Author's note:

I usually don't put an author's note at the beginning of the chapter (which is something I really dislike), but since I've earned a couple reviews from "My Wolf Boy" due to the rape scene, I thought I'd give all the readers a warning about this story. This story is a project, something that has been mulling on my mind, but never written due to time and overloads of stories. Because this is a project, it will not be uploaded as much as the others. This story is a bit…more different from the rest of my stories, as I am interested to try different types of settings, scenarios, characters, plots, etc., with my writing.

This is a three-way relationship type thing. Something some people might not be comfortable with. It interested me and I wanted to try using it with my character (emotionally, mentally, and physically). It'll be hard, but it's something different from what I usually write. Therefore, here are the warnings.

WARNINGS: Drug use, group sex scene (semi-reluctance), violence, and sexy werewolves.


Little Red Riding Hood

Chapter 1

"I'm moving out!"

When she was eighteen, she foolishly crowed independence and ability to be financially stable to her parents as if she had won the Golden Globe. The thoughtless teenager gathered all of her belongings, which amazingly fit in two luggage, and moved three states across from her home in Washington to move in with a college boy she met online. Since then, she had not heard a single word from her disappointed parents.

Madeline Duquette was an idiot.

The small stature of a woman took up a job across the apartment she moved into, bagging groceries and punching numbers into the cash register. It had help that she was given financial aid for the community college she applied locally. Everything had been grand from the moment Madeline had breathed in a fresh air of freedom.

Sadly, she did not know everything wasn't meant to be.

As her fiery red hair claimed her stubborn dominant nature, Madeline was one not to tally with and made sure everyone knew of it with her hissy fits. Once her roommate (the boy she moved across the world for) took notice of that, his personality changed. Chase was quick to temper and threw things against the walls when he fought with Madeline. There had been numerous times where their neighbors complained more than once, but it didn't help.

Where the tornado and hurricane clashed when angry, they were even more passionate when in love.

So, the eighteen-year-old and the twenty-four-year-old were more volatile than a bomb. Despite their friends predicting this relationship, there were those who didn't appreciate the cradle-robbing couple.

"Love is just a number," Chase had said once, giving a chaste kiss to Madeline's temple.

"Yeah," one of Madeline's co-workers scoffed. "And jail is just a room."

They laughed, they screamed, and they talked. There was nothing more the both loved to do than karaoke. Regardless of their horrible voices, the two were constantly inviting friends over to a nearby karaoke bar to release pent up feelings and emotions simply by placing their lips before a microphone and opening their mouths. It was very beautiful in the beginning, much like a fairytale until reality had crashed into them. Of course their relationship wasn't a steady one. More than once Madeline was running to the bathroom with black mascara running down her cheeks from her endless tears as she had learned one of Chase's conquests by a text message. And there were moments were Chase was yelling at Madeline for participating in shots and allowing both men and women (friends) to lick tequila off of her body.

"You're eighteen! It's illegal for you to drink!"

"Stop treating me like a child!"

"Then stop acting like one!"

"I'm not! I'm partying! I'm in college, asshole! I'm allowed to party!"

Like a rollercoaster, the two were constantly breaking off their relationship simply to mend it back with broken promises and emotionless words. It was then, it felt more like a duty for the both of them and they simply could not handle the drama no more.

Madeline and Chase hadn't broken off anything. They stayed and continued on with their passion until one day, Chase met a new friend from his line of work.

And from then on, Chase had a new love of his life.

"Let's go karaoke, Chase."

"I'm busy. Maybe next time." And he was gone.

The white powdery substance confused Madeline the first time she had come across it. She frowned, placing her work apron off to the side as she slowly approached the brown coffee table in the living room. The red head did not give the snoring Chase a second glance as she peered at it. It was then when she noticed the powder was cocaine, did Madeline throw a fit. The eighteen-year-old who had grown up way too fast exploded.

Chase woke up to the sound of his girlfriend screaming. He sniffed loudly as his eyes snapped open only to see her brushing off the highly valuable powder onto the carpet.

That was the first time he hit her.

Madeline will never forget the look of thunder upon his face as she had thrown the cocaine on the floor. She fell upon the floor from the strong slap to the face, crying out when he jumped on her only to wail in horror and pain as he pummeled her over and over again. The neighbors had called the police in fright for the woman's life only to walk away when Madeline insisted she was all right.

Few days later, their relationship sewed itself once more with false smile and meaningless embraces.

