"Rain is the best! I want to always play with you!" Skye said, swinging their hands together, grinning like crazy. They were sitting side by side on a bench, pooped out after hours of games. She was tired but happy.

"Really? Then, Skye, you..." The little boy's cheeks were tinged with pink. He was smiling as well, just in a calmer way than she was. Rain was the more quiet one of the two best friends. "Do you want to marry me?"

Skye looked at Rain, still happy but confused. She didn't know the meaning of that word. "What is 'marry'?"

He thought for a while, frowning a little. "I don't know either. I just know, once we're married, we can always be together."

Skye jumped out of her seat, pulling Rain with her. "Okay! I will always be together with you! Marry! Marry!" She ran to her mom, still holding hands with Rain, and shouted, "Mama! Mama! I want to marry Rain!"

Skye's mom knelt down to her five year old daughter's eye level and patted her head. "Sweetie, you're going to wait until you're older."

"Why? I want to marry Rain now!"

"That's the way of life," her mother said gently.

Skye looked at her all-knowing mom and pouted. She didn't really understand, but... "I don't like the way of life."

Her mom smiled softly. "You can still be together with Rain, but you just have to wait until you're older to marry."

Skye brightened up, bouncing up and down. "Did you hear that!?" She took Rain's other hand, too. "We can be together!"

Rain laughed and let her spun him around and around. "Yay! We're going to be together forever and ever."

For rain is never without the sky.

If they don't talk like five year olds... It's because I'm suffering from Children Deprivation Disease (kidding).