Narrator: This story is of a man, a distraught ex, a band and a dream… However before we get to that my name is Jean Goode, but until I finally get involved, just call me Narrator, great-grandson of the legendary performer Johnny B. Goode. My mother for some reason or other killed me, and I, at the time, was only of age 2. Now anyway, we find our hero, my father dreaming of himself in a better place, but little would he know that his journey begins here.

Act I Scene 1
(The Beast Awakens)
Father: Guys! Guys! Where are you? (Looking at his hands) I have claws but how is this possible? Where am I? What is going on?

Unkown: Rex! Wake up bro (with a confused look on his face). How can you be asleep already anyways? We only just finished our show but half-a-hour ago.

Rex: Who? Oh Steve! You would not believe the scene I just beheld…

Steven: Probably not, but weave away.

Rex: I dreamed that I had claws, my ears felt floppier than usual and I might even've had a tail, I think…

Scott Redwolf (Sax Player): You know with such little details, I know not what that might mean, but I believe I can tell you this. There are other dimensions,
and the one (I think you are speaking of) is "The Alternate". In said location, you take on the anima form that best represents your personality. Not much is known because no one has travelled through the dimension; hell, come to think of it, no man has ever left this solar system before.

Nicholas Evans (bass guitarist): Not quite true... I actually have. You see that,
though I appear to be only in my 40's, I am way older. In fact, the "Alternate", as
you call it, is where I was born; however I was here for the past 1,500 years.

Rex: But how? Do you not die?

Nicholas: Well, the truth is, I take over bodies; besides the one that you see now, I have been in possession of nearly 300 others, which include: Elvis Presley, Attila the Hun, Gandhi, and George Washington to name a few. In fact, if you really begin to know me; well I am not your friend.

Scott: So my research was correct… The Bermuda and Dragon Triangles are somehow connected with the before-said Dimensional Gates, but how? How do they connect with the unusual differentials between the shipwrecks? What does this all mean? I don't have all the answers, but if anything is said, I need some help. In the morning, let's start this search.

Everyone: Agreed

Narrator: So they began to look through the records, and Nick's comprehension to finally confirm the unknown… What happens to the things devoured by the
triangles, and within a six-month-spanned, they got their answer.

Scott: This is it. All, of our time, prep, and dedication, comes down to this. There is
no turning back now, until we are on the other side. 3… 2… 1… Here we go!

Scene 2
(The New Beginning)
Unknown: Boy, wake up! It is time you get up… Rex, don't make me tell you this again! Get the HELL up.

Rex: What? Oh it's you (rubbing his eyes). What is it that you want?
Unknown: Is that any means of talking to your dear old uncle?

Rex: You are not my uncle; you are my father's cousin, but that is about it, you good-for-nothing snake-in-the-grass! I ask you this, just one more time: what is it that you want, Jacob Darkblade?

Jacob: Well if you must know, I have a couple items to give you from a friend…

Rex: Who?

Jacob: You'll see, and as for me, I've had my eyes set on a very nice looking girl.

Rex: You pervert! You already had my ex on top of you… Who are you trying to
score now?

Jacob: The girl… Well, I do not know who she is, but a friend of mine knows her father. Oderin is what he says the father's name is, but Odarin (I hear) is not that bright. On the other hand, he has one damn good looking wife and daughter.

Rex: What year is it, where am I, and where is she?

Jacob: This is Dayton, Ohio in the year 3000. Whatever else you want to know, at least in this dimension, this scroll will allow you to know, and you can travel to anywhere or when through the multi-verse with this remote. Use them to the best of your ability.

Rex: Whatever, and for her own good, I will not allow you to beat me to wherever she is.

Narrator: So off he went, to stop his cousin, to save the girl, and start his life anew, but little would he suspect that with his personal arrival into her life a great journey will begin.

Scene 3
(The "Friends" Strike Out)
Narrator: Acknowledging the quickest path would be one of which Rex knew not how to work, he tried all he could to figure his out his next several steps. He searched and searched and finally understood. So Rex took his new found knowledge, and warped to the girl, and at the time he finally found her, this is how it
went down:

Rex: Bonjour mademoiselle! Quel est vontre nom? Je m'apple Rexwelle.
-No Response-

Narrator: Realizing that there was more than a decade difference, he took his remote and jumped 7 years into the future but in 7 month intervolves. "Mysterious death" came to plague the men she comes to meet.

