The weekend passed by quickly, yet awkwardly. I'm glad to say it's finally over, though. We all just stayed inside our rooms and didn't do anything productive. The only significant noises you could hear most of the time was the tapping of both mine and Jackson's phones and the hushed whispers coming from my parents' room that occasionally rose to shouts of insults. I couldn't believe what I heard come out of my parents' mouths. Was this all because of Jackson? I hope it's not. Anyways, I feel weird admitting that I'd rather be at school than in my own home, but it was true. I felt like I had to hide at home, like bombs were coming down and if I moved from my shelter, - in this case, my room – I'd be in the line of fire.

Monday had quickly gone by as well, the complete opposite of what most of the kids at the school went through. I kind of enjoyed watching the students drag themselves around sleepily as if they were zombies. Everybody just seemed to forget about picking on kids and the secrets were too loud to NOT hear any of them. I heard that one girl was pregnant and dropping out of school. Another piece of gossip was that two boys had fought during lunch because one of them was making fun of the other's sister, who was in the hospital because she had heart problems. I was overwhelmed with how much gossip passed through the school in just one day. I hadn't noticed before since everyone had been paying attention to me. I decided that Monday would be my favorite day of the week.

Tuesday didn't start off so bad. I woke up to my brother speaking to me. "Stop yelling at me!" I groaned as I struggled to sit up and stay awake.

Jackson shrugged and said, "I'm not yelling." I gave him an evil eye, and he scurried away as fast as he could with his mending broken leg. I chuckled to myself and went on as usual. I pulled out a Pierce the Veil shirt and some skinny jeans. I grab my backpack and my phone and then head downstairs. I'm not really a makeup kind of girl if you haven't noticed yet.

When I get to the kitchen, I don't see any food out for breakfast or lunch, just some money. I guess I'm eating at the school today. I swipe the money off the counter, say good-bye to Jackson and my dad, and go on my way. As I'm walking my normal route, I look for a hidden passageway, or some way to be hidden while walking to school. Truth is, I was so curious to find Trip's secret route to the school.

Patience, I tell myself, be an awesome friend first, and then maybe he'll trust you enough. As I'm thinking about this, a face looms into my view. I step back to get a good view of whoever is in front of me.

"Chill, I'm not going to rob you again," Patch says with a smirk on his face. I smile, but I walk faster, to get on his nerves.

"Hey, wait up, Tay!" He calls out, as I turn to him with a grin and give him a chance to catch up with me.

We talk about a variety of things until Patch says, "You know, you never gave me your number the other day, beautiful." He gives me a cheeky smile and I can feel my face starting to turn red.

"What?" I almost stutter. Patch reaches out and strokes my arm while searching my eyes.

Oh my gosh, is he trying to flirt with me? My heart starts racing, and then the bully in me says, Wow, you just noticed? I don't see why he's going after someone as fat and ugly as you.

I clear my head of negative thoughts when Patch says, "Taylor, can I have your number?" Although he had already said that a few seconds ago, it hit me even more the second time around. I looked him over.

Wow, I thought, he's actually pretty good looking now that I look at him clearly. His brown eyes were awesome to look at and his dark brown colored hair wasn't too messy. I bet he played a sport, considering his amazing build. I smiled, and before I completely zoned out, I agreed with him. He got out his phone and handed it to me so I could put my number in his phone.

After doing just that, I gave Patch his phone back. "Don't text me anything stupid," I warn him with a playful glare.

Wow, it's really easy to talk to him, I thought.

He gives me an evil smile and slips his phone back into his pocket. He looks over at me and asks, "So… What's your favorite color?" I smile a little as I shuffle my feet along the path.

"Blue, any kind of blue," I say as an image of my blue scissors comes dancing into my head. I'm not sure why, but cutting never sounded so good like at this moment. It's not because I was in a bad situation though. I think it was because I guess I didn't deserve this good thing happening to me. My hand began to make its way to my pocket when Patch spoke again.

"Really? I like red," he says as he tugs on his red hoodie. It was the middle of autumn, just when you start to feel the temperature. It's probably one of my most favorite times of the year because everything outside is just so lovely with its different shades of reds, oranges, browns, and the last of the greens. It was a wonderful sight to see, especially right here in Vaherra.

