Was bored one day and thought of this plot while playing T or D with a friend. Star belongs to my friend. The rest of the characters belong to me.

Eight wolves sat at the edge of the clearing where their pack stayed. The den was in the middle of the clearing.

"Hey! We should play a game!" The white she-wolf with ice-blue eyes barked, her tail wagging slowly.

"What kind of game?" Her friend, a black she-wolf with a white star on her tail, asked.

"It's called Truth or Dare!"—The wolves looked at her funny.—"Come on, it'll be fun!"

"Luna, you say everything will be fun, but they usually aren't." The other black she-wolf replied.

"Only to you! The only thing that ever satisfies you is fighting or training," Luna rolled her eyes. "Come on, Honey. Please?" She lowered her ears, tilted her head down, brought her tail over her front paws, and stared at her sister.

Honey sighed through her nose noisily, "Fine."

Luna lifted her ears and wagged her tail.

"How does it go," Luna's friend asked.

"Well, Star, all you have to do is ask someone 'Truth or Dare'. I've watched some of the children play it. Some of them say a longer version, 'Truth, Dare, Double Dare, Promise or Repeat'. I personally like the longer version better, because there are more choices," Luna explained.

"Sounds interesting," Luna's brother, a ginger wolf with amber eyes, replied.

"Yeah, it sounds fun," her other sisters, a white she-wolf with yellow eyes and a ginger she-wolf with amber eyes, barked in unison.

Luna smiled softly, "Okay, I'll start!" She looked at her brothers, sisters, and friend in thought. "Truth, dare, double dare, promise or repeat?" She pointed with her tail to Star.

"Mmm…" Star said thoughtfully. "Truth."

"Is it true… that you like Vixen?"

"What? No," Star protested.

Luna giggled, "That's basically all you do. You ask someone a question and they either deny or accept it. Now it's your turn to choose someone."

"Rage. Truth, dare, double dare, promise or repeat," Star asked the ginger male.


"Do you promise to bite your tail every morning?"

Rage blinked in surprise and then shook his head. "Nope."

A brown wolf with a green bandana around his neck, came up to the group, "Hey guys, what's up?" He sat down beside Luna and touched his nose to her cheek.

Luna smiled softly before replying, "We're playing Truth or Dare. Wanna play?"


"Okay, Alex. Truth, dare, double dare, promise or repeat," Rage asked the brown wolf.

Alex blinked his green eyes and then thought for a moment. "Dare."

Rage blinked his amber eyes in amusement. "I dare you to kiss Luna."

Luna blinked in surprise. She never thought her brother, especially Rage, would say something like that. But, she didn't exactly know how her brother's mind worked.

"Anywhere," Alex asked, glancing at Luna.

"On her nose," Rage replied.

Alex turned to Luna as she turned her head to him. He smiled softly and licked Luna's nose. Luna closed her eyes to the touch and then opened them. She then touched her nose to his in return. We're mates so something like that would be easy. Alex then turned to the other black wolf, a male.

"Are you playing, Fang," Alex asked.

Fang only nodded, as he rarely ever spoke. Luna was amused that her brother was actually playing. She didn't think he would be interested in something like this.

"Truth, dare, double dare, promise or repeat?"

Fang mouthed the word "Dare".

"I dare you…" Alex looked around in thought. "To lick a tree."

Fang shrugged, stood up, and padded over to the nearest tree. He stuck his tongue out, licked the rough, dry bark, and padded back over to Honey where he sat down. They glanced at each other, and the air seemed to grow still as they waited for a reply. Honey's tail then flicked to the ginger she-wolf across from Luna.

"Er.. Truth?..." She said nervously.

Another pause.

Honey then turned to her. "Is it true you secretly sneak out every night and then come back close to the crack of dawn?"

Fang seemed to be staring at the she-wolf intently, waiting for her answer.

"Uh… N-No, w-why would you say th-that," she stammered. Her ears swiveled back and she gulped nervously.

"Aleu?" Luna tilted her head slightly, wanting an explanation as to why she would be so nervous about the question unless… it was true?

Honey snorted, "Fang says he sees you sneak away every night and you come back just before Luna wakes up at the crack of dawn." She narrowed her amber eyes, wanting her nervous sister to spill the truth.

"Maybe she has a secret mate," Alex suggested, bobbing his eyebrows up and down. Luna flicked an ear to him, signaling him to let Aleu speak.

Aleu looked nervous and scared as ever, shrinking into her fur and looking as small as a large house cat. Only when her sister, Aniyu, nudged her shoulder did she sit up a bit and stare down at her paws.

"I… I have been s-sneaking across the borders at night… And i-it is because of another wolf... He's that black and green wolf we chased out a few weeks ago…"

"Oh yeah, I remember him. He said I looked weird. I mean, his fur is green. What can get any weirder than that," Alex barked, a hint of a chuckle in his voice.

Luna stared at her mate, un-amused. She pointed to a white and blue she-wolf and a white and purple she-wolf sitting on the other side of the clearing.

"Oh.." Alex immediately shut his mouth with a click of his jaw.

Luna shook her head slowly, but ended up making a small smile. She couldn't…not smile at Alex. He always made her smile, no matter what. She then turned to her sister and touched her nose to her forehead. Aleu looked up to her below her white eyebrows. "It's okay if you're seeing someone outside of the pack. Just tell us so we don't think you're trying to leave the pack." She then licked her sister's muzzle reassuringly.

"Thanks," Aleu smiled. She was no longer nervous.

"So what's his name," Aniyu barked, giving Aleu shoulder a playful shove.

"His name's Twister." Aleu paused, staring at the ground once more.

Luna tilted her head in confusion.

Aleu then lifted her paw and pointed her paw to Luna. "I dare you to invite him to the pack!"

Luna blinked in surprise and then smiled before placing her paw on the ginger she-wolf's face. "We'll see. I'd like to meet him."

Aleu smiled as her tail wagged and they got up and padded away through the trees with Aniyu close beside them. Rage smiled before walking back over to another group of wolves, closely followed by Honey and Fang.

Alex glanced back and forth. "Hey, what happened to our game?"

XD Ahh, Alex. You never cease to amuse me lol *me speak in a girly-girl voice* "What happened to our game?"~ lolz