Adorabelle had been traveling for about three hours when she found herself in the scary part of the forest. It was called Deadwood Grove. "Halt!' she called out so Celina would stop. She got in the bag on the unicorn's back and took out the map. She saw the first rest stop was right down the path they were on. "Go" Adorabelle said as they continued down the road. Deadwood Grove had a eerie purple glow around it and was filled with very scary creatures. Only the bravest magical beings lived in this part of the woods. Adorabelle reached the first set of creepy trees and looked for the one with a door. "Halt!" she yelled again to make Celina stop. She jumped down and petted the unicorn. When she turned around she saw a huge wolf. It was mostly black accept for its left front and back left leg were white. So was it's tail and and face and it had bright blue eyes. It also had seven white stripes across it's back. "Whoa, nice wolf" Adorabelle said backing up toward Celina. "Nice wolf" Adorabelle as nicely as she could.

"Do all fairies fear wolves?" the wolf asked in a sweet deep voice. Adorabelle looked confused. "What?" the wolf asked seeing the confusion in the small but beautiful fairy's face.

"I can understand you" Adorabelle said.

"Aren't fairies suppose to understand animals?" the wolf asked.

"Yes but, I haven't learned how yet" Adorabelle said trying to hide fear and confusion.

"Well maybe you can understand me because I'm not really a wolf" the wolf said.

"What?" Adorabelle asked even more confused. Just then the wolf leaped forward and changed from a huge wolf to a small pale guy. His skin was almost neon white and he was dressed in black. "What are you?" Adorabelle asked.

"I'm a furling" he said.

"A furling?" Adorabelle asked. She thought she knew about all magical beings but, never heard of furlings before. "We can transform into big forest animals which is why I was a big wolf a bit ago" he said.

"Oh, I'm adorabelle" she said introducing herself.

"I'm Lovel" he said with a smile and gleam in his cyan blue eyes. Just then a huge cat appeared and roared Lovel could see this scared his new friend as she hid behind her unicorn. "Ariel!" he called out. The cat rolled it's eyes and leaped forward. She changed into a girl who was neon white and she was dressed in orange and red. She had long brownish hair that was in a ponytail. "Adorabelle this is my sister Ariel" Lovel said.

"Nice to meet you" Adorabelle said.

"Whats a fairy doing in Deadwood Grove?" Ariel asked.

"I'm on a journey to hopefully gain my wings" Adorabelle said.

"Oh so your the one who will be our guest for the night" Lovel said. Adorabelle couldn't help but, think he was very handsome.

"Yes I am and I don't mean to be rude but, I'm starving and tired" Adorabelle said.

'The lets get you inside my dear fairy" Lovel said as they headed toward the tree with Celina right behind them. They reached the tree and tied Celina up to a post outside the door and Adorabelle placed an invisability spell on her so no evil creatures could see her. As they walked in Adorabelle saw a little wolf cub. "Libbie turn back we have a guest" Lovel said. The little cub leaped forward and changed into a pale skinned and dark haired girl. "I hope you like potato soup" Ariel said taking some potatoes out of a bag.

"Sounds good to me" Adorabelle said. As they ate Ariel had to ask. "So where is your journey taking you?"

"The mountain" Adorabelle said.

"Aren't you scared?" Ariel asked.

"Should I be?" Adorabelle answered with a question.

"Rumor has it a demon resides there" Lovel said.

"Really?" Adorabelle asked acting as though she didn't know.

"I feel sorry for demons really" Lovel said.

"Why?" Adorabelle asked intrigued.

"Because demons start off as good magical beings until something tragic happens and the anger turns them into a demon" Lovel said. Adorabelle was surprised by this. Not even Queen Alena told her that. "How do you know if its ok to ask?" Adorabelle asked.

"Well a while ago demons ran this forest and used furlings as slaves to kill and rob" Ariel said.

"But, how do you know demons aren't just born demons?" Adorabelle asked.

"I don't for sure but, thats what the myth says" Lovel said.

"Well even if it is true demons need to be got ridden of" Ariel said.

"I agree" Adorabelle said. After dinner she helped Ariel and Lovel clean up. She relaxed for bit and smiled and laughed as Libbie told her some jokes and stories she liked. She felt a bond with the young furling right away. "Well time for bed kiddo" Ariel said as she followed Libbie up the stairs of the tree. "She's such a sweet child" Adorabelle said to Lovel.

"Yeah, our mom would be proud" he said.

"Is it ok if I ask what happened to your mom?" Adorabelle asked hoping she didn't sound rude or nosey.

"Our mother was a furling of atleast two hundred years and she was out in the woods picking some herbs when a shadow wolf got a hold of her" Lovel said, "so now she resides with other passed magiclings in the clouds"

"Oh" Adorabelle said.

"Only bad thing is that Libbie was still a baby when it happened so she doesn't know much of Mom" Lovel said.

"I know how that feels" Adorabelle said.

"Really?" Lovel asked.

"Yes, for the passed sixteen years of my life I've been an orphan" she said.

"Oh, I'm sorry" Lovel said.

"Its ok" Adorabelle said, "I should get to sleep. Still have a long journey ahead of me"