It had always been an empty void, until the day came when there was finally something I could relate to. What was it, I did not know. But the fact that there was something else in that void except emptiness was enough for me.

And so it continued…

I opened my eyes. The gentle whirring of the ceiling fan greeted me. This was a familiar sight and sound. I had been living here since I had ever known. This was my room: the empty one with a glass ceiling.

The fan… where was the fan?

What fan? The sight of the blue sky was enough for me. I sighed contentedly and picked myself from the floor. Walking towards the door, I pushed it open.

It was a busy day for many of the villagers. Getting on with their businesses were traders: buyers, sellers, and those who were only there to look. There were also people who were comparing prices and jotting down notes, smiling to themselves.

There was enough food for everybody. No one had to go hungry. Children were playing on the sandy road without a care in the world. It was a simple life.

Simplicity, I wondered. How could we survive if simplicity was taken from us?

The day flew by. Night fell in the village, and the villagers gathered by the bonfire, chatting and discussing animatedly. There was laughter all around.

Satisfied with my day's work, I went to sleep.

I stirred. The whirring was annoying. Wide awake, I looked at the sky today. It was nothing like I had ever seen before. Dark clouds stormed overhead, threatening to blanket the world in gloom.

Nonetheless, I had to do the errands I had to do. Walking towards the door, I pushed it open.

The skyscrapers reflected the clouds infinite times, with each reflection darker than before. I walked down the road on my way to work. I saw a man in a suit that was crumpled, sporting messy and disheveled hair. I watched as he screamed into his phone, threw it away in fury and clasped his head in desperation. That amount of feeling in such a small amount of space.

As people passed me, they glanced suspiciously at each other and hugged their trench coats close to themselves. The road was ironically silent for its busy traffic.

I stared at the sky. A drop of water landed on my cheek. Water from the sky? I felt strange, as though my heart was being wrenched dry.

The feeling grew in intensity as the day passed, and finally I managed to get home and fall asleep.

It was no longer the whirring that woke me. I jerked awake in shock.

The sky was red today, with grey smoke rising to the greatest heights in the sky. As usual, I got out of the room to complete my errands.

But as I opened the door, I saw something I could not comprehend.

A human was holding a shiny metal thing in his hand. His hand moved and there was a flash of light and a loud sound, and a man fell to the ground. Explosions filled the air and metal birds soared past above me.

What was this series of events that I could not comprehend?

People were chasing after more people, only that the latter were screaming. A frightful game they were playing, perhaps. I walked forth.

All I saw was a flash of light, and the world turned ebony.

I was back in the void. But things were different now. I understand. I did not know what I understood, but the emptiness that was before was gone.

I heard the whirring sound again. With my newly acquired knowledge, I set off towards the whirring sound, hoping that one day, I could finally find the enigmatic ceiling fan.