"And outside you get a good view of the whole park," Seth said tiredly as he showed the young girl around his apartment "Oh, I think the football match is finished, you need to get back to your parents."

The teenage girl raised an unimpressed eyebrow and Seth hit his head against one of his walls.

"We are strangers and I shouldn't have let you into my home, now get out."

The girl didn't move, just folded her arms and popped her chewing gum.

"Are you gay?" she asked and Seth lifted his head up quickly.

"Yes, yes I am, however did you guess?" he asked and began pushing the young girl towards his door "Sorry, not interested in young teenage gothic girls like you, nice meeting you and enjoy the rest of your day."

He gave her a forced smile and closed the door once she was outside. He glared at her foot when it immediately stuck out and stopped the door from closing properly.

"You're just saying that you're gay just to get rid of me," she said and pushed the door open, placing her hands on her hips moodily.

"Not exactly…" Seth said with a grimace and leaned against the doorframe.

Seth hadn't told her the full truth. He was bisexual so he was interested in girls as well as boys. But he was an adult and he's had quite a few one night stands with both men and women. They had all been over eighteen years old, Seth just wasn't interested in young teenagers who just wanted the odd fling with him because he happened to look young and cool to be around with.

"My name is Virginia," the girl said and pulled out a small piece of paper, pulling a pen out and writing something down "Call me some time when you change your mind, OK?"

Seth shut the door abruptly and leaned against the door with a relieved sigh.

"Thank goodness that's over," he muttered.

His eyebrow twitched in annoyance when Virginia pushed her number through the bottom of his door and he grabbed it, ripping it up in pieces and chucking them into a wastepaper basket by his writing desk. He sat down with an exhausted sigh and rested his head on the rough wooden surface that had been used for writing his poems and novels on. He closed his eyes tiredly and smiled when he heard the peace stay peaceful in his apartment. Being alone was blissful, no brothers or sisters to annoy him and no parents to nag him about anything. No partner or children to worry for either, Seth had enjoyed solitude since the time his parents accidentally left him at home alone when he was nine. Seth swiftly fell asleep, already forgetting about Virginia and her annoyingly loud chewing. If there was anything Seth hated, it was unnecessary noise like teenagers and their disgusting chewing gum. Seth was so glad that he managed to get her away from him.