The teenager had a great distaste for the substance, avoiding Chase when he was sniffing the drug through a small straw knowing well enough that her boyfriend was more violent when in that state. She didn't like his intense attraction to cocaine and voiced out her opinions more than once only to be ignored. And when he had been introduced to amphetamine (which was also known as speed) her days were filled with constant worry and anger.

Never had Madeline thought her life would be so gloomy.

Seven months from the first day she had moved into the apartment, Madeline had found Chase gone. Simply gone. She called all of his friends and hers, asking if they had seen or heard from the college student. No one had heard from the boy and she feared for his life, as she knew sometimes the cocaine had made the man dizzy and incoherent from the large doses he preferred to take. Immediately, she reported him missing and was told by the police that the person she had perfectly described had been arrest for the purchase and possession of illegal drugs.

She attempted to bail her boyfriend, but did not have the money to do so and could only wait until he was released from the police station.

And when he was to be released, Chase had gone on berserk mode and attacked a policewoman on his way out of the station, mauling and punching her like a madman. It was unexplainable as to why Chase had done so until two weeks later from his imprisonment did Madeline find out.

Someone knocked on her door.

Madeline frowned and opened it to see a man standing there, dripping wet from the Wisconsin change of weather. He wore a brown trench coat, a little beat up and worn from the edges of the sleeves and collar. There was a black beanie on his head, covering the rest of the tattoo, which had covered half of his face in tribal designs and disappeared in the beanie. His jeans were dirty with dark stains and his boots were untied and tattered.

His eyes were as black as coal.

"Where's Chase?"

The man's voice was dry and withered as if he was sick.

"He's not here," Madeline answered warily, keeping the door an inch open to prevent unwanted entry.

"Where is he?" His voice gained strength as his red-shot eyes glared at her with the intensity of death. "Tell him I need the money. Now. I won't wait another week for his pay. I need the money!"

"He's not here. He was arrested a few days ago." She said and tried to close the door when the unthinkable happened.

The man snarled to the sound like an animal as he threw open the door.

Madeline shrieked as she flew back, hitting the floor with a dull thud as the door split in half. Splinters and pieces of the door rained upon her as the man walked in, his face darkening with the intent to destroy. She spat out the wood pieces and tried to get up and run into her room. It wasn't allowed because the man grabbed her by the collar of her shirt and threw her across the living room. Madeline bounced off the wall and landed painfully on the coffee table, feeling her spine crack in pain.

The man growled and shuddered violently. "No…not now. Not now!" He snarled to himself and scratched at the walls with unrestraint anger. Veins popped from his neck and his vessels were pumping with blood. He turned to Madeline and yelled. "Where is my money? Where's my grand?" he yelled, grabbing the 17" flat screen HDTV and threw it out the second floor window with a single hand. "I want my money!"

Madeline gasped in pain, sliding off the coffee table. "No…."

He stalked towards her, baring his lengthening canines at her. Grabbing the woman by the throat, the drug dealer shook her violently. "Where is my money?"

"I don't have it!"

"Where is it?"

"I don't know!"

Madeline felt his nails digging into the softness of her throat and wished only for death. She wasn't given her wish as the drug dealer howled like the animal he was and ripped at her throat.

She dropped to the floor and choked, grabbing at her blood soaked throat in panic. The taste of copper was thick in her mouth and soon it was overflowing. Just as she thought it was the end, the man's eyes flickered yellow and he lashed out at her with fangs and claws, sculpting her body like a canvas before bullets (from the police officers) were put behind his head, making his face explode from the impact.

Her case hadn't gone national news like one would expect. The events made it into the local newspaper, but that was it.

Madeline was transferred to a hospital and treated for her severe injuries.

The fiery woman was no more strong and stubborn. She was a shell of her previous life as she sat in the hospital wing, day by day as her wounds healed slowly. Despite the fact her injuries were near gone, there was nothing that could please her other than escaping this hellhole. When she had been admitted to the hospital, her throat had been the first thing the doctors in the surgery room attacked.

They had immediately fixed her windpipe and stitched up her torn trachea with expertise. Nurses were constantly blotting at the doctor's sweaty foreheads with small towels as they continued with this very delicate procedure and finished it with a mixture of relief and anxiousness.

After all, nobody wanted to be the bearer of bad news.

"Your larynx, which is also known as your voice box, could not be fixed. Your vocal cords are like two bands of tissue inside of your larynx, which had been heavily destroyed from the attack. Because of this…."

The more the doctor talked, the more Madeline blocked him out.

