Long time ago, in a forest of ancient trees lived a nymph.

Her hair was as brown as loam.

Her eyes was as green as new spring leaves

Her gown as white as snow.

The nymph was the protector of this ancient forest

no man dare thread there. The nymph could be seen swimming with the aquatic animals, flying on the owls, and wrestling with the bears.

The nymph was wild and free.

She was compassionate and loyal

She can be fierce and stubborn to a fault.

The animals and trees love her so for they knew she shall

guard them with her life.

So take heed of this warning, enter the ancient forest with great care and see to it you harm nothing

in the care of the nymph. For her wrath shall be great and Men shall shudder at your death. The Nymph loves this forest with all her heart and soul.

The nymph shall defend her home with her life.

Take heed of this warning.