We ran down the sparkly white marble stairs and headed towards the front door. We saw Spencer and Jessica standing over my mother with wide eyes full of panic. Thomas leaned down next to her to see if she was breathing. Apparently she wasn't because after a few seconds he began giving her CPR. He told me to come help him but I barely heard him, my mind was focused not on the fact that my mother was dying but on the fact that she had almost a perfect moon shaped bite on her neck. "It's no use Thomas." I said "She has been bitten, she is either going to die or turn into a blood sucking leech just like the damn thing that did this to her." Thomas looked up at me and in the dim candle light I could see that he was crying. "NO ELENA!" he yelled. "She can not die on us!" we began giving her CPR again; he pushed on her stomach while I breathed for her. But after only a few minutes my mother's heart gave its final fatal thump and my mother was gone from this world… or so we thought.

We put my mom's body on one of the white couches in the main living room. For a moment there was complete silence because no one knew what to do next. Then my mothers eyes opened I took in a quick shocked breath thinking that maybe my mother had started breathing some how and she was going to be okay after all. But then I saw her eyes, they were not their normal bright joy filled brown, no these eyes were scarlet red and they looked dangerous. My mom sat up and looked at us all, not with looks of relief but with looks like we were all Big Mac's from McDonalds. Spencer and Jessica tried to pull Thomas and I towards the stairs so we could get away from her but I couldn't move. I still felt like my mother might be in there somewhere. She looked at me and said, "come here Elena, come join your mother." I took a step back as she rose from the couch and started walking towards me. "It will be alright Elena, mommy wont hurt you." She said in a voice that was smooth as silk but was also sly and diabolical. I looked into my mothers red eyes one last time before I ran for my life.

Thomas, Spencer, and Jessica were all upstairs leaving me down there to fend for myself. I couldn't be mad at them because if the roles were switched I would have ran away also! My mom chased me into the kitchen, which was very small, and pitch black. I stumbled into what felt like a dinning room table but I couldn't be to sure. I found a light switch on the wall and when the lights finally flickered on I could see that it was a table I had run into and the 3 wooden chairs surrounded it. I crawled into the corner and, knowing my mom would find where I was hiding eventually, I used all my strength to break off one of the chair legs. I heard a hiss followed by the slow graceful steps of my vampire mother. She was walking straight towards me and I knew what I had to do. "Don't take another step mom." I said, " If you come any closer then I will be forced to use this." I held the chair leg in front of me like it was a sword rather then a chunk of wood. Unfortunately my mother did not take my warning like she should have. With a smirk as cold as ice she lunged at me with her fangs extended and sharp as one thousand knives. On pure instinct I gripped the chair leg tightly and plunged it forward into my mothers chest. She fell on the floor with a thump and lay there moaning and writhing with agony. "I'm sorry mom." I said with tears spilling hot down my cheeks. My mom grabbed my arm with one of her still perfectly manicured hands. I saw her eyes go from red to brown and her skin go from pale back to its normal light tan. She held me tight and said her last words " Thank you Elena." Then her eyes rolled back and she was gone, this time forever.