Chapter Three

I sighed and slammed and threw some towels, and sun block into the car.

"Why did Charlie leave so early?" I sulked, "Mom said I got to drive it for two more weeks!"

"Charlie had to pick up that guy who creeps you out."

I shot Flynn a look and slid into his passenger seat, "Are you prepared to drive with me?"

Flynn grinned and backed out of my drive way, " I got cokes in the cooler in the back seat, and I ordered six large fries before I picked you up!"

I died, I really died.

"Flynn," I was actually flattered, "How did-"

He shrugged, "You're a weird person, who only eats one thing and drinks one thing. You're like a gerbil."

"Unlike you," I shot back, "Who eats everything."

He laughed and I shoved my feet out the window and watched his face as he drove. He made the most adorable faces.

"You know you don't act like a player too me."

Flynn looked over at me and laughed, "You're different, I knew the moment I saw you."

"Tell me more about you," I said clicking of the radio, "There's nothing but Justin Bieber on."

Flynn raised his eyebrows and shrugged, "My dad started a big Law firm in Australia and My older brother Jack runs that with his wife, then my Dad started one in Houston and my Mom is a stay at home busy body, You'd like her ,you're both bossy, and she follows my dad every where. I have too many brothers to count, My dad's like a rabbit or something. That's about it."

"My dad's in the army, My mom is never at home, she's a surgeon. That's why we lived with Daddy, then he got shipped to Iraq and here we are."

I frowned and watched his face again, he looked at me and smiled and push my sun glasses up.

"What?" I said.

"You're eyes are pretty."

I laughed and munched another fry, "Yours are prettier, when I first met you I was like mesmerized or something."

I liked this, just hanging out with him like this and a big part of me want to kiss him. And I had a sneaking suspicion that I was beginning to fall for a 'reformed' player.

"When I first met you I didn't know what to say."

It was quiet and I sat up, he was watching the road intently and he looked over at me and grinned, "Almost there!"

"Will you go tubing with me?" I replied, poking his side.

He laughed and jerked away, "Sure."

I decided to save the fact he was ticklish for a time when we weren't driving.

I really wanted to kiss him.

Flynn tried to keep his eyes on her face, and it was easy when he looked into her eyes but he really just wanted to park the car and kiss her until she couldn't think straight.

He didn't know what was going on, he was nervous around her. He always was, but with them alone like this everything was easy.

When he saw the lake house he grinned, and a plan formed in his mind...


I looked from the the mud covered four-wheeler to a grinning Flynn, "Come on, live a little Gretchen!"

I sighed and plopped a helmet on my hand and he hopped on and patted the back seat with a big grin, I slid on and happily realized I had every right to wrap my arms as tight around him as I wanted.

"Let's go."

"Sounds more enthusiastic!"

I pushed up the visor and raised my eyebrows, "LET'S GO AND POSSIBLE DIE! WOO WOOO WOO ALLA BOUR THE FUN TRAIN!"

He laughed and I pushed down my visor and he took off.

Like I literally glued myself to him so I wouldn't fall off, we went mudding. I think I died. I can't remember, All I know is we would up throwing mud at each other until we were laughing so hard we were rolling the mud and then the most amazing thing Happened.

He kissed me. It wasn't fire works Like the movies, we were covered in mud but I forgot that. All I could feel was his lips on mine and my heart going off like a jack hammer and then everything made sense. It was this weird tingling that turned into me just wanting him. All I could feel was him.

Then we had to breathe.

We're panting, and he was grinning from ear to ear.

"That was amazing."

I nodded, grabbed his face, "Let's do it again."

Then we were stuck like glue again, and everything was perfect.

And then some one just had to interrupt us.


I sighed and leaned back, "Chester has bad time.'

Flynn grinned, some how looking gorgeous covered in mud, "Yeah, but there's all ways later."

So we got back on the four-wheeler and rode back down, and I'm not gonna lie I held on extra tight just because I wanted too.