She was given admittance of leave by the nurses and went back to the apartment. Her friends, which were honestly Chase's, gave her no call and didn't spare her a glance, as they preferred their coke-loving friend rather than his ghost of an ex-girlfriend.

It didn't matter to her. She was too depressed to deal with anyone. Madeline packed her things into a backpack, withdrew her money from the bank and moved. Because of her absence due to hospitalization, her job had assumed she had quit and immediately fired the teenager. She missed her college classes and was dropped by each professor, as they did not want any student who didn't take their studies seriously. Because she did not have a single ounce in her to fight, she walked away.

It had been a month since her attack past and that's when the unusual happened.

Madeline was in a motel room, returning from waitressing at a local dinner when all her senses went hyperactive.

She collapsed in fright, gasping loudly as she skirmished to the corner of the room. Her hands went to cover her ears, as her eyes were wide with fear.

Everything was so clear.

And when the full moon had arrived, she learned of her new cursed form.

It had been exactly five years from her teenage year when a werewolf had bitten her. Avoiding city life was always a must to Madeline as she continuously moved across the states. There had been more than three mistakes in her life, mistakes that cost a life. The determination to isolate her from killing another person had Madeline living off in the outskirts of small towns in order to evade making relationship with anybody. At the age of twenty-three, Madeline had semi-control of herself.

The current town she was working in was small and simple. It reminded her of the small town from the movie 'A Walk to Remember' where everyone knew one another since birth. It hadn't dwell well with Madeline, as people in small towns tend to remember faces rather than city people, but the less people, the better. There would be no questions.

She had acquired a job as a dishwasher for a restaurant run by a busty beautiful woman who had the mouth of a sailor. Daisy, the owner, had enough sympathy for the mute girl and allowed Madeline to wash the dishes for the minimum of seven dollars an hour.

Knowing it was better than nothing, Madeline accepted.

Madeline sighed and wiped an arm across her forehead. She glanced over her shoulder to see the clock shaped like a rooster hung over the oven.

Ten o' clock, she thought in relief and pulled her hands out of the rubber yellow gloves. She stretched, cracking her neck from side to side as the eight-hour job took a toll on her body.

"Getting off?" The cigar-smoking cook asked as he flipped some patties on the oven.

Madeline nodded.

"Have a good one!" Danny said over his shoulder, keeping an eye on the patties as he heard Madeline go into the break room.

She went straight for the lockers. The combination to her locker was simple and memorized as she had this beat up Master Lock from the start of her curse. It was the only familiar companion (as sad as is) she really had. Madeline reached in and grabbed her backpack. She stuffed her combo and apron inside, slid the backpack on both shoulders and was walking towards the front of the restaurant to start her journey home.

Before she set foot outside the break room, something happened. She paused midstep, furrowing her brows as she placed a hand upon her warming stomach. A heavy blush set upon her face as something throbbed for a dark, wet need in her. Madeline was well aware of what was going on.

It had happened once before and it wasn't something she would be happy with.

Madeline cleared her throat, grasping a hold of her body and set the straps on her backpack tighter to try to comfort herself in a way to ignore that she was in heat.

Great, just great.

As soon as she walked past the kitchen and opened the swinging door to the small dinner, she froze.

It was thick, musty, and it heeded for her attention.

From her first change as a skin walker, Madeline had never met other canine shifters for the past five years. She knew she had the ability of the supernatural and even could roughly converse with some domestic dogs, but she had never been in contact with another shape shifter. It almost made her believe that she was dreaming or she was rather a schizophrenic.

Every full moon proved her wrong.

But she knew deep inside, these men were wolves. They were like her.

The wolf in her whined at the presence of others and her brown eyes went immediately to the group of men seated at the corner of the building; and each of them were looking straight at her. The warmth of her stomach grew hotter. Her fingers tightened around the straps of her backpack. Madeline vaguely heard Daisy say goodbye as she studied each one of the male wolves there.

There were five in total: ragged and exhausted. But it immediately swept away when she had shown up.

And it was replaced with lust and dominance.

Madeline quickly darted out of the restaurant without a so much glance to Daisy.

Her legs were pumping, heart beating rapidly as she dodged the highway. Cars blared their horns at her and swerved dangerously close, but Madeline veered out of danger. She jumped over the hood of a passing car and bounded through the thickets of the town's forest.

Nature called to her, begging for the woman to release her true self in its natural environment. It teased her with the smell of a nearby doe, seduced her with the sound of running water off to the side, tantalized her senses with the smell of forest life, and whimpered for her presence with the chirping and twittering of birds and insects. The wolf in her already was thrashing inside, begging for the woman to release her inner animal and run.

