She looked as he walked away from her. The bright color of his green hoodie fading into the mist surrounding the battered and dilapidated stairway. She wanted to stop him. She wanted to run after him and kiss him and beg him to stay with her. But she also know she couldn't. Not if she really loved. It would cost him his life. She wanted to take him in her arms and fly away from this dangerous and horrifying world. But she knew she couldn't. It would follow her. It would kill him, and everyone else she loved. All the people she would give her life for. And that was excactly what she was going to do now. Because she had to. She clenched her teeth and slowly turned around.

It was there, looking down on her derisively. She clenched her fists. It looked even abominable than she remembered. That time it didn't kill her. But she knew really good that wasn't luck. It just didn't want her to die. Back then, she was only 8 years old. As a 21-year-old she knew why she would die. And it was worth it, for sure. The pain, the long-lasting, killing pain was worth his life. Eventhough she was scared, she would die in peace. Screaming and crying out from pain, and from happiness, because her life wouldn't be worthless anymore. She is able to save him, the only one she loves. She drew her attention to the horrifying thing in front of her. The last thing she heard was his hysterical laugh, and his scratching, high voice: "I will spare your lovely boyfriend." She used all the power in her body and mind to lift her arm and hit that monster in the face. Then she fell backwards on the cold stones. It bent over her and smiled sarcasticly. She lookid it in the eyes and whispered: "You better remember that."