I breathed in the fresh air and asked Patch, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" He chuckled and commented that that was such a little kid question. As I rolled my eyes at his statement, we reached the school. Stepping into the crowd of middle schoolers, I was pushed, pulled, elbowed, kicked, and even spit on. My body started to go numb from all of the pain that I have just come to enjoy. A warm hand grabs mine and my first thought was Anthony – man, I'm just so paranoid about him! Looking over, I find Patch's face hovering a few inches from mine, for the second time in the hour.

"A marine," his deep voice barely topping the noise of impatient kids in the background. I send him a confused look, right when the doors to the school opened. Wow, if you want to know what a panicked group will do for safety, it's probably how these kids squeezed past each other through the entrance. It was my mistake to stand so close to the door. I bet if I fell in front of the doors, I would just get trampled to death. Finally, after making it through the frenzy, I had space to move and breathe at my free will. I glanced around, looking for Patch, but he was nowhere to be seen. Just when I was about to give up, he popped out from behind.

After catching my breath, I said, "Jeez Patch, you almost scared the living shit out of me!" He shrugged it off and replaced his smile with a smirk. With that cute little smirk on his face, I had almost forgotten what he had told me earlier.

"What did you say about a marine?" I say, cocking my head to the side.

He blinked a few times, probably trying to remember, and then replied, "I want to be a marine when I grow up, what about you?" It took me a moment to answer because I rarely think about my future. I'm more of a "in the present" kind of person.

"I want to be a counselor or therapist to help people with problems in their lives, I want to let them know I'm here for them, you know?" I answer, knowing I almost said too much.

Now it was Patch's turn to slightly tilt his head, but not because he was confused. It was because he was curious. "Why?"

I give him a little fake smile as I say, "Reasons I'd rather not explain at the moment."

Or ever, my mind says. Patch opened his mouth to speak, but the bell rang, signaling that class would start in less than three minutes.

"Um, I have to go," I rush out, before Patch could get a chance to speak. Right before the bell to start class rang, I sank down into my chair in the back. I let out a breath I had been holding and then tune in to Ms. Johnson's lesson for the day.

In science, I was far ahead of the rest of the class, so I just tuned out and studied my classmates. Trip was next to me, listening intently to everything Mr. Norson was saying. Rosemary, who was also in this class, sat next to me and Trip in the back. Every so often, she'd lean over and poke me in the side with her pencil or pass a note. I just hope Mr. Norson doesn't notice it. There was a boy in the middle of the room – whose name was Michael, I think – was obviously flirting with a girl with dyed blue hair named Mariah. She was really pretty and nice, I know because I have her for art too. You could tell she wasn't interested in him though. She had her eye on a curly haired boy named Jimmy. I laughed quietly to myself, knowing that Jimmy liked her too. It was cute watching the two "flirt" not knowing that the other likes them. My eyes swept over a pair of vibrant green orbs staring right back at me. I'm surprised to see Veronica Landon looking over at me with an angry look. Suddenly, I realize she is all too familiar to me, and that's how she knows about the party.

I flashback to the night that Anthony beat me so badly. That girl dancing with Anthony… Was that Veronica? I try so hard to remember Janet's face, that I feel like my head is about to explode. Yes, she had all the same features that Veronica had, the red hair and bright green eyes. Even the nose ring was right! Just when I was about to say that Veronica was Janet, I came to a stop. Janet had scars though. Cuts. Veronica doesn't seem to be a person who does that to herself. Then again, I've never truly gotten to know another person who self harms. I start to doubt myself when I see Veronica raise her hand, the one I swore had cuts on her wrist, to find nothing.

Math class went by so slow today. Don't get me wrong, what we went over in class was not difficult at all. Maybe that was the problem. Plus, I had Perrie glaring at the back of my head during the whole period. I can almost bet you that she didn't hear the lesson and didn't do her work. I was relieved when Mr. Pent let us go early. In Home-Ec, we made soup. We partnered up, me being with Veronica again, and decided what kind it should be. Well, I didn't really have a say in our decision.

"It's going to be chicken noodle soup," Veronica commands. I was slightly disappointed that we were doing something so basic, but I knew if I argued with my partner, there would be terrible consequences. My eyes almost involuntarily began searching Veronica's wrists, looking for any signs of self-injurious manner. Due to my lack of attention as I was getting the water for the soup, I bumped into Veronica and got water all over her.

"I'm so so-," I begin to say when I notice something on her wrist. Scars! Makeup was running down her arms. I realize that she had covered up her cuts with concealer. She noticed my staring, and quickly covered it up with her hoodie. Now I was positive that "Janet" was actually Veronica!