Chapter 2

She felt as if she was riding the same high as Chase used to describe cocaine as if it were true beauty.

There were fleeting images of sensual seductive pictures, breathy and whining sounds of pure sex. Moments of bodily feelings roiled over her like boiling water. It was nothing like a cinematic Hollywood acting. It was real—it was literally life speaking.

Madeline hadn't realized that she was in heat. Sure, this had happened more than once, but she had spent it locked up in her home, bearing through the pain of no fulfillment. The animal in her brayed, pushing through the countless barriers she placed up in order to release itself into the wild and mate with a prospective strong male. There was nothing more divine than playing through the book of kama sutra and reliving her animal side. And now, Madeline had lived through it.

There was many times where the group had stopped from their travels to mate with the wanton female.

Madeline remembered being playful and coyly playing, pouncing on a blond foul-mouthed man and riding him into the dirt. The strong arms of the white-haired foreign man wrapped around her, plowing her into the ground like a farmer and his fields, sowing his seeds deep. The other dark-haired dominating man plunged his canines into her shoulder while taking her, grunting into her ear as each thrust claimed her body.

Of course, there were the sounds of snarls renting through the air. The endless sharp cries of pleading until it finally came to a stop.

Her bleary eyes blinked languidly, her body moving in a tempo as she watched two other wolves stubbornly taking watch as if they were not allowed to have fun. She reached an arm out to them but had her attention moved to the man trailing his tongue over her breasts.

"Fuck, my dick is sore!"

"She's in heat, what do you expect?"

Madeline climbed to her white mountain, mewling like a kitten as she begged to be treated and spoiled. The titanic man growled in appreciation before covering her body with his and riding her to her pleasure.

"Sing for me, my flower, my rose. I will take care of you, my love."

And then it all came to a stop.

Like a drug, there was always that trail of ending blackness that never did make sense. All those fun and enjoying moments dwindled into the nothingness, transferring into the blackness as realization slowly kicked in.

And that was where she was at.

There was a rocking motion.

Madeline sighed. Her body felt as if she was cocooned within safe arms; warm and secure. She sighed, moving her head about to nuzzle the warm wall she was pressed up against. It wasn't until someone growled in response to her nuzzling was there an inkling of reality. Madeline opened her eyes and her vision was assaulted with bright light. She mewled, complaining softly and rubbed her eyes. A low purring sound was heard and soon someone was licking, grooming her temple.

Ever since their return home, Gabriel had not released his hold upon the young mate. There were moments where Stefan and Erik complained openly and beg for the simplest touch, but he would not budge. Gabriel kept the young mate close to his chest, sheltering her from their travel to their home.

He looked down in his arms and was greeted with the softest of warm chocolate eyes. The glazed look in her sleepy eyes took a moment to disappear and widened with morbid horror. A faint breathy sound expelled from her mouth and soon the woman started struggling in Gabriel's arms.

This had to be a nightmare.

It had to!

Madeline had assumed that her dreams had gotten wild and the best of her, but when she opened her eyes, she was met with a hulking scary figure looming over her. Naturally, she started screaming (despite her voice box was destroyed) and kicked out her legs and throwing her arms about. The man clenched upon her body tightly and started talking in a harsh tone of foreign words. Madeline merely shook her head and continued to fight until a third party member pinched the back of her neck; her body went lax with instinctual submission.

"What happened?" Viktor asked, holding firmly at the female's neck.

"She woke up." Gabriel's chest rumbled not only from the low depth of his voice, but from the woman trembling in sheer terror.

When Viktor had paused in his walk, so did the rest of his pack. Wordlessly, Stefan and Erik started checking the perimeter of the wilderness they were in currently traveling through. Nikolaj muttered a few curses in Russian and joined the other two as Viktor demanded, preventing the foul mouth werewolf near the female.

Once the three were gone, Viktor stepped away, keeping hold on the woman's neck and nodded to Gabriel. Slowly, though reluctantly, Gabriel slowly released the female who continued to stay lax until she was lying upon the ground.

Madeline was breathing quick and fast, her eyes half-lidded as everything was slow and muddled—as if she had been heavily drugged. And just as quickly as it happened, it disappeared.

Swiftly, she jumped to her feet and was about to dash away when her hair was grabbed at.

Inaudibly, she struggled, turning her body this way and that, but couldn't relinquish the hold upon her hair. Panting breathlessly, Madeline paused in her futile struggle, turning to see the alpha male right behind her.

Quietness fell upon the three.

"Are you calm?" Viktor asked, gently massaging the female's scalp as if he hadn't been leashing her to him a moment before.

Madeline paused before nodding hesitatingly.

