We're doing WHAT now?" I asked incredously. Is this the same Raina? I think she got possessed. We were sitting on the same couch, both of us keeping one eye on Hawk, well, until he left to go put Raina's amulet back.

"Weren't you listening?" Raina asked impatiently. "We're going to sneak into Hawk's hotel room, and get my necklace back. And while we're there, we can just see if there is anything suspicious about Hawk."

"Yeah! I like this new Raina," I grinned, "But um, i like the old one too,yeah," I added, looking at her.

She rolled her eyes. "We should get going, where do you think his hotel is?"

I pondered that for a second. Well, there are 3 hotels nearest to here, and most likely Hawk would choose the most expensive, because it has the best quality. "Um, Livingston Hotel, i think. C'mon, let's head out before some news reporter catches me. Its pure luck they didn't find me, ever since yesterday." Raina agreed, and we got up. Kimmy was doing some cool dance, and after hesitation Raina waved bye to her. She flashed a brilliant smile and waved back. Hmm, i wondered what those 2 were talking about anyway...

I led Raina to the exit, and the bouncer waves us off, but not before someone snapped a picture of us. Raina's eyes widened at the flash, then i cursed under my breath. Wonderful, front page news Again. Not that i didn't like being famous, but it kind of depends on the reason WHY.

Our limo was parked, and when i peeked inside, the driver wasn't there. Huh, i guessed he went to go talk to the others, or something. Well, we haven't got time. We need to do this before the party ends, because then Hawk'll come back, and then we're screwed. I hopped in the driver's seat, and Raina sits in beside me, but her purely photogenic face looked worried.

"What if comes back and the limo is gone?" She asked as i started the engine. Driving a limo and a car isn't that different, i assured myself. Truth is, this is my first time driving it.

"Well, we're in a heap of trouble," I replied. Raina just clicked in her seatbelt, and sank lower in her seat. "Hey, don't worry, we got this. We'll be back before he AND Hawk comes back. I mean, what's the worst that could happen?"

"Thanks for jinxing us," Raina snapped. We were in the back of the hotel, looking up at a 10 story hotel. "With our luck, he's bound to live in the Penthouse."

"Let's just go in. You should be glad i brought the the detective bag," I said, as we trudged to the front door.

"That thing is as clunky as a box of screwdrivers."

I gasped. "Take that back!" Raina just rolled her eyes. Well, i tried to cheer her up.

We were about to open the door (sadly, there was no fancy door for this hotel) when Raina let out a sharp breath, grabbed my arm, and pulled me in the bushes.


"We didn't think this through," she whispered. Really, now? "You can't just prance in there, they will recognize you! then you'll probably get reported."

"Oh,true. What should we do?" We thought for a moment, then an idea struck me. "Why don't you just go ahead?" I mean, they couldn't know her face from the news so fast.

"What about you?"

"Just,like, pull me up by attaching curtains or something."

"That's dangerous," she warned. Of course, having to take care of her siblings by herself, no wonder she gets worried fast.

I shrugged. "We don't really have a choice. Let's move." Raina leaves to go inside, and leaned a little closer to see her. She walked straight up to clerk in the desk. The clerk didn't looked surprised, she probably saw well-dressed fancy girls all the time. The two chatted for a bit, when Raina nodded, and strolled off to the side, so i couldn't see her anymore. I took that as my cue to look at the back windows to look for her. A couple minutes later, A window opened. To my surprise, the window was on the 4th floor, counting the lobby floor. She waved a little at me, looked back, and then did some hand motions with,well, her ? Obviously she can't yell or she'd get caught, but what was she doing? I squinted at her, trying to see her more precisely. Wait...that looked like the word curtain. Oh,duh! She's doing American Sign Language, she's signing. And i know ASL because i had a deaf cousin. I knew it fluently, actually. I nodded yes that i got it, and she signed again.