Oh, she was running. And it wasn't fun.

Madeline could hear the male wolves charging for her. The sound of the wolves battling each other for her was evident for there were constant growls, snarls, and cries of outrage. Each paw hitting the ground was like an earthquake. She could feel the prowess of the wolves as they used every ounce of energy in them to make sure she did not escape. Madeline still ran in her human form (as she avoided everything with her wolf) and was still running pretty decently, but it was not enough.

She breathed hard and did everything she can to not glance over her shoulder at the wolves.

Please. No!

The mute woman closed her eyes, tucked her chin in and leaned forward to try and gain more speed. Her shoes dug into the sand and helped her push off the surface like a flying nymph. Arms were continuously moving, sore muscles being ignored as her legs quaked with exhaustion. Madeline steer clear of her wolf form like a virus, not wishing for people to get hurt due to her uncontrollable actions when she was a canine. And because of that, she was unused to her form and its numerous abilities. Madeline was also quick to fatigue.

No sound escaped from her as a wolf flashed at her side. She merely maneuvered to run the opposite direction when another wolf turned up on her opposite side.

Like that, the wolves were surrounding her, running and nipping at her feet as she turned to panic. One was constantly swerving too close and the other was giving her enough space to continue.

It was then she realized they were herding her.

Madeline then jumped, using her supernatural powers to flip behind the set of wolves nipping at her heels, and attempted to run back to town when the unthinkable happened. As she landed, her shoes slipped upon fallen leaves, throwing the woman callously to the forest ground.

Instantly, they were upon her.

She fought blindly. Her hands were hitting anything in reach, legs kicking out wildly. Madeline was breathing hard, bowing her back and ruthlessly thrashing from side to side as she attempted to dislodge the hands grabbing her wrists and legs.

Flashes of naked skin were in her line of vision.

"Easy, easy," one of the men said, brushing a palm tenderly over her forehead to smooth her red hair back. "Easy, girl, easy."

The male to the opposite side bared his teeth at the one who talked first. "Don't even try to sweet talk her, Nikolaj. She's mine! I saw her first!"

Nikolaj's warm palm froze from its place upon her forehead. He growled lowly, the wolf in him threatened by his pack member who attempted to put claim upon the unmarked female. "Don't be fucking stupid! I was the one who smelled her first, Erik!"

"No, no! I want her! I deserve her!" Stefan yelled.


The man who was holding down the female's legs to the floor growled loudly as his pack were starting to grow unruly with one another. Viktor, as alpha, let out a rough, gurgling sound of a low growl, demanding that his pack steady themselves from ripping one another apart for a yearning need to claim and mark the female they had captured.

He knew well enough how desperate one another was.

After all, females were extremely rare worldwide.

"No, she's mine!" Erik sneered.

Nikolaj snarled, hovering over the woman as to get close to Erik's face. He said something ugly and low in their mother language, even coming close to bumping heads with the wolf when suddenly they erupted. Two men shifted into their wolf form and attacked each other gruesomely, tearing at their fur and lashing out with their fangs to skin their hides. In less than second, the other two joined in the melee, attacking one another with a brutal intent to win even if it meant to the death.

Madeline realized that her arms were free and sat up. She glared at the male at her legs and slapped him viciously, well knowing that her claws took form, as there were wounds upon his face. Quickly, she kicked at his chest and sent the male flying back a few feet. Grappling for balance, Madeline crouched to her feet and started running.

"No!" Stefan cried out. He ran towards the woman in his human form and reached out an arm to grab her only to have one of his other pack mates snatch her away.

Gabriel, the quiet one, held the struggling female in his arms.

Madeline elbowed him in the chest, but the towering male did nothing but snarl viciously in her face. Immediately, she stilled and went relax in his arms by instinct as the wolf in her yipped in approval of the male and wanted nothing but to rub her scent all over him in ownership. Tears gathered at the corner of her eyes and trailed down the sides of her face as she was held securely in the male's arms.

Gabriel turned to his alpha with the woman in his arms. "Viktor?" he said with a heavy Russian accent.

Viktor was in the middle of punishing his pack members. He slashed Nikolaj's arm and clawed at both Stefan and Erik's face. They whimpered under his power and flashed them his stomach. Shifting to his human form, the angry man glared at them with blue eyes. "Get up you mangy curs!" And with that, he yelled something at them in Russian, demanding they respond to his dominance and apologize for their impertinence.