Viktor didn't release his hold. Instead, he brought her closer to his clothed self, enveloping her with the intense command to be obeyed. "What is your name?"

Madeline shook her head and breathed out heavily when her head was yanked back.

"Name," he demanded once more.

She watched apprehensively as the larger, bulky hulk of a man walked around till he was perfectly in her sight. Madeline panted, shaking her head as she could not voice out her answer. Her eyes squeezed shut when the clenching fist at the back of her head yanked her head back harshly.


"Alpha," Gabriel said lowly. He walked towards the woman, tilting her chin up higher with the curve of his index finger and peered at her neck. "I don't think she can talk."

Curious, Nikolaj approached the two. "What's going on?"

Viktor's face twisted in a snarl at the woman.

Frowning, the bad tempered werewolf tangled his fingers into Madeline's red hair, taking her from Viktor and gently tugging her head, shushing her when she started whining in fear. His baby blue eyes went straight to her neck, widening at the sight of her scarred throat to his Alpha. "What the fuck," he breathed, narrowing his eyes to scrutinize the raising new scar tissue.

Viktor immediately started with a growl. He snatched Madeline from Nikolaj's grip, quickly silencing the blonde's angry snarl, and wrenched a hand in the girl's throat. A string of Russian curses came from his mouth as he caught a sniff from the wound.


If all of them were in their wolf forms, their hackles would be raised up. Stefan and Erik, who had returned from scouting, had even bared their teeth at the sound of the infamous Australian rogue who had caused many troubles for the leftover were race.

"That asshole's dead though!" Nikolaj hissed. "She can't be his!"

"Braxton should be dead! The council had deemed him too dangerous for the public!" Gabriel shouted.

Stefan traded glances with his brother, Nikolaj. Though there was a budding jealousy for his older brother managing to mate with a female werewolf, there was nothing more unpleasant with the fact that this bitch had been changed by Braxton of all people.

Braxton had been one of the oldest werewolves who quickly turned to human greed and tainted his animal mind. Where survival had been the key for success, money had rapidly gained his attention. His reputation as a respectable werewolf fell like a stone in water. There were talks of him living with the human community and even going as far as helping the gangs and mafia as a drug dealer. Though he was strong and mighty, even the ex-respectable werewolf was more than eager to start on the bottom, selling drugs to random people.

It wasn't until last year did they finally execute the contaminated wolf.

But to be mated to his brethren was cringe-worthy.

Erik, the youngest of the pack, peered at the panting woman's throat. "Mmm, he did a messy job." But now that they knew she was transformed, they didn't have to worry about her killing them. As a turned wolf, their strengths and powers were equal to an omega.

"He probably was out of his mind when he attacked her." Stefan winced, attempting to bring his hands up and touch the scar when Viktor growled. "Okay, okay, geez! If it makes you feel better, I don't feel anything for the mute bitch."

Nikolaj grabbed Stefan by the collar of his shirt. "Don't touch my mate," he said lowly.

Madeline panted wildly, kicking out as fear crept up on her. The memories of the drug dealer who had attacked her back in her apartment flowed through her mind like a relentless river. She squealed lowly, twisting this way and that, even sinking her nails into the hand tangled in her red tresses.

Again, her neck was grabbed at and her body went immobile.

Nikolaj glared at Viktor. "I don't fucking like you doing that, Viktor. She doesn't need to be motionless at all times! If we continue doing that and abusing that power, then she'll turn into a vegetable. You've heard those scary ass stories from when we were kids!"

"Those were child stories, diurak," Viktor said. "What else will you have me do if she does not behave? She's fighting if you haven't noticed, Nikolaj."

"Ah, ah, no more moving for you, my rose," Gabriel said, heaving Madeline in his arms as she tried to move around in her sluggish state.

Nikolaj threw his hands in the air. "I don't know! But don't pull that shit! I'm fucking serious."

"Fine!" Viktor cursed. "You think of a punishment, as you are her mate as well. We move on. Our destination is ten miles afar."

Nikolaj waved a hand at Viktor's back before turning to Gabriel. "Here, give her to me. You've had enough of her, mountain man." Ignoring Gabriel's grumbling protests, he grabbed the girl and swatted her bottom when she tried to wiggle away. "You rode my dick into the next millennium last week, red. I think you can manage an hour in my arms."

Madeline yelped when the man spanked her bottom once again. She wiggled in his arms, feeling it sting. In retaliation, she leaned up and nipped his chin. She turned her face away when a maniacal grin grew on his lips.

"There will be enough time for a nice fucking later, red," Nikolaj whispered in her ear. "But we'll save that to christen our new home."

