Seth didn't want to look up from his book to see what the commotion was on the football field in front of him. He crossed one leg over the other while he turned a page calmly as the parents that crowded around his bench roared cheers towards their little monsters. He felt mildly annoyed that the children from the local primary school decided to play on the field in front of him. He did lift one of his eyes, his odd talent, the right one that was concealed behind his one-sided silver fringe and glared softly at the loud children before snapping it back to his book. He refused to move, even when he got shoved accidentally by one of the dads a couple of times and was sandwiched in between two lots of shopping, carelessly placed down by some of the mums. Seth had been here first, since two o'clock in the afternoon when it was peaceful and child-free. He usually went back home at five o'clock after reading one or two good books in the nice fresh air.

"Come on, son!" one father bellowed out behind him, accidentally spilling some of his beer onto poor Seth's head and onto his book.

Seth snapped his book shut with a growl and stood up abruptly.

"That's it," he snarled and grabbed his jacket to sling it over a shoulder and strode away from the crowd.

A teenage girl, listening to her heavy metal music, fiddled with her lip pierce as she watched him walk off and slipped away from her parents to follow him. Seth walked a while more before noticing that she was following him and turned sharply to stare her down.

"I do not have time for stalkers now go back to your parents," he said sternly and the girl raised an eyebrow, blowing and popping her chewing gum.

Seth saw the way her hair was dyed black and cut to resemble a goth. He also noted the heavy use of eyeliner and her facial piercings. Seth did wear a little bit of eyeliner and he did have his left earlobe pierced but he didn't do it to impress. The ear piercing was just the spur of a moment really and the eyeliner was an experimental look that just stuck. The girl looked him up and down and Seth sighed irritably.

"I am twenty six years old, don't get any ideas that I might take any interest in someone who is over ten years younger than me," he said sternly and the girl groaned and folded her arms.

"Look," she said "I've got no life with my family, they don't know me at all. All I want is to get to know you during the time that my parents are occupied with my special little brother."

"I think you shall find that we have nothing in common," Seth said irritably and combed his fingers through his fringe "I'm just some guy who works in the library part time to pay the bills to his apartment and I read and write books during my spare time which is probably something that wouldn't match your tastes."

When the girl's eyes lit up in delight, Seth cringed mentally when he realised that she was that kind of girl. He turned sharply on his heel and marched away to the block of apartments outside the park, ignoring the girl that followed him keenly.