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Raina's grandmother locked her Nerf gun in place."Don't you dare touch her, bitch!"

Raina's jaw dropped open. I'm pretty sure mine did too. Who wouldn't, hearing their sweet grandmother who gave cookies and milk to kids calling someone a bitch?

Hawk looked pretty surprised. Well, for Hawk. But the news anchors look ten times as surprised Raina and I.

"G-gr-Grammy?" Raina spluttered, finally saying something. "What are you doing here?"

Grammy glanced in Raina's direction. "I found Jace at my doorstep panting like crazy-turns out Wyklaine's have a talent for speed- he told me about what had happened at the Hawk estate. And Jace used his talent to take me here-no time for plane. He is going to go find Clarissa and Arthur." She glared at Hawk, "It looks like I came at the nick of time, as well."

Hawk smiled his creepy smile. "We meet again, Estella."

"Again?" Raina and I asked in unison, sounding very surprised.

Hawk looked at us, looking very amused. "Oh, she did not tell you that either? What have you told them, Estella?"

After a glare in Hawk's direction, she explained to us. "He planned to overthrow our planet too, Raina. I was the leader at the time, and we were in a huge war with a different planet. So, being the charismatic leader he is, the elections were coming up and he wanted to be lost the war with the other planet, and it was all my fault. But i soon figured out that Hawk here assisted the enemy planet to make me look bad, and the he would get the leadership position. I told the planet what had happened, and Hawk was disposed of." Then she added, "Until now."

"Yes," Hawk said, "Until now. And unfortunately, right now, this newscast will end right now, meaning the nation will never know what to make of this."


He grinned. "3...2...1!" The roof collapsed, and flying pieces of rubble ricocheted from everywhere, and the ceiling plummeted on top of us, huge dust mushrooms accumulating everywhere, exploding, covering everything in it's thick, deep dirty fog.

Without hesitation, i grabbed Raina's hand, and jumped into a hiding place behind some big camera equipment. I let go of her hand,and my arm tightened around her waist to make sure she was there. She wasn't moving.

"Raina!" I hissed, my ears buzzing from the deafening crash. I don't even want to know what made it.

She hazily turned her head, and she had a small, jagged bruise with blood on her cheek. Some piece of sharp junk must've hit her!

"Shit Raina are you okay?!" I exclaimed worriedly, gently touching the bruise. I'm going to need some Band-Aids. Probably like 10.

"I'm fine..." She trailed off hazily, touching her injury. "What about you?"

"Same. Don't move."

She muttered something, then laid her head on my chest, and we just waited like that until the crashes stopped, and the weird noises were silenced. She looked up to me, "Did everyone survive that?"

"I think so. What do you think it was?"

She shrugged, laying her head back again. "I dunno. Maybe the invasion came early?"

I was about to respond, when I heard voices, one voice in particular-Hawk. Raina and I exchanged glances, and strained our ears to hear what he was saying.

"...Took you long enough. And the crash-landing was not necessary, Birto. But i have to admit, you put on quite a show." Hawk chuckled.

I dare not go out and see what happened. I'll wait until I get my courage back-or what's left of it.

Then, a regular voice, said something in a dialect that i was 101% sure was not of this Earth. One look to Raina confirmed this. But she looked concentrated on the voice, and soon her eyebrows rose.

"What happened?" I asked.

She put her mouth near my ear, raising her head. I could feel her warm, honey-scented breath next to my ear as she murmured, "I can understand them, if i concentrate really hard. This is not the home language of where i'm from, though."

"What're they saying?"

"The alien guy-i'm guessing- said that he knew it was a show, and he did it to scare us humans what we're dealing with, and we should surrender right now."

"...That would be a good idea, yes, but you know humans, am I right? Too persistent for their own good. But don't worry, with your state-of-the-art technology, they won't last a day!" Hawk replied.

Alien Guy made the weirdest choking/coughing/vomiting noise, and i think it was laughing! "What did it say now?"

"It was laughing, and then...He said that with their weapons, humankind won't last a chance."

I looked down at her grimly. "Do you think it's time to get out?"

"Unfortunately. Let's find Grammy first."

I nodded, agreeing. We slowly untangled ourselves from the random wires. I wonder how the newscast and crew are doing. They must be in their worst nightmare tight now. We silently come out from the hiding area, and tip-toe to find Grammy. Luckily, rubble is in the way, so Hawk and Alien Guy wouldn't see us unless they were looking for us. My tight grip on Raina's hand never loosened, but a nice warm feeling spread through me when she squeezed it back.

We finally found Raina's grandmother hiding under the newscast desk with the anchorwoman, who looked downright frightened for her life. Without letting go of my hand, Raina gave a one-handed hug to her grandmother, and got her out. The anchorwoman refused to leave, so we let her hide in stood out, and just when we turned to the right to get our bearings yet again, Hawk and Alien Guy was standing right there. Actually, i wouldn't call it a "Guy". That would imply it was human. Which it certainly wasn't.

With a lithe tail in the middle of its spinal cord, it was pretty tall, and thin. Its hands were paws with sleek, shiny claws as black as night, and a muscular body. It wore steampunk-looking clothes, with metal boots and mechanical wings, and a techy aviator overcoat with a golden emblem the size of my hand on it's top-right side.