Shaking her head, Madeline kicked out. She shrieked when another swat was landed upon her bottom.

"Calm down."

Despite how bad Madeline wanted to walk, it was best if she didn't. The feelings of her core pulsed, telling the young woman that she had truly been bedded six ways to Sunday. She grumbled, crossing her arms over her chest as she glared at Nikolaj and everyone.

There were five men in total.

The Alpha was Viktor, a black-haired blue-eyed man with a lean body and a firm hand. He was constantly snarling at Erik and Stefan, two of the youngest, who liked to play around and goof off. Stefan and Nikolaj were siblings, the later older and much more dirtier and sexual. The two blond brothers were challenging each other often, tossing her back and forth amongst them for play and even taunting Gabriel, the silent boulder, who did nothing about their antics lest they were close enough for a good beating.

After five years of avoiding everyone and the real world, Madeline found herself forcibly tied to a pack.

It was unfair.

An hour later, seven miles, into their walk, Madeline was now in Viktor's arms. Where Nikolaj was nearly like a seductive pirate, Viktor was like a mass murderer with have no intentions of letting anyone get into his way.

Viktor gazed down at the red-head woman in his arms. "There is no reason to be so stiff," he said, his beast whining about his mate's uncomfortable aura.

The woman did nothing to reply to his words. Madeline ignored the dark-haired, green-eyed man, attempting to distance herself from him as to not be lured into trickery. Her mind was rushing at one hundred miles per hour, grasping at anything for any sense of freedom from these wolves.

She did not need a pack.

She was not an animal, she was sure.

Of course, Madeline was a werewolf, for Christ's sake, but that didn't mean she was joining this rogue pack. Clearing her throat, Madeline continued to stay stiff in Viktor's arms, ignoring his incessant growl at her stubbornness as he continued to walk.

And that brought her to her next question: where the hell were they going?

Her brown eyes darted to and fro, but from the abundance of leaves and wildlife, she had absolutely no idea where they were currently located. These men were pretty wary of the city life, walking around it when possible. From the last couple miles, they only had seen nature; it was as if they were walking through Yosemite Park.

During her mulling, her stomach decided to protest against the imaginary hunger strike.

"My rose is famished. We shall feed her!" Gabriel stated, turning to his alpha with almost a pleading look upon the titanic man's face. As if the hideous scar running down across his eye would insist to Madeline he would not harm her. "Please allow me to hunt for her!"

"No, Gabriel," Viktor said. "We are much too close to the city. We shall not bring attention upon ourselves."

"This is blasphemy!"

"Calm down, Shakespeare. Our bitch can wait," Nikolaj laughed, barely dodging a swipe from the angry bear-wolf.

Erik frowned. "I, too, am hungry, alpha," he admitted shamefully, unable to hide his hunger for too long.

Stefan brushed his blond hair back, squinting his blue eyes at the distance from the city from where they were standing. "Why don't we stay in a motel for the night? It can't harm us."

"Witnesses can," Viktor stated. "I don't know if you're aware, but we are possibly at large from kidnapping a woman."

"But she is our rose!"

"But in the human world, she is just another innocent woman who was kidnapped and forced to have sex with three men," Viktor explained slowly. "We can't risk having her running to the police and notifying us as her rapists."

Stefan snorted. "It's not like she can. The bitch is mute!"

That silenced everyone for a moment.

Viktor turned to Madeline, placing her to her feet. He watched her apprehensive expression with a glare. "Do you have anyone looking for you?"

Madeline turned her face away, refusing to answer. She winced when Viktor's fingers wrapped around her chin, jerking it towards him harshly. As much as she wanted to pummel his face with her fists, the inner wolf within whimpered at his aura that commanded obedience from her. Attempting to turn away once again, she breathed out heavily when his fingers dug unmercifully into her skin. Desperately, she shook her head.

"You don't have family looking for you? Anyone?" Viktor questioned harshly.

"Be careful, Viktor! She is not only your mate!" Gabriel snarled in Russian, angry at the Viktor's treatment of Madeline.

She whined, kicking out at him.

Nikolaj rapped his knuckles against the back of her skull. "Nah-ah, no hitting your alpha."

Erik, who was wringing the bottom hem of his shirt nervously, spoke up. "She doesn't have anyone!" As an omega, he had no right to raise his voice, which was one of the reasons for the following reactions. At their vicious glares, Erik ducked his head and mumbled, "She's was working at some dingy restaurant at the corner of the city and the wild. And not only that, but…." He paused.

"But?" Viktor snapped.

