Chapter One

My mom said it would be an exciting family adventure. That's how I ended up at the creepy mansion on Halloween. While all my friends were out trick or treating I was stuck with my mom Stephanie, and my step-dad Thomas. "Cheer up Elena." My mom said. "Yeah kido this is going to be fun!" Thomas added sarcastically. I just grunted and looked out the car window.

If any of my neighbors looked at the car they would see my mom with her usual super big smile and her long hair pulled into a high ponytail, her perfectly manicured red nails on the steering wheel. They'd see a man in his forties with brown hair and hazel eyes named Thomas looking relaxed but obviously just as excited about this as I was (so not happy at all.) They would also see a very bored 13 year-old girl named Elena with brown hair and blue eyes staring out the window with a "please save me from my family!" look in her eyes.

What I was being forced to endure was one of those cheesy haunted house sleepover things. You know the ones that are advertised with bright orange flyers that say: If you survive you win a prize! But of course everyone always survives and the prize is a toy or a lollipop or something. I love being scared so I guess that's why mom thought this would be cool, but did she really think I wanted to stay at a weird mansion on Halloween night when I could be scaring little kids and getting candy with my friends? "Oh well" I thought to myself as we pulled into the big driveway of the house. "Lets get this over with." Thomas whispered to me. So I sucked up my anger and took my first step into the Michelson Manor.