I put a flower

in her hair.

The perfect dark,

brown ringlets.

"You look gorgeous"

I said as she smiled.

"Let's go!"

and you took off.

You ran, kicking sand


My beautiful cousin

ran to the ocean.

"Mariah! I'm coming to get you!"

I yelled as I took off

my tanktop and


I chased after you.

You laughed and screamed.

Mariah is the reason

I'm still here.

Schizophrenia can take away

my sanity, my mind,

but never my

beautiful cousin.

"Do you love me, Danny?"

I smiled as I wrapped

my arms

around you.

"Yes, sweetheart."



"I love you too."

Nothing will ever take her

away from me.


I'm yours, Mariah.

(I miss you, Danny.

I'm still yours.

Rest in peace.

I love you.)