Hawk spoke first, "Let me introduce him. This is Chieftain Birto of the Taynet Legion. Chieftain, this is Raina West, Ryan Carter, and the President of Jelbrium, Estella West."

Birto walked smoothly-so smooth i don't even think it was possible- towards Raina's grandmother, with a sneer plastered on his face. He said something incoherent (to me) but then changed the dialect when he saw Grammy's puzzled face.

"Forgive me, i forgot that Jelbrium only knew one language. It's a pleasure to finally meet you, Estella," He said, the sneer still on his face. He stuck out his paw, like to shake hands or something.

"Please, call me President West," Raina's grandmother said, her words like poison. "Get away from me and my daughter, and that boy." Well, thanks.

Birto put a sad face on, "I'm sorry, but no can do. I'm here to destroy every living piece of your petty nation and world." He walked on, and stopped in front of Raina. On instinct, my arm slid around her protectively, and she came closer to me. Birto's snake eyes flickered between our small motion, and gave the barest hint of a smile. "And this must be the lovely granddaughter Estella! You know, I have a deal for you." Without asking if she wanted to hear it, he continued, "If you come back with me to Jelbrium, and claim the throne for President-since you are of age and family- but instead of working on your own accord, you will say my orders for your kingdom. Meaning, you are my puppet, and i am the man behind the curtains." Birto had a scary smile on his face, worthy of the Wicked Witch Of The West.

"Wh-what in i-it f-for me?" Raina stammered.

"I will spare this planet. But remember, if you try to save Earth instead of Jelbrium, then I will attack Jelbrium then."

Hawk looked surprised. "What? You cannot do that! You are under my orders to attack Earth!"

"Well, i betrayed you," Birto snapped. He gazed back at Raina. "What is it? Do we have a deal?"

What a tough decision. Give up one planet to save another? That's the sickest deal i've ever heard. And it's on Raina, and I have a feeling pressure this massive doesn't work well on her.

Raina was visible shaking. I squeezed her waist for comfort, to tell her everything would be fine, but she didn't do anything. It looked like a million thoughts were going through her head, like "What would Grammy do?", "What would Jelbrium think, that their not even ruler gave them up?", "What would Earth thing if i gave them up?", "Which has the least consequences?", "Which world would forgive me easily?", and more and more. After what felt like an eternity, she finally answered.

Her voice was barely over a whisper when she said it. "No." Her voice was as broken as her face when she accidentally signaled the alien invasion.

Birto looked as if he didn't hear correctly. "Speak louder, girl."

"No deal."

Birto pretended to look crestfallen, but then a smirk slowly grew on his face. "Well, that's too bad. Because now i'm going to attack Earth, and then Jelbrium." He then got so into her face, there was only a hair breadth distance between them. "And mark my words, there won't be one living organism that will survive after i'm done. And if I choose to let some survive, they will become Hawk's and mine's personal minions. Your planets will be reduced to slaves for the government. Which will be us," He gave an evil grin. "the big brothers."

Oh damn.

"RUN!" Out of nowhere, Grammy screamed out of the top of her lungs, taking all of us by surprise. But this time it was Raina who acted first. She grabbed my arm and dragged me out running on her top speed (which was pretty fast) with her grandmother in front.

I hear Birto call for his guards to capture us, but we're long gone. I don't look back once, only to check if that receptionist was okay. She was, checking her hair in her iPhone again after the rubble fell through. Or she was trying to get some signal.

A taxi was heading our way, so Raina's grandmother whistled loudly, and we all clambered in, as President Estella West shouted "JFK! I'll pay you double if you speed up" He sped up all right. He took "speed up" to a whole new level.

While in the silence of the taxi (if you ignore the cabbie's yapping on his phone), i took the time to process all that had happened. Raina's grandmother appeared. We almost died under the collapse (not even sure what those cast and crew members are doing), Birto appeared and told us his plan, he gave a huge deal to Raina, Raina turned it down, and now Birto and Hawk are going to annihilate Earth and Jelbrium, making the survivors their slaves if we don't do something. It's a good thing (hopefully) they got all that on video. We're going to need all the persuasion we can.

I turned toward Raina, who was staring out the window with her face having the slightest hint of sorrow. I took her hand gently, and squeezed it. "Are you going to be okay?"

She turned towards me, her enchanting cerulean eyes catching me off-guard, as it always does. "I think. Yeah, i-i'll be fine. Don't worry about me. I'll b-be fine." Well, she didn't exactly sound too convincing.

"You know, i'll always be here, right? Right by your side," I said seriously.

She gave me one of her Raina smiles, and replied, "I know you will. And i have a feeling no amount of persuasion can change that."

I grinned. "You're right about that, West!"

She sighed, laying her head on my shoulder. I don't know if she liked me back (hopefully she does! If she doesn't...well, i might as well be turned into a zombie for all the craps i give to anyone), or what our situation was, but this moment was too perfect to end. "I can't believe it was only yesterday morning i was at the swim meet."

I didn't say anything, i just nodded, looking at the raindrop race on on the window. The raindrop i was rooting for was winning. Then a realization struck me. "Wait a minute, what about Clarissa and Arthur, and Jace?"

Raina's grandmother spoke from the front. "Oh, they called me. They are fine. They're with Jace, i just got off the phone with them. Most likely they will meet us back at California. Right now we have a bigger problem at hand." She added softly.

"Yeah," Raina whispered. "Saving the planet."

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