An; okay whether you like it or not this is a long first chapter so DEALLL WITH ITTTT!

Chapter One

"He's so effing gorgeous!"

Gretchen Burns laughed and nudged her best friend, "Ohhhhh Casey, what about Dirk?"

Casey scrunched up her nose and giggled, "Derek, and Chris Hemsworth is just to fine to resist!"

Gretchen pulled a face and flipped her braid over her shoulder, "It feels so weird being here again, talking to you. Monday's going to be..." Gretchen paused stuck out her lips and in the lamest ghetto-est voice ever, "Cray-cray Uh You don't even be knowin'."

Casey fluffed her curls and winked one pretty blue eye, "I'll choose not to be offended at you're horrible display of sucking at being ghetto."

Gretchen laughed at Casey's dainty little sniff and sighed, "It's weird, just two days ago me and my dad were watching old movies then He was being transferred..." Gretchen shrugged and spread out on the couch, "Any Hoo, what's some good prospects at Lancaster High?"

Casey picked up her remote and flicked to MTV, "Hmm, well all the Jackson boys throw good parties. Warren, Eli, Flynn are all from Australia and F-I-N-E! Now their royalty at Lancaster High, with how fine Charlie is he should fall right in with them."

Gretchen fake gagged, "Eww, did you just call my twin 'fine' You're taste in men is Worst than Harley Quin's."

"Gretchen you need to stay in you're cliché, tall,sexy,leggy, and dumb," Casey's lips trembled at the offended face Gretchen pulled, and she burst out laughing and Gretchen kicked her off of the pull out couch.

"What the hell Casey," Gretchen pouted and shoved a handful of popcorn in her mouth, "Nerdy is sexy!"

"Gretchen get up!"

Gretchen groaned and slid into the floor. She hated mornings.

First she cleaned her face and brushed her teeth, then she put on deodorant. Next came a bra, a new pair of panties, a pair of black tights, then she was ruffling through her closet and finally she landed on a white button down that stopped mid-thigh and had thin blue stripes and blue buttons.

Then she pulled on some fuzzy pink socks with lady bugs on them and a black pair of ankle high heels boots with triangular stud designs around the ankle.

Then Gretchen brushed her hair and water-fall braid both sides of her bangs, splashed on some perfume and grabbed her bag and rushed down stairs.

Her twin Charlie sat at the table wearing jeans, Nikes, and a Nikey sweat shirt and when he saw her he scratched his hair and smirked before shoving a spoon full of coco puffs into his mouth.

Gretchen paused and peered at herself in the mirror her Mom hung above the sink, her hair was straight and curled a little bit at the end, it fell a little bit above her elbows. She'd applied a little mascara and her hazel eyes winked back at her. She looked good today.

"It took you an hour to make yourself uglier?" Charlie grinned and Gretchen gagged back.

"You're so funny Char," Gretchen held her nose and mocked Charlie's ex girlfriends voice, "Why don't I just give Missy you're new number so she can call you ever single day and make sure her honey bear is okay!"

Charlie paled, "You wouldn't."

Gretchen shrugged and took a spoonful of his cereal , "Maybe I would bro, maybe I would."

Charlie grumbled and stood up, "We gotta go ..."

Gretchen slid her purse onto one shoulder and her purse onto the other, "Trying out for soccer?"

Charlie had already disappeared into the garage and Gretchen had to run to catch up with him.

She opened the door to their SUV and sighed, "No answer?"

Charlie shrugged as they got into the car, "No, they don't have soccer here. It's all about foot ball."

Gretchen sighed, and Wished she and Lil Wayne could both have 'No Worries'.

When they pulled up in the parking lot Gretchen got really nervous and she grabbed Charlie's arm, "Charlie we have first and Second period together, right?"

Charlie nodded and raised his eyebrow, "Nervous Retched?"

Gretchen nodded and he grinned, "Don't be, You're walking in with this sexy animal."

