Suffice it to say

I'm at my boiling point

I've reached the top

And now I'm about

To over flow

The anger is hot

And forgiveness is slow.

What I need from you

Is something I've never

Asked you to do,

Please won't you try and see me!

Be there for me?

I know you're very busy,

I know life isn't easy

But I need you to see

How I'm dying inside

Every body else knows,

Some how you have over looked

And it'd be really nice to know

That you cared like you should.

You can't buy my love

Money will never be enough

After all stuff is always just stuff

I don't want to be selfish

Or appear to be heartless

But honestly,

You've made me crazy

Because of you

I have a thousand insecurities,

I think I'm fat,

I think I'm ugly

I don't believe in love

And I don't believe I'll ever

Be good enough

And every day,

Because of what you've show me

I want make myself bleed

Because isn't that what we do

When were angry?!

Why can't you see?

Take off your blinders!

You're so lost in you

You can't see I'm right here

And what's left of me is

Fading away!

That's so unfair,

For you I've always been the one

Right there

I dry your tears,

Tell you I'll help you over come your


I'll never leave you lost in the dark.

And to what avail?

You leave me in this hell.

Now maybe it's not you're fault

Maybe I'm to blame

But right now

To me it's all the same.

I need you,

Plain and true.

But the person I need

Just isn't there.

It doesn't do many any good

To be scared

Or to cry

You won't know,

You don't see the pain

All over my eyes.

And why?

You don't want too.

But here see this,

This is my world,

I'm the Queen of words,

And I know they hurt,

Yeah there's more than one

Type of abuse

Emotional is just a real

And it hurts,

Just because it doesn't scar

Doesn't mean its fast to heal.

So this is my decree,

If you want my forgiveness

If you want to some how save me,

You have to try,

Just try,

To see past yourself and see me!

I'm like the candle,

I'm all but burned out,

The wick is on wax

And the fire is fading now

So hurry won't you,

Please mom, please

Hurry and just try and see

What you're doing to me.