Juanita: I wonder why everyone I meet dies. It's so weird and kind of creepy.

Narrator: The truth was there was only one who knew and that being the one who committed these heinous massacres… One and only one! Nicholas Evans!
(O vile a man such as he)
(To toil and toil past the t)
(To ravage and strike a violent true)
(A deed no good)
(To blow the pain into
(A new bleeding brew)
Nicholas Evans
This was what my dad was about to find out.

Rex: I've played with the clock -a good seven years, and I did not age and there have been a good number of deaths. Was I the one who did this or was it that no good rotten rattlesnake uncle of mine? Either way this is not good. Whoever it is, that's doing this, must be stopped., by any means necessary, even if I have to die first. She should have to be subjugated to any worries that befall upon her.

From the shadows a voice sounds: You don't know how right you are! This, my old friend, does need to stop, but for who will the bell toll is question? Me or you…?

Rex: Who are you? Friend of foe…?

Unknown: I be he, they call the Reaper of Greed. To strike it stiff with me, you'll get your fingers burn; you see, and come to say I cause people to jump out of their skin. Do you know what that means? I make them quake in their boots; I am but ghost. a specter, a demon. Now don't go a-whistling in the dark, if you know what's good for ya.

Rex: A specter in the dark (in a confused tone)… What do you mean?

Unknown: Now I see, you're having a brush with my tongue that isn't crystal clear.
So I give to thee another hint, a clue, or a situation 22.

Rex: Quit with your games and identify yourself!

Unknown: It's as broad as it is long, what they call me. Your embracement of riches is quite the stir, if you get my drift, for not too many have ever seen me I am he, they call the Reaper of Greed. To strike it stiff with me, you'll get your fingers burn; you see., but I know you know that the deaths have all been from fire. Do you not concur?

Rex: I do know that, but… Wait a blasted minute there! I know who you are.

Unknown: And my name is?

Rex: Holy fish cakes, it is you. You're Nicholas… Gulp… You are the Reaper Nicholas Nigel Evans, the nWo Devil.

Nicholas: Now what did you say about finishing this? Do you not think that I know about the remote, you, the girl, or Jake? There is no way you can argue the toss. The truth is, the ball is not in your court, and you're between this devil and the deep blue sea. Got it? You can't win.

Rex: You have just made my hit list, and so I will call your bluff. I will clear the air of you but not through my words but my fists. Prepare to lock horns and die.

Narrator: So their battle began to wage on.

Nick threw an uppercut. That was followed with Rex returning with a take down launched from the ground. Rapidly they returned to their feet. Nick rose first and throws a fireball but only nearly hits. Rex dodged it, and then, he lunged at Nick's gut head first. Nick however still stood.

Nicholas: Boy, Rex, you're tougher than I had thought, but don't forget about Murphy's Law, for I'm not going down until I am licked in this running battle.

Rex: Me fait ni! Me fait ni, Nick! Me neither!

Rex threw a strong right. Nick falls to a sitting position, and blocks the next three strikes thrown with a forearm using the other to rise. He scratched a three-lined lightning scar down the left side of Rex's face.

Rex: I care not how heavy you strike me, you jerk, for like the anvil I fear no blows. Now for whoever falls, that person will fall with honor.

Rex threw a left, right, left combo, and Nick falls. As Nick fell, he pulled Rex down with him by the tail. They both got back to their feet at the same time. Nick went in for a choke slam, but was kneed in the groin instead.

Nicholas: For crying out loud, boy, that hurt (panting heavily)! That freaking hurt. Do you not know that Jue… Jue… Juanita's going to be mine.

Rex: Here take my hand. No she won't (as he threw the final haymaker)

Nicolas: Looks like you have bested me. You know that all 5000 of my kills were swift three-second- infernos but there you were… You have beaten me, but this I tell you now, I will return. Now bye.

