I was cocky. Too cocky. But I paid for that with my life, didn't I? I thought maybe I'd be the one you wouldn't kill. You told me that you had relationships with other people, some female, some male. Every single one of them was murdered by your hands. I even witnessed you knifing one of your ex-girlfriends to death. You said you couldn't stop killing, that you were addicted to it. You loved the horror in their eyes, cornering them and watching as their blood gushed out. You loved the sensation of a knife in your hand slicing flesh. You simply adored the power you had over them. But still I believed you loved me enough to stop. I was arrogant and I died for it.

However, I loved you. It was unfortunate for me to fall for a serial killer. I was hoping that one day time would bring your heart to me, but it seemed that day would never come. I was just another one of your victims who thought they would be the one to change you. I only wished that death didn't come so fast for me, but it seemed that fate had it out for me. If only I got to be with you a little longer, listen to you talk a little more... Sure your voice wasn't the most beautiful sound in the world, but I loved hearing you speak. You had a way with words that roped me in before you finished your first sentence. You could make me laugh just as easily as you could make me cry. There wasn't anyone else I would rather be with. I wanted to look at you a little more. Yeah, you weren't the most gorgeous being out there, but your gestures, your expressions, your smile caught my attention. They enchanted and beguiled my mind. I could watch you forever. I...

I love you, Chris.


"Sam, you know something?" Chris whispered as the young adult smiled down at Sam's blood-covered body lying across the above mentioned person's lap. Sam didn't respond, couldn't respond. Strands of lovely chocolate-colored hair covered one of Sam's eyes. Chris gently brushed it away, revealing a bloody and empty eye socket, where an amber-colored eye used to reside in. "You look so adorable sleeping. Just like a child." Sam was so cute! The killer hugged the body tightly. Then immediately put the brunette down. "Oh! I might wake you up!" Chris exclaimed softly, still whispering. Then, hunger made itself known, rumbling in Chris's stomach. "I'm hungry... I'll go buy food." Chris grinned down at Sam. "I'll get some of those peanut-covered donuts you like so much." Slowly, Chris put the body down on the bed and tucked the brunette in a blanket. "Sleep tight and don't let the beg bugs bite!" Chris whispered loudly.

Then the only able person in the room bounced off to get breakfast. When Chris came back with boxes and boxes of donuts, there was police crawling all over the place and do-not-cross tapes were everywhere. Were they doing a movie near the house? Chris walked up to one of the officers near the house.

"Excuse me, but can you tell me what happened?"

"There was a murder recently in there. I advise you to leave immediately. The murderer may be lurking somewhere near the premises."

Chris looked at the officer, confused. Sam was the only one in the house. The brunette was just fine before the food shopping trip. Surely it was someone else... "That's my house. Who died?"

The police officer suddenly looked like he felt sorry for Chris. Chris was baffled, completely bewildered. "I'm sorry for your loss, ma'am. Samuel Rent is gone."

Chris didn't understand why he was apologizing. "Gone? Gone where?"

The officer's eyes softened. "Samuel Rent is dead."

"...Sam is dead? I don't understand," Chris said slowly, the words foreign to her. Christina knew what the word dead meant, but when dead and Sam was in the same sentence it just didn't make sense.


Chris sat on a branch, dressed completely in black, silently watching the people gathered around Sam's coffin. One at a time, Sam's relatives were giving their epitaphs and Chris's hands clenched, nails digging into her skin. She loved him more than any of them. She should be down there. But if she went to Sam's side, she'd be captured and taken to prison. The police were after Chris for the murder of Sam. It wasn't her fault. Really it wasn't. She didn't want to kill him. She just couldn't stop. Chris slumped forward. She wanted to stop. She truly did. Chris squeezed her eyes shut, tears seeping through. In her own, twisted way, she loved Sam. That's right she loved Sam. She loved him. She should be down there, not those scum crying their trashy tears over Sam's coffin. Chris smirked. Yes, she'd be there.

Agile like a cat, she slipped off the branch and landed on her feet silently. Chris approached Sam's relatives slowly. They looked up at the stranger's predatory advance. She started chuckling, a giggle that sent chills down their spines, a chuckle with a dark malicious intent. It was starting to creep them out. Her eyes didn't look quite human, the way they glowed with that cold slightly amused look, the way they said they could kill without remorse and love it.

Sam's father spoke, standing in front of his terrified wife and family. "W-what do you want?"

Chris just grinned.


"Oh, Sam, no one can tear us apart. No one," Chris sighed happily, stroking his ice-cold cheek. Her voice turned dark. "If they try, they die." She smiled lovingly at the corpse in her arms. He was just sleeping, right? They were hiding among the cargo on a plane to some distant, unknown country. Chris placed a kiss on Sam's forehead, her voice turning dreamy. "When you wake, we'll start a new life, a life without any hindrances." She tightened her arms around him. Chris had gotten rid of everyone who knew them. There'll be no one to bother them anymore. "We'll be together forever." Chris placed her chin on Sam's head, her eyes sliding shut. She yawned and said sleepily, "I love you, Sam."

Hm... I wonder if this can be considered horror.