The Rage of the Rain

So I'll weather the storm of your lies,

Shall I,

Just to embrace brief periods of sun?

I'll wear your words like a uniform –

Let you think the battle is won.


You used to have me doubting myself,

I think.

I'd make scars in the contours of my mind.

But no longer will I be your battering ram –

There's no pain to see, no tears to find.


I speak in a foreign language to you,


Because my own words are misconstrued,

Over and over and over again –

Hopeless fuel for this horrid feud.


Every modicum of control is gone,

You see,

You wrestle it back from me every time.

I clench my jaw to stop from fighting

And find solace in rhythm and rhyme.


So weather the storm of your lies,

I shall,

Until I'm drowning in the rage of the rain.

Because no-one can tell me I'm broken,

Nor make me feel whole again.