It sorta looked like "I'm going to make curtain hope,"...what? It's nice to make the curtain feel nice, i think, but OH. Never mind, i got it. Curtain ROPE. I signed back "got it", she grinned, and left the window. 5 minutes later, she came back, well, that was fast. But it wasn't tall enough. When she threw down the green and bronze silk curtain, it reached my shoulders.

I joked, signing "Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair!" It took her a moment to get it, because i had to spell out Rapunzel, but then she just smiled and rolled her pretty eyes. Well, no turning back now.

I jumped on the curtain, and i immediately heard her grunt of effort for pulling me up, then had an idea. I hopped down, and signed "i will climb up, just hold the rope". She nodded, still holding the curtain, but this time she squeezed it even tighter. I climbed on the silky rope, and i started going up. It was fairly easy for me, since whenever i went over to my grandparent's, Rylee and I always challenged each other to the Wall Of Doom in the local mall. Well, before i was famous. I was about halfway there when i saw a tear.

"Oh snap," I muttered to myself. Better go faster. Come on, Ryan, faster faster! I saw more tears, and a few more moments and it will completely rip off, making me plummet to the ground. I was at least now, 3 stories up. 1 more. You can do this, Ryan! The tear was growing larger and larger...almost there! I looked up to see Raina. Big mistake. It completely broke off, and i made a desperate lunge for the windowsill, and i missed. Then, i felt a hand squeezing my arm that was outstretched. Raina's.

"Don't just dangle there, come on!" With a grunt, she pulled me up with both hands, and I landed in (finally) Lucifer's Hawk's room.

"Thanks," I said, brushing off my suit.

"No problem, that's what friends are for, right?" she replied, hesitating before adding the last , i just got friend-zoned. I know I was supposed to grin and say "You bet" or something, but instead, i felt not hurt, but kind of sad.

"Yeah," i said, hoping my smile hid what i really thought inside.

"We should start searching, he might come back, i mean, it's getting late," she changed the subject. I scanned the room. It was huge, with one majestic king-sized bed with a green/bronze kind of theme. "We still need to hang the curtains back, you know." Oh,true. My eyes settled on the light wooden colored dresser.

"Let's move." I searched the top, and she got the bottom. Nope, not there. Totally empty.

"Not here, just clothes," she stated, pointing to the silky fashion suits and dress shirts in all the drawers. Raina went to look in the desk next to the bedside, and i decided to keep lookout, just in case i heard footsteps. "Oh my God it's just a hotel room for Pete's sake, who needs to bring their house with them?" I heard her mutter.

I stifled a chuckle, and said, "Hawk does, apparently." She shuffled through some more papers.

"Ah-Ha!" She said, grinning triumphantly. She held up a small pocketbook journal. It was a dark brown color, with "Property of Lucifer Hawk," engraved on it. It appeared to be some kind of journal.

I walked closer to her, and i crouched next to Raina.

"Are you gonna open it or what?" I asked her, our heads brushing as we bent over the tattered notebook, the soft bedside lamp shining on us.

"But that's trespassing!"

"Aren't you the person who said we can look around if we have time?"

"Having second thoughts now," but she opened it. The first page was blank. Clean and blank. She started to flip through the pages, but they were all blank.

"Hold up," i said suddenly, i think i spotted something. Raina flipped back a couple of pages, and there it was. It was all a bunch of scrambled up letters! I looked at Raina hopefully to see if her built in translation machine could translate this, but she didn't have a clue. My heart sank. So close to figuring out something. "We'll need to-"

Raina's face lit up. "Wait. I think its...its... backwards!" I squinted at the writing, trying to make it out. "Here, hand me a piece of paper and pen, i'll write it out. But i'm positively sure it's backwards." I handed her a green Sticky Note i found at the bottom of his drawer, and a a regular black ink ball point pen. It took her a couple of minutes to decipher it, but when she was done, she gave it to me to read.

