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Screw air travel, screwt all. We didn't get to sit next to each other, and the service on this plane sucks. Ryan was sitting next to an old couple, who were showing him happily their wonderful cats awaiting them in Florida, completely ignorant to Ryan's bored face. At least they didn't recognize who Ryan was through his crappy pink sunglasses that didn't fit his face (Which were stuck in the bottom of Grammy's purse for 5 whole years). I wonder how is shoulder was doing. No doubt the pain is starting to fade, but was asleep, sitting on the outside seat next to a serious looking businessman who kept sighing, unimpressed, every once in a while working on his Mac, as if the economy class is the worst thing in the world. And I was positioned next to the window seat, next to 2 girls who talked about everything known to mankind.

"O.M.G," one of them said, giving a girly fluttering of breath. I tried not to groan. They quickly grew uninterested with me before the plane let off when they asked me if I had seen the new Fashionista 2013 summer line that's coming out next week, and I said no.

"What is it, Jessica?!" the blond one asked with the most annoying voice possible.

"There is,like, a totes cute boy sitting over,like there! Isn't he,like, totally handsome?!" Jessica exclaimed, giggling and pointing to Ryan. I really am trying not to groan. Truly.

"O.M.G Yeah! He's so to die over!"

"Ew shut up Becky no one's talking to you."

"Er sorry..." But Jessica ignored her. "Hey, like wait a minute. He looks,like, totes familiar!"

By this time i was staring at them with that "are you serious?" look on my face. Jessica glanced over at me. "Don't listen to Becky she's weird. Becky you're weird." But she looked over at Ryan, and a thoughtful gaze came upon her. "He does,like, look way familiar." I went back to my staring at the never ending clouds.

"We have arrived at the Kansas City International Airport. It is currently 69 degrees Fahrenheit. The time currently is12 o'clock p.m. Do not remove your luggage until we are at a full and complete stop. But at the moment you are allowed to take off your seatbelt. Have a nice day in Kansas!" The intercom shut off, as i ejected my seatbelt from the seatbelt holder. I saw Ryan doing the same thing. We made eye contact, and silently agreed to meet outside after the plane stopped.

The plane finally halted, and after around 10 minutes (consisting mainly of waiting for Becky and Jessica to stop whining about trying to reach their suitcase, and get them to stop talking to each other, and also waiting for other people to move), i finally got out.

"That was the longest airplane ride i have ever been in in my entire life," Ryan announces as he makes his way towards me. I nod in agreement, and out of the corner of my eye i could see Becky and Jessica stare at me in astonishment. "I've seen enough cats to last a lifetime." he said, shuddering.

I let out a small chuckle. "And I've heard enough valley girls to last ME a lifetime." Grammy was making her way to us, the Nerf gun taking up pretty much the entire duffel bag.

Grammy looked down at her ticket, which was in her hand. "We have an hour until the flight to California. I say we get something to eat and plan while we're at it."

Ryan and I nodded in agreement, and we headed towards the Taco Bell. Luckily, Grammy had money with her, so we had enough for 3 chalupas, 3 Cokes, and a Nachos Bell Grande. We chose a corner table that overlooked the planes getting ready to leave, and munched softly.

"So...what's the game plan?" Ryan questioned finally, after finishing up a nacho that had loads of cream on it.

"I say we head over to California, and try again to persuade everyone to listen to us and prepare for the invasion," I said.

"That seems like a good idea, but how do you plan on doing that?" Grammy asked me, while looking suspiciously at her Coke as if it could jump out and eat her whole. In the end she took a small tiny sip.

"Um, well, we could try starting small,like convincing one person at a time, and then get bigger and bigger," Ryan said. "But that might take ages."

"But it's the only chance we've got," I replied, taking a bite out of my nacho. "You could start with your obsessed fans, since they probably believe in you more than God, then they could persuade other people to, you know."

Ryan looked thoughtful. "Yeah, i could do that. You know what? I could do that right now!" Before i could ask what on Earth he was talking about, he took out his iPod, and i leaned in closer to see that he accessed Twitter.

"Ryan, i really don't thi-"

"Shh, watch the magic."