Rex: Well at least, I finally know who it was, the Reaper Nicholas Evans. I'll report this after a nap.

Narrator: So off, he went to Krypton for a well deserved rest after he had absorbed some of the power from Nick's body, just before Nick completely vanished.

Scene 4

((The Girl, the Power, the Incomprehension) Part I)

Narrator: After two days of R.N.R , Rexwelle returned to see how the girl was doing, but remembering the name that Nick had mentioned: (Juanita), he began to wonder, whether or not that was truly her name but preferred to not to know until she said so herself. Just as so, it would be accommodating to know, because it took him six days to find her again. This scene takes place September 1, 3007 at 7:43P.M., just outside a pile of ruins where the Westin Peachtree Plaza once stood.

Rex: Bonjour mademoiselle. Do you remember me? We met but seven years ago, but you never told me your name. So quel est vontre nom, et comment ça va?

Juanita: Hi, my name is Juanita, and I don't really think I know you.

Rex: I guess you're right. Most people, you have met, in the past seven years, have lost their lives. Anyway, I am Rexwelle.

Juanita: Nice to meet you, Rexwelle, but that doesn't mean that I really know you, and I don't know how my father would feel about me talking to strangers.

Rex: Miss… This time has been tough on you; I can easily understand that. I cannot begin to tell you how sorry I am for your loss, but at least, you will need not worry about your friends dying that easily anymore or at least, not for now, anyways. As for me, we have met before, when you were just thirteen. Please listen to me; there's a paper in my back pocket that allows you to know anything about anyone from the past to the present; just look into it, and you'll see that I'm telling the truth. Look into the past.
-a couple minutes later-

Juanita: I believe you, I do, but what I mean is I don't know what you're like or who you genuinely are, because I haven't known you long.

Rex: First off, I am not from around here. This time and dimension are not my home. I am to say that though I appear only in my late 20's, early 30's, I was born in Canada in the year 1997. Tomorrow is, with no holds barred , my one-thousand-and-tenth birthday, according to the calendar, but that is only the calendar. I'm merely turning 27, as far as I'm concerned. I have only experienced those 27 years. Please don't make me feel like a fossil, but for the place that I came from, all of this: animal people, supernatural powers, all of this were just in our dreams and psyches. I, by no obedient denotation, ever thought that I would physically be here. I may have been here, before in my dreams, but physically, if it had not been for my friends, I could not have been here, right now,but before you say that it has been by a mistake that I am here, the truth is that I wanted to get away from my old life.
Next off, I am highly educated. Business, law, and music are what I've dealt with in college, of course that was 900 years ago. I have a masters in business management, a doctorate in musical performance, and an associates degree in law. Most of my education was done on-line, seeing how I started touring after earning my musical bachelors degree. There's not much I can say about that. My guitar and band mates are who knows where; girl, I am all alone, have no place to stay, and need a job. Maybe my 2,020 education is still worth something today.
Please help me. If anyone you know is hiring, that would be vary much appreciated, and maybe, we could get to know each other, a little bit better. I don't know. (Checking his pockets) Here take this, it's a picture of me and the guys. Where I'm from, it's indeed worth a couple hundred bucks, which is something I don't have. This guy is me (pointing to the man second from the left), but I had to kill this guy, unfortunately (pointing to the guy on his right). His name was Nick, (showing the paper). This, reluctant to divulge, was why. With the support of the fearsome anguish, he was very cumbersome, talking in various tongues and all that jazz! I, almost, had to beat him, for that alone. . Yet, graciously, it's behind us, at this
present. Nevertheless, it is gracefully behind us, for now.
S'il vous plaît, permettez-moi de rester avec toi, mon bien-aimée Juanita. Je ne peux pas tenir sur la vie seul. Alors s'il vous plaît … Veuillez puis-je resterai avec
toi, s'il vous plaît? Is there a problem with that. I won't leave too often. So can I. I mean, girl, please don't leave a lonely man on the streets.

Juanita: Sorry about that, but I do not have any idea of anyone who is hiring. My dad has been laid-off for some time now, and we are not doing that well as it is, but if you need a place to stay, I'm sure you can stay with me. My father might not have much trouble with that.