Their inner wolves were straining under their controlled minds, whimpering and growling for the want of the female. Their speeches were met with challenges as each word was mixed with an animal grunt of some sort.

Even Gabriel had been met with some difficulty. He was unable to keep himself from nuzzling the petrified female's neck, which irritated the other wolves.

"We fight to the death!" Stefan yelled, standing on his legs and even ignoring his alpha. His hazel eyes were concentrated on the woman. "The winner takes the female!"

Erik stood from his position, crouching low. His muscles bulged with the intent to bring down his pack member. "Yes, yes! Let us fight!"

Nikolaj who was a bit more aware of what was going on frowned. "To the fucking death?" he questioned. "But that's—!"

"Foolishness!" Viktor snapped.

But they didn't listen to their alpha. The two males werewolves were already circling each other, eyeing one another as their bodies flushed with adrenaline. Their minds were obsessed with the possibly last female on the planet, that they didn't mind slaughtering one another for her. It was bad enough that their pack was a small one, but there was no way Viktor was going to allow his pack members to kill each other. Especially when the plague had infected the werewolves and killed nearly three-quarters of the population.

Erik and Stefan had already collided with one another. There was a mass of brown and white fur, lashing out with their fangs and claws. Erik was neatly perched on Stefan and holding him down by the neck, thrashing his neck from side to side to try and break it.

Viktor growled angrily at his pack member's stupidity and threw himself into the brawl. Within five minutes, the alpha had control over his pack once again.

Nikolaj snarled at the two, demanding they stay put. He lowered himself down as to submit to his alpha.

He turned to Gabriel to see the male already lathering the female with his scent by continuously licking her vulnerable and submissive neck. Viktor strode to Gabriel and snatched the woman, ignoring the white-haired male's curses. "I will not have you all kill each other for a female," he started, holding the woman firmly by the back of the neck as he gently placed her on the floor upon her stomach. "There has already been a drop within the wolves population. A killing spree amongst us will not help." When the woman attempted to break of his hold, Viktor sunk his nails just a tad bit into her skin, silencing her from her fight.

"Don't kill her!" Stefan yelled, anger fueling his mind.

"I won't!" Viktor bared his teeth, daring Stefan to step over bounds once more. When he opened his mouth to start a truce amongst them, the smell of the sweetest and mustiest of honey and dew saturated the area.

Madeline choked on her spit and was now fighting for her life. She ignored the pricks of pain on her neck as she fought to escape. Something was swirling deliciously at the pit of her gut, and though it felt good, Madeline was well aware that it was not. An ugly snarl ripped from her as she bucked and kicked out.

In response of her desperation to flee the area, the men all around her turned irritable and hypersensitive to their emotions. And the unstable one, Stefan, tackled its alpha.

Madeline immediately shifted into the animal she was (cursing the fact that she will be left without clothes and her backpack) and darted out of the area. The small wolf leaned forward frantically, pounding her paws deep into the soil of the earth and hurdled forward. The sounds of fur and flesh ripping reached her ears along with the pain-filled cries and the deep sounds coming from their throats that were inhuman. Forcing herself to ignore them, she sprinted through the forest, cursing herself for what had arrived at a dire time.

The pulsating need to turn around and mate with one of the males ached in her bones. Madeline hadn't been approached by any werewolves other than the feral drug dealer, and didn't know much about being a wolf. All she depended on was the instinct the beast within her gave.

And it was telling her to turn around and mate.

If Madeline was in her human form, she would be moaning and sighing. She would seduce any male in sight: a male that would be worthy to be her mate and help conceive her pups. And it made it all difficult to avoid that as she was in her animal form.

Her steps slowed down from its fiery run. She shook her head from side to side, trying to dislodge the thoughts of turning around and freeing this urgent fire within her.

Distracted by her muddled thoughts, Madeline didn't notice a wolf running alongside of her.

It was the alpha.

He shouldered her roughly, and because she was unused to her wolf form, her paws tangled with one another and she went crashing to the ground. Before she had the chance to grapple herself and continue running, he mounted her and held her neck with his teeth.

Immediately, her form eased from its four-legged on and in next to no time she was a naked squirming woman.

Madeline's body was in flames. She was gasping, panting; she was digging her fingers into the dirt for a moment of stability. Her mind was hazed, infiltrated with thoughts of mating, wanting, and lusting. She whined, feeling her hips being grabbed and lifted. Madeline arched her back, presenting her rump and shuddering in the thrill of finally mating as her beast purred in delight.