"I want to flip Retched off the tube a couple of good times, do you wanna go out?"

Charlie was posing in a life-vest, acting all boat savvy I sighed and pulled off my shorts and mud-soaked t shirt and just to be safe I dived off the dock , got all of the mud off and twisted my hair up into a bun.

Then before I could blink I was off the dock again with strong, warm arms around me I blinked in the water. It burned my eyes but the lake was a pretty Chrystal blue, and I mean how could I be mad at that grin.

He jerked me up and we spluttered and laughed and I wiped the mud off his face and then just like that we we're kissing again.

"Dude her face was priceless!"

I sighed and pulled away.


I focused on taunting Chester and ignoring creepy guy, when we're on the tube floating and waiting for Charlie to gun it, something occurred to me.

What did this make me and Flynn?


I gripped the little handles and flipped him the bird and off we went.

We dodged in and out of the wake, me screaming and Flynn laughing and holding my hand and keeping it on the handle.

"Let go."

I looked at him and blinked, "Are you on crack?"

He grinned, "Just do it, then we can drive the boat. We need to talk anyway and you screaming might interfere."

Did I ever mention his accent was sexy and convincing? No. Well there you have it.


I let go and we hit a bump and off we flew.

Laughing and screaming all the way.

Charlie circled back grinning like a champion who'd just received his medal, "Okay let me and Drake have a go."

Me and Flynn swam in, I beat him to the boat 'cause I'm just that Nemo.

Flynn got to drive of course, because Charlie knew I'd drive near a jet ski and leave him.

I sighed, it felt good to have wind in you're face and too tan...The sun was nice today, and watching Charlie and Drake fight to stay on was funny. I know I'm a good spotter.

"What are we?" I finally said.

Flynn shrugged and grinned, "Honestly? I don't know. What I do know is that every since I met you all I think of is you, You have a beautiful smile and gorgeous eyes, I wanna know everything about you, You're bossy and demanding and funny and I don't know how I made it this far without Retched."

I grinned, "They fell off."

Flynn stopped and grinned, "I figured they would."

When Charlie came back ,He was panting, "Can we head in for some lunch, Fag bag almost killed is?"

I shrugged, "Yeah, Flynn brought some french fries but I ate most of them we got some cokes..."

Flynn laughed and headed back for the dock, "We have some stuff in the cabin, like Hot dogs, hamburgers, and chips from when we were up here two weeks ago."

"Good Chester's cooking," I put in with a grin.

"No," Charlie groaned, "I hate cooking!"

I shrugged, "I can't cook at all , I burn water."

"I'll cook," Flynn said pulling up at the dock, "Charlie will you and Drake tie up the boat?"

Charlie nodded, "Now get back to the kitchen woman."

I rolled my eyes followed Flynn off the dock and shed my life-vest.

The cabin had one room, a big living room with a flat screen and black leather couches and lazy boys.

The kitchen was pretty small too, and as soon as you walked in you were in it.

I sat on the counter and watched him work. Gorgeous shirtless Australian guy cooking you lunch, ohh and he's shirtless.

This was such an awesome day.

"Like what you see?"

He had a sly grin on his face and he was flipping hamburgers.

I scoffed and grinned slyly back, "Maybe , maybe not."

It was fun being alone with him like this, and pinned me to the counter and grinned, with those eyes sparkling at me.

"Can I kiss you?" He whispered.

"Any time," I whispered back.

And he kissed me, but it wasn't like it was when we were playing in the mud, it was slow and sweet and then it was like what you read in romance novels.

I had my arms wrapped around his neck and his fingers were wound through my hair.

This time it was like a million popcorn kernels were going off in my stomach and I pulled back and put my hand over his heart, it was beating faster than mine.

"Do you feel it?"

Flynn's eyes were wide, and he looked freaked out, "Y-yeah. I need to go check on Charlie and Drake."