Rex: Thank you dear, but I still wish I knew what happened to my other friends.

Juanita: Then why don't you just check your papers. Your answers should be somewhere within them.

Rex: You're probably right. Show me where Steven Reed is.
There is no information available, except for he was here for a couple hours but then left

Scene 5
The Drunk Professor
Rex: Rationally suspected… He has a family to take care of. He of course knows he belongs with his wife (Katy), but still I hope he's alright. Show me Scott Redwolf.

Last entry: August 4, 1965
SHINDIG! #47 Playing in the background
Scott: That's some bad bitchin' shit, dog. My return research is totally bookin', like it's goin gnarly boss, but why am I back in this time. I wasn't even born for another 6 years., but this is a different dimension. I deem like coppin a feel, before I finish my work, but what lass would want me?

Scott: Who goes a-boppin' there? Well, who ever you are, come in!

Nicholas: Don't mind if I do, Cat, but I've actually come to choose-off with you. Got it?

Scott: You wanna go a-racin?

Nicholas: No! I say I wanna fight you.

Scott: But, Nick boy, why not just stay for the music. This concert is like radically
swingin, daddy-o. Don't cut out know.

Nicholas: Just give me those plans of yours. You are working on a remote , right. Just give me the blueprints.

Scott: You have done very unforgivable things in our dimension. You won't get away with it here. The prints are not yours.

Nicholas: If that's the way you want it, prepare to die, you old fool.

Rex: Man, this is tough. Thanks for the room, though, but wait a minute! Mon amie, I don't know nothing about Mr. Pendragon's business, but I think I might have a chance. I am skilled enough to work many jobs, but I don't know. Anyways. let's talk it over tomorrow. How about we head home?

Scene 6
((The Girl, The Power, The Incomprehension) Part II)
Narrator: A deep, blinding, shadowy darkness consumed all that surrounded those two. It almost felt like something was about to go terribly, terribly wrong. A
mysterious truth of an exiled god or something was about to make a new appearance.

Rex: I hear something, but it is in a dialect I, unfortunately, do not understand.

Deep Shadowy Voice: أنت الكلب، إذا كنت تريد أن ترى صديقك على قيد الحياة تأتي تجد لي. لم يكن لديك الكثير من الوقت.

Unknown: I was unaware that you did not understand Arabic, but if you just look around, you'll see your friend has been captured. I, the jackal king, have taken her. I have taken her, and if you want to see her alive, you meet me in Callaway Gardens, by the end of the hour.

Rex: Sir, do you not know how far away that is?

Unknown: That is roughly 76 miles from where you are, but that shouldn't be that bad, even if for most mortals that is more than 30 hours and 25 minutes. It is just a couple of buttons away for you, right? By the way, you're down to 47 minutes. Bye-bye for now.

Rex: Now, let's see now. Does this thing have a keyword warp apparatus? If she dies, it will be on my hands. What the hell should I do? God, please help me.

God: They call me El-Jehovah, God, or as Bruce called me "The Almighty Smiter". Now, that's a classic. Even now, just over 1000 years later, I can't really get over it. Bruce Nolan was a brilliant man. Too bad he couldn't understand the capabilities of my power. You're to do as you see right without disrupting freewill. I know, with Noah, Abraham, Moses, and Ben Franklin, amongst a few others who physically seen me, I guided their choices, but that was not too bad. As for you, you were confronted by one of my oldest rivals. That remote does have a keyword destination shoot, but here is the destination (210 Peachtree St Atlanta, GA 30303), anyways, and you better press enter. You are down to 15 minutes, now.

Narrator: So off he went, and did not suspect to see the person who awaited him.

Rex: Anubis! Oh Jackal King! Where are you?

Unknown: He's not here, Cuz, but I am. Uh… What's going on? Why am I disappearing?

Anubis: There you are. I was just about to think you weren't gonna show, you stray.
That cat-horse-girlfriend of yours, now, instead of dying, will become my queen.

Rex: Now way!