When he entered her and started thrusting, Madeline panted hard, closing her eyes and reveling in her mating. She hadn't realized that the rest of the pack members were surrounding the mating couple.

Something was turning in her stomach, heightening her pleasure like a guitar string being plucked at multiple times, stronger than the last, before she erupted. Madeline whimpered, digging her face into her arms cushioning her head and even bit her arm when her climax became too hard to endure.

As soon as he pulled out, she relaxed. Through her muddled thoughts and lax body, she hadn't realized another male was mounting her.

"Hello, red," Nikolaj said huskily.

This one gripped at the back of her neck with human teeth, mounting her like a true canine and thrusting his bottom to hers. He held her hands down with his own and pummeled into her rapidly, snarling through his teeth as he dominated her. Madeline was panicking, bumping and moving as she tried to throw the male off of her back, but he held on tight with his teeth. His response to her fighting was to hold the female tighter and continue to thrust into her body roughly.

Madeline shook her bottom from side to side, trying to dislodge him but it was impossible. Soon enough, her body started humming with that familiar pleasure-like sensation. The female stopped resisting and was responding to his advances.

She blinked languidly, whining when she felt the male behind her stiffen above her. He released her neck and upturned his head to the sky to howl like the wolf he was. When he pulled out, Madeline panting and whining anxiously as she was still left in her high.

Someone's hands were gripping her the underarms. Madeline was hefted up and instinctively she wrapped her arms around said man's waist and felt him holding her with one arm while fumbling with himself, trying to insert his penis in. When he did, he pressed up Madeline against a tree and moved.

In that very instant of him entering her, she orgasmed.

Madeline threw her head back and made this breathy sound of air rushing out of her lungs, gripping his naked back with mutating claws as she tried to grip herself. Without a moment more, Madeline's mouth opened and she bit the flesh between her neck and shoulder. Her pinnacle was taken higher and higher as he continued thrusting in her with no reason of stopping. She gasped, closing her eyes tight and clawing his back as the taste of blood entered her mouth. Shivers ran up and down her body. The walls of her body squeezed deliciously and the male made a sound that told her it felt just as good to him.

Red hair matted to her sweaty body. Hair that was worshipped and commented constantly on was now ratty and tangled with dirt and leaves. She whined, clinging to the male and feeling herself approaching another climax when the male stiffened with a gurgling moan. He did not stop moving, he continued on and on as if he was aware of her oncoming rush and gave it to her.

She keened high pitch, thrusting her chest forward and throwing her head back. Both were shuddering in each others arms as they were coming down from their high.

"My turn, my turn!" Erik brayed. He took a step closer, his eyes concentrated on the willing female when suddenly his alpha stood in his path. "Viktor!"

Viktor all muddied and stained with sweat, stood strong and tall. His shoulders drew back and his head lowered down in a challenge. "You're not given the right to mate."

"What?" Erik shouted in anger.

"You're not given the right to mate."

Stefan cackled. He took a step towards Gabriel and Madeline when suddenly he too was given a glare. "What?" he asked. His dark eyes narrowed when Viktor stood his ground. "I'm not allowed to mate, either?" Why?" he bellowed, snarling and growling as he stood up menacingly.

"You two will not mate!" Viktor roared. "You two deliberately disobeyed me!"

Erik and Stefan stood up, crouching down as they prepared to attack their alpha.

"I want her!" Stefan hissed.

"Stop it or you will suffer the consequences," Viktor said lowly in their native tongue of Russian. With that, the two immediately knew that their alpha was serious and begrudgingly obeyed by shifting to their wolf forms and bellying low to the ground. They bared their fangs then snuffled their snouts when Viktor's fingers twitched and threatened to do more than slash at their coats.

Viktor stood there, as naked as the day he was born, before the two wolves. His eyes did not waver from their lowered ones and once he felt the standoff was sufficient enough, he relaxed. "Gabriel," he merely said.

Madeline sighed, feeling much like a lethargic cat who ate the canary. Only she had a lot of canaries. The man holding her moved, gripping her with both arms and hauling her to the rest of the pack. Her arms were like noodles as they were cradles between her body and his. She felt the man nuzzle her forehead with his cheek before giving his full attention to the others.

She heard a quick conversation between the pack members in a foreign language. Her mind wasn't upon it as she felt the man walking, following the others, and the movement felt like a rocking chair.

Soon enough, Madeline was lulled to sleep as the men traveled through the terrain.