Erik shrugged something off of him and held up a purple backpack, which had escaped everyone's attention with the newly added packmate. "I picked up her backpack. She has all her information and important documents in here."

At that, Madeline started flinging around like a banshee.

She shrieked hoarsely, kicked out her legs and threw out her arms like an amateur UFC fighter. She caught Viktor between his legs and Nikolaj's face with a strong backswing. Dropped like a rock, Madeline started making a beeline towards a surprised-looking Erik. She pounced on him and retrieved her backpack. Without taking another look backwards, Madeline started running; her muscles were pumped with adrenaline, body quivering with not only the need to flee, but the need to obey.

It was one of the reasons why she hadn't escaped far enough.

Gabriel roared at the sight of his mate fleeing. In an instant, he pummeled towards her, his hulking figure tackled her to the ground. The last second, he managed to prevent a greater damage to his little rose by forcing his body to move quicker in the air. "Please, my rose, do not fight," the scarred man pleaded, murmuring softly to reassure his mate that she was safe.

Madeline yowled in displeasure, kicking and spitting as she fought for freedom. They had no right to take her! She was no one! She was sure they could find another woman to satisfy their needs! Hell, there were more human women for the taking!

Nikolaj approached the squirming pair, rubbing his face tenderly as pain rode upon his nose like a horse. "The dumbass should realize that her weenie powers are not compared to ours in a mile."

It was true.

While those who were turned by a werewolf held a greater advantage compared to measly humans, naturally born werewolves held a much greater power over the turned. Turned werewolves had powers that were dimmed, slightly muted almost. It was as if they were spoils in the eyes of the Moon Goddess and was deemed a nuisance rather than a glory. Where true werewolves were swifter, powerful, and deadly, turned werewolves were almost just a tad bit faster than the world record breaker for the mile in the Olympics.

It was one of the reasons why turned werewolves didn't survive as a rogue.

Wolves by nature were highly territorial. Therefore, with the dwindling of their kind, they found spacious land with bucks and prey very valuable. They abhorred to share with a rogue rather than their small budding pack.

Madeline panted in frustration, kicking out at Nikolaj who only grimaced. "Don't think about it, red. You're already on a bad shitlist."

Her brown eyes turned to the alpha of the back to see him striding towards her with a darkening expression. She yelped helplessly as she was hauled up her arm. She beat Viktor's arm with her small fist but that only resulted in a rough shake.

"You dare strike me, pup?" Viktor snarled, bringing her close to his face and baring his fangs in a threat. His green eyes glared as she continued to struggle. "Submit and all shall be fine!" he commanded.

But she didn't.

Erik frowned. "I don't think she's used to a pack, boss."

Stefan rolled his eyes. "What makes you think that? She's a wolf. She's got to have some instinct, ya know."

"Yeah, but she's a turned wolf, dumbass. What makes you think that she'll listen to her wolf. You've heard of turned wolves. Sometimes, they can mute their beast and continue on with the human life. It's not hard for us either."

"But she's turned—it's harder for her."

Nikolaj snorted. "He might be right, brother."

Stefan growled. "What makes you think so?"

The older brother nodded towards Madeline who continued to struggle. "Because she's not submitting. And you know Viktor has the most intense aura for submission and obedience."

The three watched their alpha curiously as he continued to yell and shake the girl in his arms.

"Alpha, please," Gabriel beseeched.

Madeline started crying, her tears running down her pale cheeks. Already it was nagging at Gabriel's wolf to protect and comfort his mate. But with his alpha doing his rightful way of punishment for the little wolf, Gabriel could do nothing about it unless she was to face a violent death.


She didn't understand what he wanted and for that she was frightened. Madeline had no way of communication and could only rely on her strength as a wolf to escape and defend. But even with her powers, she was nothing compared to these rogues. Madeline stopped squirming, hanging there in the air with a small wheeze escaping from her mouth.

A full minute passed and not one wolf from the pack moved.

Slowly, Viktor brought Madeline to himself. His chest rumbled with satisfaction at his mate's submission. Ever so slowly, he nuzzled her neck, finding gratification in the small whine coming from her. "Good mate," he praised, bringing her close this body. With a final nuzzle to her face, he placed her to his feet and stepped away.

The alpha of the pack watched the small red-headed woman blink at him in confusion. She was desperately clinging to her purple backpack as if it was the last Coca Cola in the desert.

"We go to the city," Viktor said loudly for all his packmates to hear, while not removing his eyes from Madeline's. "And we will find food and continue onwards. If you dare run from us, mate," Viktor said lowly, taking a step forward. "You will face the consequences of your punishment till you learn it permanently."

Madeline gulped loudly, understanding the threat in his words.

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