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The Road To War

Chapter Three: A Month After The Adoption


A jab in the side with a fake dagger told me I lost yet another practice battle with Becca. "S'okay Cody. You're gettin' there, man," she reassured me. Jess and I had discovered she had a very strong Southern accent, as if she came from Texas recently. Her accent was especially strong for Florida.

"You said that the day we started training!" I protested, stepping away from a particularly mean looking crap that was crawling from the sand that turned into grass on my front lawn.

It had been exactly one month and three days since Jessica and I had been adopted by Kelly Ryan. We'd learned that her husband, Jack Ryan, had actually been on a business trip, because he was a collector of magic items, and was thrilled to meet his new children. Jack was cool. He was more like an older brother, and the same went for Kelly. When I'd voiced my opinion, Jack and Kelly grinned. "Good, because that's what we put down on the adoption form, since we're old enough to adopt long lost siblings," Jack told me.

"Yeah, but this time I actually meant it!" Becca answered, before looking at the ground sheepishly. I felt my cheeks heat up. "What're you playing at, pixie? When the Chaos strike, it'll be your fault I know nothing about how to fight! You'll fail everyone!" I thundered, before covering my mouth. "Becca, I'm sorry, I didn't think, I-" It was too late. Becca's tiny body was already in the air, zipping off at an impossible speed in the sky. I spotted Jess on the beach with her friends, and trudged away from her, to a completely isolated area, my mind buzzing with images of Becca's hurt face. Why did I say that?

Ever since I heard about Becca's fear of failing to protect me, and her stress with having someone's life in her hands, I'd respected her a lot more. She was now my best friend.

The first time we'd gone into the actual town, everyone worshipped me. THey smiled kindly at me and greeted me with an eager and friendly "Hello!" or "Hey!". Lots of them wanted my autograph, actually. Becca had ushered me along, and glared them all down. When a blue skinned woman said, "Can I touch you?", Becca exploded and told her that I was a person, not a museum exhibit, and she had no right to touch me. I had appreciated her presence very much at that moment. And all the moments afterward.

Jess rolled her eyes as she gestured at me before darting to my side. "Cody...where the hell did Becca go?!" She hissed menacingly. "I kinda told her she'd fail us all..." I trailed off, looking at the white sand. "Ugh, Cody! Why would you do that when you KNOW she's sensitive to that subject? C'mon, let's go leave countless messages on her voicemail," Jessica groaned and dragged me back toward the house.

Kelly was talking in a very secretive manner to Jack in the living room. "Hey guys," I said to them, striding over to the couch. Kelly froze before relaxing into a grin. "Hey! Hungry?"

"Nah, Jenna made us sandwiches a little while ago," Jess replied casually, pulling out her phone. We were trying hard not to bring any attention to the fact that Becca was gone. Kelly and Jack would be furious.

"What're you guys going to do now? Where's Becky?" Jack questioned, using his nickname for Becca. Jess and I exchanged nervous looks before I sighed in defeat. "Well, I kinda got mad at her and kinda told her she'd fail us all and she kinda got mad and kinda flew away.." I muttered, suddenly finding the floor very interesting.

"Well, we have to call Sterling and Jenna then," Kelly stated after a few silent moments. My eyes snapped up to hers. "Why aren't you angry with me?" I demanded. How could she be perfectly calm about this? Kelly thought of Becca as one of her own, and cared for her immensely. The same went for Jack. "Cody, listen to me. People get angry, things slip out. Becca is very understanding. We just need to find her before the Chaos do. She may be strong, but she can't handle a whole army on her own," Kelly told me kindly, her expression warm and forgiving.

Jack made his way to the kitchen. He took his iPhone from the counter and left the room to call Becca's older brother and sister. Jess got a text and pulled out her phone and smiled, but it was somehow sad. Jessica pulled me upstairs to my bedroom. And to my shock, there was Becca, sitting on the window sill, her face bloodied and bruised, and in her tiny hands, a creamy white envelope was waiting to be opened.

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