Chapter 2

Eponine noticed that it was raining. The sky was crying. Someone important must've died, she thought, bitterly. The sky would never cry for someone as lowly as me. She turned slowly to look at the officer, hiding her face slightly with her dark brown hair, "Bonjour Monsieur, que puis-je faire pour vous?"

The man's frown deepened and Eponine could see that his jaw had tightened, "That little gosse stole from Monsieur Rousseau's bakery," the man grunted.

Eponine sighed and pulled Anouk behind her, away from the officer, "I'm sure it's a misunderstanding Monsieur! You know young children," Eponine laughed, "They're always getting into trouble."

The man did not look convinced, "Mademoiselle-" he warned.

"Can ya please just put the gun down, eh?" Eponine snapped, not wanting the offending weapon pointed at her anymore. The man looked suspicious still, however, he followed Eponine's request and lowered the rifle. Eponine smiled at the officer, "So, is this all cleared up?"

The man nodded stiffly, "Oui Mademoiselle," the man looked back at Anouk, "But the child needs to be properly punished."

Eponine nodded solemnly, "Oui Monsieur." Eponine turned to Anouk and grabbed her arm, "Oui, mon cher, nous devons parler de cela quand nous serons rentres!"

The officer nodded and watched as Eponine led Anouk down the alley like a mother would lead her naughty child.

"Eponine, that was a wonderful act!" Anouk whispered to her sister, "Except, we don't have a home to go home to."

Eponine looked down at Anouk, "I'm sorry Anouk, but it's just the way of the world. Some people, the rich people, get to have ev'rythin', and we get nothin' It's just like that Anouk."

Anouk nodded, "Yeah, but," she held up the loaf of bread, "We still have food!"

"Arreter! Des voleurs!" The officer shouted and began running after the two siblings.

Eponine turned to Anouk angrily, "Estes-vous stupide? Vous venez de nous donner de suite, vous petit idiot!" Eponine shouted.

Anouk grabbed Eponine's hand and ran quickly, tuning out the shouting of the man trailing them, "Desole!" she shouted to her sister.

Eponine kept running, her breathing irregular and heavy; her chest was rising and falling violently, and Anouk could barely keep up. Eponine turned sharply to the right, trying to loose the officer. Anouk panted heavily, weakening with every step. The starved six year old child didn't have enough energy to run very far.

"Eponine!" Anouk gasped for air. Anouk was breathing too harshly and she had lost her footing, causing her to stumble.

Eponine cursed under her breath and caught Anouk quickly. "Can you make it, Anouk?" Anouk nodded and Eponine ran slightly slower so Anouk could keep up. They couldn't be caught! If they got caught, they'd be thrown in jail. Or worse, Eponine swallowed a lump at the thought.

"You'll never see the light of day again!" the officer was shouting curses at the two street girls.

Eponine frowned, but quickened her pace once more, "Sorry, Anouk, but we can't be caught!" she panted to her sister. Eponine was met with a small nod. Anouk stumbled once more on the sleek cobblestone and dropped the bread in the rain.

"Merde!" Anouk cursed angrily. After all this trouble, after everything she had done for this loaf of bread, she dropped it in the rain!

Eponine barely glanced at her sister, "Forget it, Anouk." Anouk nodded and continued running. Anouk grumbled something about how God must've been punishing her for stealing the bread. Eponine laughed at her sister's conclusion, but kept running.


Bridgette sat by the fire as she watched her brother comb his hair. "You know, there isn't really a point Ben, it's still just going to look like a rat's nest."

Ben glared at his sister, "Be quiet Bridgette!" he scolded. Bridgette scoffed and started braiding her black hair, nonchalantly. She had nothing better to do, and since Madame Chantelle had made her leave all her work at the shop, Bridgette couldn't sew. Her fingers twitched, eager to work. So she braided her hair. She secured the braid with a blue ribbon and tied it into a bow. She stood and looked out the window, at the rain.

Two small figures came into sight, causing Bridgette to gasp. A small girl and a larger one both ran down the street, hand in hand. Bridgette saw that the girls were soaked to the bone in the chilly October air. Bridgette ran to the door and opened it, "Come in!" she shouted out in the rain. Thunder clapped, but the two girls looked at her. Bridgette motioned to her door, "Quickly!" The two girls looked at each other, but ran towards Bridgette.

I'm sorry that it's short.

Translation time!

Bonjour Monsieur, que puis-je faire pour vous? = Hello Mister, what can I do for you?

Gosse = Brat

Oui = Yes

Oui, mon cher, nous devons parler de cela quand nous serons rentres! = Yes, my dear, we have to talk about this when we get home!

Arreter! Des voleurs! = Stop! Thieves!

Estes-vous stupide? Vous venez de nous donner de suite, vous petit idiot! = Are you stupid? You just gave us away, you little idiot!

Desole! = Sorry!

Merde = Crap

Hopefully you know that Monsieur= Mister, Madame= Mrs., and Mademoiselle= Miss.

The italicized things are thoughts. Just wanted to clear that up.

Sorry if the translations aren't perfect. Again, I am using Google translate, and my computer does not have all the accent marks, so my French remarks are missing those. Reviews are welcomed! :D