James Carter."

That was pretty creepy, how he knew my full name. "Uh,well...okay?"

He motioned me to sit on the bed with him, and i did, but the farthest point away.

"Do you know who i am?"

"Not really, no."

"I thought as much," he sighed, he sounded like he was going to say something else, but suddenly his normal grey eyes turned into this sickly green color, and blazed, and his eyes got smaller and smaller till they were tiny slits. I grabbed the edge of my bed.


His voice sounded like fingers on a chalkboard, and very loud. "You want to meet your partner in destiny?"

I was frozen, i couldn't move. The most i could do was struggle not to scream. Then smoke billowed out of his mouth, a strange,glowing blue color. "Nope, i think i'm goo-"

"Oh, really?" He cackled sarcastically, and then focused on me again. I felt i had the energy to move, so i got up slowly, but his hands shot up from his white robes (Robes?), and felt like an iron clasp on my shoulders, and just as heavy. I was terrified. "The girl, Ryan. The girl with the eyes of the ocean..." I finally got out of his grasp, and ran to my door. But when i turned around, he was gone. It was like he wasn't even there in the first place. The only thing that told me he was, was the creases on the bed from where he was sitting. 15 minutes later i woke up on my bed, my sister waking me up. I told her about the guy, but she did a count of the people, and he wasn't even invited, and everyone was here.

From there on i thought it was like a bad dream or something, but now that i think of it...was it really?

Melanie snapped me out of my mind.

"Come on, Ry! it'll be fun! we all know Luke Kett makes awesome movies, and here we are, the cream of the crop! this movie, if we do it together, will bring our fame to the top," she urged, her blond hair in perfectly styled ringlets. the thing is, she's cool and all, but we've always done movies together, and i want to do it differently this time. and plus, Melanie Fray is known for drama, she always has to have an article about her in any magazine, and the last thing i need is some paparazzi to say something thats isn't even true about me or about us together. Celebrities do that. they fake fainting, break up, all that jazz, just to get the fame and the money. its stupid really, but unfortunately i seem to be the only celebrity who thinks this way.

I shifted uneasily. "Um, but i don't really want to do a movie like those. I...i just want to try something new. its always the PG-13 ones, or rated R, isn't it?"

"yeah, cause they're the best!"

"I've always wanted to do a cartoon, it looks fun," i replied.

she gave me a disgusted look. "CARTOONS? thats for people who need a boost up TO being famous. uh hello? i'm- i mean we're international movie stars. we don't need to do that," she replied, and her theory wasn't even true.

"But I want to. You don't have to." and with that, i turned away and walked back to the parking lot, waiting for my older sister Rylee to pick me up. on the way there, i passed by an office with their TV still on. so, i go inside and turn it off. always better to save power, right? no matter how rich. but something stopped me. there were 2 guys on the news, one guy was interviewing the other.

"I hope to accomplish this by doing a mandatory fundraiser in every high school in America, for oh, 3 days. that will raise enough food to give to Africa, and help their hunger problem," says a confident and smooth voice. I look up, and immediately recognize him. Everyone should, really. he's Lucifer Hawk, a very famous political leader in the world. he's quite something, to say the least. he is tall and slender, with silvery hair, and a wrinkle free, pale face. Lucifer is beardless, but he's old, around his late 50s or early 60s. his piercing dark brown eyes portray not kindness, but curiosity. there's only one place i've seen eyes like those, and its on Raina West. the alluring girl with the oceanic eyes.

"Well, i hope this works for you, Mr. Hawk," the interiewer replied. "I've heard you will be knighted by the queen this Saturday. is that true?"

Hawk smiled, showing his incisors. "yes. it is. i am most delighted that the Queen of England has decided to knight me. Its quite an honor,really."

"It is, Lucifer. so, speaking of leaders, i was told you are going to be having dinner with the President of the U.S.A?Any thoughts?"

"I'm just so glad that he's chosen me to be the guest. i'm truly honored."

"Well, thats it for now. Thank you Lucifer for joining us."

"It was my pleasure' he replied in his smooth tone, showing the barest hint of British.

I turned the monitor off. Whenever i see Lucifer Hawk, i always feel uneasy. i always get a bad vibe from him i dunno why. everyone else in the rest of the world loves him, for all he's done toward the international society. why am i feeling like this? is there something wrong with me? i don't know. I don't seriously don't know.

I shook my golden head, and walked to the parking lot, thinking about the presidential dinner and the knighting ceremony. For some reason now these bad vibes are coming off stronger now. And i don't know why.


Raina West: she has beautiful wavy dark brown hair, a creamy heart shaped face with big cerulean eyes, and perfect dimples. She's slender and willowy, around 5'4. Raina has a small chest, and small shoulders, but thin,long legs.

Raina West: she's very quiet,very shy, but a cool and smart girl once you get to know her. She loves to swim, especially butterfly and freestyle, and is on the team in her high school.

Avery West: she's a 11 almost 12 girl with short, mousy brown hair, her chubby cheeked face full of cute freckles, same cream complexion as Raina. She's energetic, and thoughtful, and loves to play violin with her twin brother Austin West.

Austin West: Austin is the same age as his younger twin Anna, with short mousy brown hair, like her, a freckled face, like her, same hazel eyes, and a cream complexion, like her. the only things different about them is that he has dimples like Raina. Austin is calm, but cheerful, and is very good on the viola, him and Anna work together very well.

Ryan Carter: he's a 16 year old dude with tousled dark blond hair, a pale but not super white complexion, and forest green eyes. he has dimples, and a square jaw. Ryan's a bit taller than average, like 5'7 or 5'8 or maybe even 6"! He's very,um, how should i say this? calm, but lively. Yeah,like that. Funny, but not a complete moron. Just a little moronic. He dances and acts, but what he really wants to do with his worldwide fame is sing.