Anubis: Then come after me, (Opening up a portal)

Scene 7
((The Girl, The Power, The Incomprehension) Part III)
Narrator: This next scene takes place outside of a castle with a magenta-colored sky,
but truly an Egyptian god living in an French-styled palace, is not what Rex would
have suspected.

Anubis: So this happened to be not what you assumed, now was it, you wayward

Rex: Don't piss me off.
Anubis: Let me guess. You were thinking I was to show you a pyramid of light, right?
Well guess what! That would not be where I would like to win, especially against a
mortal like you, who wouldn't even be worth my time, but to be fair, I'll give you
the first ten hits on me.
Rex threw a couple of hammer fist strikes to the knees, attempted a leg trip with no
success, a groin strike, a leg lock, and five other moves with minimal notice of
pain on that god's face.

Anubis: Now as I said, not even worth my time. I just barely felt that. If anything, the
only strike I truly felt was that low blow. Do not understand how out of your league
you truly are. You should have just let her die, instead of dying in her stead, you
moronic buffoon.

Rex: As if, I would allow you to do that. You will take neither of us down or her to be
your queen.

Anubis threw on sharp hook to the jaw.

Rex: Damn! That hurt. You knocked out a few of my teeth.

Anubis: Are you certain that you don't want to quit yet.

Rex: I-I-I… I will not give up yet.

Rex threw a LONG FIST to the chest.

Anubis: A long fist really? You know that that chauvinism will do you no good. That is one of the weakest of strikes there is. Are you certain that you don't want to give up.

Rex: I-I-I… I

Juanita: Rex don't give up; you can do it; I know you can! Please keep fighting; I know you can make it out alive! (looking at Rex desperately with hope and courage)

Rex/ (The Creator): You heard the girl. I can't lose, not now, not ever. I thought I destroyed you years ago.

Anubis: El-Jehovah, this doesn't concern you. Leave his body, and I won't destroy
you. This is my domain.

El-Jehovah: For the past several thousand years, there's been only me. Come the "Crossing of the Red Sea", I've been the God. Raw, you, Zeus-I've defeated you all. Now, you're back and will lose. Prepare yourself for Oblivion, and this time, there will be no return, for you.

Anubis: Bring it on.

Narrator: The crusade between the two gods stormed on. Punch for punch, and kick for kick, and spell for spell, they raged forth. In the end El-Jehovah came out victorious.

El: Rexwelle, the love you've shown for this woman proves material of myth, and I should know. I've seen all sorts of heroes come forth, and certainly you've
impressed me. From this day forth, you and her will remain as immortals. I now insert your seed into her and send you home.

Rex: Did you hear god, Juanita? We are now immortals and I'm the father of your child. Will you marry me?

Juanita: Sure, why not? It would be wonderful! (SMILING LOVINGLY), I love you!

Scene 8
((The Girl, The Power, The Incomprehension) Part IV: End of Act I )
Rex: God, I want to give my admiration to you for help. Yes, I love her with my all heart, but I never believed she'd be pregnant before the altar. To have her, with my child, is not… It's not right, just not yet. I mean, am I even ready? I don't have any money, and I wasn't even planning on marrying her, yet. In fact, I was planning on being her house-guest before such time would even arise, but thank you anyways.

El: You speak of her pregnancy, as something you cannot handle, but if I did not think that you were ready, I would not have done it. I know, not too long ago, according to your experiences, your first born was wrongfully taken, but even with a lack of financial support, I know you can do it. As for tonight make merry, enjoy thyself, and have fun with your fiancée. Don't worry about Odi; he should be asleep by now. Do as you wish, and remember on this date September 1, 3007 at 23:14, I give you permission to call me whenever you want. By the way, isn't your birthday 2 P.M., tomorrow. According to your experiences your turning 27, but honestly you were born in 1997. Goodnight, and happy birthday, you 1000-year-old.

Narrator: So even though Juanita was only 20, they drank, partied, and had one hell of a good night. She at first was a little reluctant taking a swig, though, considering she was a few months too young and it being her father's, but she ended up as drunk as Rex. By two in the morn they finally gotten into bed and so concluding Act I, thank you.