Suzy and Nathan arrive with the old man at a town. The old man finally speaks, "This is a ghost town, literally." It looks like a normal town to them both, but with something being a littleā€¦ off. They are guided into the main plaza where several shops lay. The ground is silver tile, just like the color of a silver bullet. He takes them to an office building. "Uh, Veronica, these are the new ones. Assign them a house close to mine. Make sure they are given their first paycheck." He turns to Suzy and Nathan, "and guys, do not blow all of your money at once."

Veronica is the desk lady at Dead Co. who sets up houses and allowances to people who recently died. She is trained to expect the doubtful, the confused, and even the clueless. She has brown, curly hair and perfectly manicured nails, obviously in a dark red color to go with her hair. Her eyes are a neon green color and teeth a marble white. Even though she seems serious, she smiles to the two.

"Okay, so I am going to have you answer a few questions to make sure you are the real Nathan and Suzy that Leonard set out for." Veronica speaks to them.

"We're ready for them, right Nathan?" Suzy inquires.

"Whatever," he mumbles.

"Okay then! Suzy, who is your best friend in the whole world?" Veronica focuses on the paper, observing the answer written down in sloppy handwriting. She taps her pen, impatiently waiting for her to answer.

"Tiffany Lockdaile is my best friend. I do miss her, though," she glances down at the ground and then back to the smiling adult.

"Okay, Nathan, who was your 10th grade gym teacher?"

"Uh, Mr. Lockwood was my gym teacher. I know because I hated him," answers Nathan. He truly wants to be here, as long as he doesn't have to see any of his teachers again.

"Correct, okay, Suzy, when is your birthday?" She pours out question after question before they are done answering. She hands them a key and a check, sends them off to the bank, and sits back at her desk to finish her crossword puzzle.

Nathan is a careless person who really just wanted to have a fun life of no work. He doesn't really care about them both dying. It was an advantage to him, especially the fact that he'd never have to go to school again. His blue hair, he dyed it himself, covers his left eye. Nathan sports a maroon v-neck t-shirt with a pair of skinny jeans. To match with the shirt, he has on a pair of red converse. His hair is straight and cut short. Any girl would become easily attracted to him.

Suzy is another story, of course. She worries about everything: her grades, her appearance, and people's comments. She wanted to get a teaching degree and become a teacher. She has straight, brown hair that flows to her waist, gorgeous purple eyes (just like her brother), an organized personality, and a best friend. Suzy wears a yellow hoodie with an orange shirt underneath and red jeans. Matching her hoodie are her yellow converse.

They walk down a green tiled road. Suzy walks quickly while Nathan trails behind. In front of them is a bank. Both of them finally reach the doors, where they step inside. The interior of the building is colorful, furniture colored with many shades of all colors. Sitting at an orange desk in front of them is a girl who looks about Suzy and Nathan's age, which is seventeen.

The girl has light purple hair and wears a cream-colored blouse. Heavy eyeliner is smeared around her eyes and each nail on her hands is coated with yellow nail polish. She seems to be reading a novel when Suzy taps lightly on the desk, reminding her that she has a job.

"Oh, hi, my name is Terrence," she says, memorizing where she had left off. Terrence puts her bookmark in the book and sets it down on the desk.

"Hello, Terrence. My name is Suzy and this is Nathan. We are here for a beginner's loan?" She is uncertain whether or not she listened to Veronica.

Terrence gets a huge smile on her face when she looks over at Nathan. "Is he your brother? He is kind of cute," she whispers to Suzy, smiling.

"Don't even bother. He is a moron and he doesn't care about anyone or anything." Suzy looked over at him sitting down in a purple armchair.

"Well, I will look at my laptop and seek your file," Terrence turned over to her computer and started tapping her yellow fingernails across the keyboard. "Okay, you both are new arrivals. You will be granted $100,000 to start yourselves out. You are not to spend this anywhere else. If you do, you both will be kicked out of our community and evicted of your house." Suzy only nods and accepts the money she gives her.

The brother and sister started to walk to their house when a yellow taxi cab drove up to them. The driver rolls down his window and asks, "Would you two like a ride? It's free, on the house!" They agree and he drives them to their new home, next to Leonard's. The house is a bright lime green, Suzy's least favorite color.

"Nathan, remind me later to hire a painter so that he can repaint this house." Nathan only nods and walks in. The whole house is already furnished the same way as the bank, with very colorful furniture. Suzy follows him and closes the door behind her. They both hear a knock on their door and she opens it to find Leonard holding wrapped presents.

"These are for you guys from my son and I. Speaking of my son," he pulls a guy from outside and brings him in with all of them. "This is my son, Drew. Drew, say hello," Drew is their age and looks like he is a nice guy, so Suzy decides to be nice to him. Leonard drops all of the presents and gestures for Suzy and Nathan to open them.

Nathan gives Suzy an odd look. He wonders why all of a sudden, this man that found them and brought them to this town without a word wants to give them presents. He is handed one labeled with his name. When Nathan opens it, he gasps.

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