Gretchen rolled her eyes and grabbed her bag, "Please tell me you at least got our schedules."

Charlie ruffled through the center console and pulled out two crumpled yellow sheets, "Here you go Retched."

Gretchen snatched a paper and groaned, "I have Gym!"

Charlie groaned too, "I have frigging art!"

Gretchen huffed and slammed her door closed, "Wonderful, pop the trunk."

Then Gretchen had to rummage out a pair of track shorts and one of Charlie's work out shirts, and thank god her old Puma's were in here.

She crammed them into a sports bag and jammed that into into an empty section of her book bag.

Charlie locked the car and she sighed, "Today is going to suck some serious elephant balls."

"Elephant balls?" Charlie laughed and crammed his schedule in his pocket, "I like it, I might finally being perverting you're innocent little mind."

Gretchen snorted and glance down at her schedule, "Or not, first period we have Chemistry -kill me now- and then Second period we have a study hall."

"Total Douche-fags."

Gretchen looked up at the cluster of cheer-leaders around three hot guys and laughed, "Jealous?"

Charlie laughed and patted my shoulder, "Of course not, watch this?"

"Excuse me, but do any of you know where the Chemistry room is?"

A red head and a brunette turned with twin expressions; annoyance that turned into 'seductive-weird-flirt- faces, "Of course! I'm Claire and this is Emma, we'd love to show you and..."

They glared at Gretchen and she smiled back, "I'm Gretchen and this is my twin Charlie, nice to meet you."

They smiled, "Welcome to Lancaster we'd love to show you and you're brother around!"

Gretchen shot Charlie an annoyed look and he smiled back, the girls grabbed their bags and skipped back over and everyone form their little group was watching them now.

Gretchen shrugged followed her brother and his eager little slaves, having a player for a brother worked well on first days.

Flynn raised his eyebrows and pushed Chelsea off his lap, "That girl..."

Warren mirrored his expression and Eli scoffed, "Could you not think with you're dicks for one day?"

Warren laughed, "Having a girlfriend's made you miss the finer points in life!"

Eli frowned, "Danielle didn't make me miss anything!"

"Juniors are so emotional this year," Flynn teased nudging Warren.

"Yeah, well that girl gave you the 'look'," Eli smirked, " as in 'look at those two man-sluts they're not good enough to lick my shoes'."

Warren shrugged, "I could care less, I'm going after Melody Canters."

"As in the one who's more bad ass than you?" Flynn snickered, "How'd you make that happen? Pity date?"

Gretchen sighed and wiggled her toes, the Pumas still fit but she felt weird standing there all alone. So far she had no classes with Casey except Lunch and that was in the middle of third block.

She had one more period to go.

Every girl in the gym was standing off to the side, wearing spandex and a tank top.

And then there was her.

"Hi I'm Jason. You must be new here."

He had short brown hair and cute brown eyes but he had a douche-bag air around him and from the way a little red-headed girl was glaring at Gretchen, a girl friend as well.

"Yeah, me and My brother Charlie started this morning. I'm Gretchen Burns," Gretchen said, in a 'sorry not interested' voice.

He didn't take the hint.

"We should hang out some time," Jason said smiling, "I could show you the hot spots-"

"Hey Jason!"

Gretchen sighed happily, he looked behind her seeming surprised and annoyed, "Flynn, Hey."

Gretchen could feel whoever Flynn was saunter up behind her. He smelled really good and he had a sexy Australian accent.

She look at him from her peripheral vision and realized it was one of the gorgeous (players) guys she'd seen this morning, He grinned at her and through his arm around her shoulder.

"You coming to my party tonight, right Jason?" Flynn also had pretty eyes. And pretty chestnut blonde hair, which off set caramel eyes.

Jason nodded and grinned, "Of course, bro."

"Good make sure you bring you're girl friend."

