In a forest far from here there is a village. Now the village can't be seen by the average human. It can only be seen by beings that are magic. The village is Star Hollow. In Star Hollow lives elves, fairies, brownies, and other magical beings. Now the forest around Star Hollow also has several magical creatures in it too. The ruler of Star Hollow is a elf by the name of Alena. She was the most powerful being in the village. She was the holder of the one item that held magic for everything. Even simple things humans never take the time to notice. It was called the rainbow heart. It was a heart shaped jewel made from a rainbow that was framed by a golden heart. The jewel had the power to do anything magical. Even see future events. Queen Alena had the job to protect and use the jewel to keep magic going and Star Hollow safe from all dangers in the forest. Alena also knew every magic spell and ability that every magic being had and would teach the younger magiclings in the village. Her fastest learner was a young fairie named Adorabelle. Now the thing about fairies is they have to earn their wings before they can fly and to do that they have to do what is destined for them in order to earn them. Adorabelle hadn't even came close to her destiny yet. Unlike all of the other young magiclings in Queen Alena's class Adorabelle was the only Orphan. She lived with Ms. Stardust who was the fairie mother to all orphaned beings in Star Hollow. When she got home she went to her little room in the tree. She wanted to be adopted but, so far no one in the village or forest wanted to adopt her. "Adorabelle!" she heard Ms. Stardust call.

"Yes Mrs. Stardust?" Adorabelle answered.

"I need you to go the everglow river and get some water" Mrs. Stardust said.

"Yes Ma'am" Adorabelle said grabbing the big glass water jug as she struggled out the door. Even though the jug was heavy and about two times bigger then her Adorabelle always managed to carry it to the river. Now even though alot of magical beings were good and heartful there were ones that were pure dark. The darkest was Rosemary, a female demon who wanted nothing more than to rule not only the magical world but, the human world as well and if she got her hands on the heart jewel she could. Rosemary lived in a mountain a bit away from the forest and had a crystal that could show her the village. She despised Queen Alena alot. "My lady" a young blue dragon called.

"Yes Cyan" Rosemary said turning away from her crystal.

"Would you like me to go collect your dinner?" Cyan asked.

"Yes but, go beyond the mountain. The food in the forest is garbage" Rosemary said.

"Yes my lady" Cyan said.

"Oh and just leave it in my room" Rosemary said, "me and Lava are gonna visit the folks in Star Hollow" the little dragon knodded and flew off. Cyan hated being a slave for a demon but, he owed her. She'd been raising him since she found him all alone in the forest as an egg. He wanted to be free but, Rosemary was like his mother. Rosemary walked down a spiral stone path inside the mountain. When she got to the bottom she heard a roar. "Theres Mommy's girl" she said flying up to a very big and tall fire dragon, "Lava are you ready to do some damage?" The dragon roared a fire filled roar. "Lets go its a long walk through the mountain so you can get out" Adorabelle reached the river and sat the jug down and sighed in relief. It was very heavy. "Hi Adorabelle" a pixie named Skye greeted flying down to the fairie.

"Hey Skye" Adorabelle said.

"Why don't you use your magic to carry the jug?" Skye asked.

"I don't know. Wouldn't that be lazy?" Adorable asked.

"No it would be easy" Skye said laughing a bit.

"I can try" Adorabelle said standing up. She put out her left hand and concentrated on the glass jug. Purplish colored sparkles surrounded the glass as it lifted off the ground. She took it over to the river and swooped it down to gather water. She lifted it up and brought it back to herself. "That was easy" she said with a smile. "LET ME OUT!" they heard a voice say.

"Who said that?" Skye asked.

"IN THE JUG!" the voice said. They both looked and two eyes were looking back at them from the jug. Adorabelle sent the jug back to the river and tipped it over. Out spilled a water horse. "You should check the water before you pick it up" the horse said and dashed off through the water. "Water horses are always getting caught in jugs and bowls and bottles" Skye said. Adorabelle gathered real water from the river and headed back toward the village. Half way there the ground started to shake. Within seconds the shaking was chaotic. It caused Adorabelle to drop the jug and it shattered. "You need to get home" Skye said, "a dragon is coming" Adorabelle took off running as fast as her little fairie legs would let her.