I was bored and also sad one day. Decided to rant and kinda turned it into a short story (very short story). If you don't like listening to politic conversations or you hate other people's opinions on politics, then don't read this. I don't really want to read something like "You hate Obama?! I'ma sue you!" or "Obama hater!" I honestly don't care what you say. It won't change my mind. I have my own opinions, you have your own. Nothing matters but your. own. damn. opinions. Don't let anyone else try and tell you otherwise, cause it won't get you or them anywhere.

I sat crisscross applesauce, the area around me white as snow. My fursona, Luna, sat in front of me, her tail wrapped around her paws.

"What's wrong," Luna asked. Her ice-blue eyes were soft.

I sighed, not really wanting to talk. Then I realized that Luna was exactly me, but in wolf form and has powers. "Obama won and he's trying to take gun-rights away from us citizens," I explained. "And that means me and my family won't be able to hunt anymore. Silver and Chaos doesn't understand this. I don't know how to make them understand…" I stared down at my lap.

I felt a presence beside me and felt Luna's nose touch my ear. "If they don't hunt then they will never understand. It's like trying to take my claws and teeth away. I wouldn't be able to fight or defend myself," she said gently. "Or eat for that matter."

"Yeah, I guess you're right." I sighed again.

"Don't try to let it bother you too much, unless they really do try to take it away, as in come to your house and take your guns. Then you can do something about it," Luna snorted softly.

I gave a small smile, "Thanks." I lifted my hand and scratched her head behind her ear.