He then clicked the camera icon, and a light flashed where the camera for the iPod was. Then he touched a few more buttons, and then exclaimed, "voila!" I realised then he was starting a Twitcam, this new streaming live video option for Twitter. I didn't know it came for iPod though. He faced the iPod towards himself and spoke. "Hey guys, sorry this is a bit,um, sudden," He gave a sheepish smile, and continued. "We have-meaning Raina and I," He pointed the iPod towards me, and I gave a small wave. "-Have been having some trouble lately. I dunno if anyone knows yet, but we flew to New York yesterday-ah yes i love you too JennalovesRyanCarter82376smileyfacecolonparenthesi scoloncapitalDlessthanthree- because we received a message saying that a couple of our friends were kidnapped, and it turns out it was a trap. Yeah. So um, here's the full story, i'm sure you guys are itching to know." For the 3rd time i think Ryan gave the entire story of what had happened. With me chipping bits and pieces of information. After he was done, he let out a deep breath, and said, "Let me know your thoughts in the comments below." No need for that, because comments were already streaming down as he spoke. Our heads brushed as we scrolled through them, reading the mixed feelings. Most of them were asking if he was joking, and others were "how horrible!", while others were like "I believe you!", and others of course like "Um, no. Sorry."

"To clarify, no i'm not lying. And i'd really appreciate it if you people spread the word about this, because this invasion is happening on the summer solstice, which is less than 2 weeks away!" Ryan explained. I tapped his shoulder, indicating i wanted to say something. He looked surprised, but let me take the iPod.

"Hey. I'm Raina. Um, i know i don't talk much, but i guess i'm forced to now." I took a deep breath, and stared into the camera's lens, not to the screen, to show that i mean business. I tried to ignore the hateful things that were being said as i appeared. "So, please listen to Ryan. I wish this were a joke, but it really isn't. I know you guys probably want to throw a lamp at my face but this is all true. Seriously. So, please, spread the word, and do everything you can to prepare for this invasion, because if no one believes us, then we'll all die." I gave the iPod back to Ryan after a small moment of awkward silence.

"Well, what she said," Ryan said.

Grammy was watching us, but she gave us the "we're running out of time to catch the flight" look. Ryan continued. "On that note, see you guys later! We've got to go, we've got a flight to catch."

After a moment of saying goodbye to all the people on the comments who were saying their goodbyes, he shut it off. "Well, that's done at least."

"Come on, let's go, we've got only 20 minutes to make it to Gate 2A," Grammy ushered us out. We threw our trash away, (Ryan trying to look like a regular guy) and walked rapidly toward Gate 2A, when something caught my eye. Or should I say, something caught my ear...

"Wait guys," I hissed, pointing to the nearest TV screen that was hanging from a random white cement pillar. It was the news.

"...Yes, John, it appears that that IS the famous Ryan Carter, and his...friend,Raina West is it?" The newsman looked at his fellow anchorwoman, and she nodded. "They are telling the news anchors on 50News something about an alien invasion. Let's hear the video, shall we?" They played the video of the newscast when Ryan and I bust in, and started to tell the story. Looks like the recording didn't get destroyed. Yes! It even included to explosion,and us meeting Birto and Hawk. And then our escape. Then a bunch of fumbling for the camera, and finally it was cut off.

Ryan, Grammy, and I looked at each other with amazement. Looks like things are finally going our way!

"At least there's some good news, yeah?" Ryan said, grinning. Grammy smiled, but pointed to her jeweled watch. "Right." We practically ran to Gate 2A, when we realised there was a massive problem in our way.

3 big burly men were standing in front, talking to the front desk at the Gate 2A, and when they turned around we discovered who they were. Security. One of them pointed to a picture, and it was one of the many modelling pictures of Ryan. Then next to that was a school picture of me. They were looking for us. Crap.

Ryan and I exchanged scared glances. Then I realised that they didn't have a picture of Grammy. Meaning that they didn't know Grammy was with us. And since our seats were scattered on this plane also, they won't notice either. Yet.

I touched Grammy's shoulder softly as we slowly edged back. "Grammy, you go. Ryan and I will be fine."

She gave us an extremely worried glance, "Are you sure?"

Ryan assured her, "Yes, we'll be fine, . I promise. I won't let anything happen to Raina." I looked over at him, and he looked very sincere. That's when the realisation struck: He really does care for me. He really does like me! Why in the world he would like me when there are loads of other beautiful, smart, famous, girls out there is beyond me.

Grammy gave us another nervous look, and we told her we'd be fine. She nodded, and gave both of us a long hug. She took the duffel from Ryan, and gave us a small wave. (who offered to carry it when we got out of the previous flight) She turned her back to us and rolled her bag to Gate 2A, and stood in line, looking completely casual.

At this moment both Ryan and I knew that we could not go on the flight to California, because the security guards would know it was us, and it would only delay everything. We needed to find a new way home. And fast.

Ryan chuckled silently, and looked at me. "This is kind of ironic. Because Dorothy said 'Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore'. And we're stuck in Kansas."

I replied,"Ryan, we're not in California anymore."

"Yep, sounds about right."

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