Then Flynn literally just cut Jason off, he stood in front of Gretchen waved over his shoulder and Gretchen watched in amazement as Jason walked off with a confused grin.


Flynn shrugged and popped his imaginary collar, "It's kinda my thing."

His accent was deep and just... wow.

Gretchen nodded, "I get it," She said copying him, "You know the player gotta keep up his reputation right? Is it a bet? Deflower\ win over the new girl?" She grinned at his shocked smiled, "Charlie Burns, My brothers, is a player too. I've heard it all before. You and him will probably love each other, birds of a feather fly together."

Flynn laughed, "I was going to invite you to my party, I've already met You're brother, we're playing some soccer with him this weekend. Apparently You haven't noticed but we have Chemistry together, and Study Hall..."

Gretchen shrugged and looked up from the hard wood floors to him, "If this turns out to be some stupid bet, I will kill you."

"I got over bets last year," Flynn sighed, "See as my little brother Eli can tell you, they end up in love and in some 'together forever' relationship, and I plan to have High school and College to live my sex life to the fullest."

Gretchen patted his shoulder and rolled her eyes, "Have fun with Herpes, Captain Nymphomaniac. Because it'll never leave you alone."

Flynn scoffed, "Please. No glove, no love."

Gretchen smiled, "Condoms can break, or some psycho could poke a hole in one,'cause she wanna baby daddy."

Flynn discreetly checked her out, she was really, really... beyond gorgeous. Her eyes were big like Bambi's, and she had a really amazing smile.

And she had a killer body. She was almost 6 ft, he barely had to bend down to talk to her. Being 6'3 in a school of 5'4 midgets was really awkward, he felt like they were eye level with his belly button.

"So I'll see you tonight?"

Gretchen shrugged, her eyes moving over his face, "If Charlie goes I probably will too. He always needs DD."

Flynn smiled, he was looking forward to seeing her, "See you tonight then."

She nodded and smiled back.

….::::::::: Gretchen's POV::::::::...

I sighed and as soon as I got home I plopped down on my bed, with my feet hanging over the edge to rub my fluffy white rug.

My room was circular, my mom had added it on since I had a habit of jumping of the banister on the stairs and almost killing my self, so she added a room onto the bottom floor.

The walls we're white with different colored polka dots every where.


I groaned and mentally flicked Charlie off, I'd forgotten all about the stupid party. Today had sucked, Casey had completely ignored me because I wasn't 'cool enough' to hang out with in school, and I was starving and... I wanted to see Flynn again.

And I'm not gonna lie, I got this really cute outfit before I'd left Beverly hills (That's where we used to live with my Dad) and I'd been dieing to wear it


Don't you just feel the love? Sibling nick names... there just beautiful. (Insert lame piano music from Twilight or something)

I decided to go casual but still party-scene, So I pulled on a pair of white lace shorts and a black off the shoulder galaxy shirt, and black platform pumps.

I put on glittery eye shadow and more mascara, then I brushed my teeth again and a some perfume.

I inspected myself in the mirror and wondered why I was going to a party when I had no one but Charlie who was going to ditch me for a hot girl as soon as we go there.



I snickered and turned off my light, "I'm coming darling brother who I love so dearly!" I chirped back.

When I stepped out into the hall way, I think my brain killed itself.

My brother was flexing in the window of the front door. He of course hadn't changed, because he was a 'bad boy'.

In truth I know he took a shower, brushed his teeth, played video games, sprayed some of the good-smelling cologne I'd gotten him for our birthday last year and probably called his best friend Max to brag.

"You're ego must of massacred you're brain cells Chester."

He jumped and glared at me, "Don't hate me 'cause I'm beautiful."

We stared at each other for a long time, and then both of us burst into laughter.

"You," I gasped out, " are the weirdest person I have ever met."

Charlie made a face, "Yeah, Yeah. C'mon retched, the party's probably getting good right about now."

I rolled my eyes and grinned, "Whatever you say, beautiful."