Dear Myself

Note, be aware of the Ocean-eyed girl. Kill if necessary, but not before she tells you the location of the Power Stone. Assemble the automaton by the Summer Solstice, for that is the day when our powers are at our strongest point, where we can invade Earth.


"Oh. Well, then, now we know what "noyclah" means," I said. "He said invade Earth, does that mean he's like from a-"

"Shush, i think I heard something," Raina hissed suddenly. Indeed, it was footsteps thumping up here. It was faint, but no doubt it was coming to this room.

"Dammit we need to move Raina," I snapped, without hesitation, I slipped the Sticky Note in my pocket. She was still on the ground, her delicate hands trembling as she put the journal and Sticky Notepad away in the drawer, and tried to organize it too. "No time," I said, pulling her up by her waist. We started to hustle to the window, but then we realized we forgot the reason we actually came here.

"My necklace!" she whispered at me. Yep. Couldn't have said it better myself. I listened for the footsteps, it was still soft, we might have time to spare.

"Okay, quick though!" We separated, and Raina was like a blur. Her slender legs zoomed here and there without making a sound. She searched behind the bed under it, the dresser again, the drawers, and her i saw her do a little hop when she looked again in the closet, but in some kind of old-fashioned, wooden jewelry box. And there it was. "Hurry up," i snapped, and she quickly put it around her neck, and ran to meet me. Okay, NOW we have no time to spare. She took about 3 minutes to find it, and now definetely the footsteps were getting louder. We could feel the vibrations. We raced to the window.

"Oh, no," she whispered sadly. We totally forgot about the bottom completely tore off! "Now what do we do?" I don't know. The footsteps were super loud, and i could hear a voice right behind the door. I gestured to behind the door, because it was no longer safe to talk, and we quietly sprinted over there, and hid behind the white wood door. I could hear my heart thumping wildly. If we get caught, this will be on the news forever. If we get caught, i will be grounded forever. If we get caught, say bye-bye to this mission to find out what the heck's happening to Earth as we know it. Raina grabbed my hand, and i gently squeezed it. The door burst open, nearly hitting Raina.

It was Lucifer Hawk.

"Yes, yes, i got the necklace. Do you have the machine ready? Well, get the other part ready,then! You had 15 years, and you still only have half? Wow. Yeah, i know it takes time, but surely 15 years is too much..." he started babbling to the other end of his black Iphone. Okay, so he didn't notice us behind the door. Phew! If he only would turn all the way around, completely opposite of us, we would be able to have our quick getaway, because he didn't close the door yet. He walked toward the window, apparently not noticing the curtain rope. Wow, this guy doesn't notice a lot of major things. I glanced over at Raina, and she looked back up at me with fear in her eyes. I inched forward, and tensed, ready to move if needed to. Raina's hand was still in mine. Then, Hawk swiveled around, his snake eyes darting here and there, "What was that? I thought i heard something..." Got to be more careful, Ryan!

Annnnnnd,NOW. With Hawk's back turned completely, i sneaked out of the corner of the door, and out in the hallway, without a peep. Raina was behind me, blue eyes wild with worry. She let go, and we started to run to the elevator. She punched in Ground Level, and we waited as we descended.

"That was close," I said.

"Yeah, what do we do now?" I asked. The elevator beeped as we passed the second floor.

"We sneak past the clerk, well, you have to, he already knows i'm up there. Get out of this hotel, and run to the limo."

"Sounds good."

"Let's do this thing." The elevator buzzed open, and of course Raina had it easy, she just breezed past the clerk, whereas I had to scamper and crawl on my knees, under the front of the front desk, so the clerk wouldn't see me. Luckily, the lounge was deserted, but i had no way of going out, because surely the clerk would see me run across!

"Hey, what's that behind you?" Raina called out to the clerk. He turned around, and a split second later i made way to the exit. I was out, and so was Raina.

"Thanks for that,"

"No problemo." We made a break for the limo, and didn't stop till we reached it. When we did, we clambered in, and the meter didn't drop below 75 the entire way back to the party.