"Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock" I whispered as I watched the world go past me. Plain faces with no light, no hope, there has been none seen for years it makes me feel empty and hopeless like the…

"Bang" a sound appeared from 3 meters behind me. I turn around to see what made the sound was and when I see it I feel my heart beat slowly and I hear it thudding in my ears. My eyes are drawn to the terrifying scene and I see and hear the people screech to a near halt. What I see is a girl who I have seen around school with her friends. She is falling to the ground and has blood rushing from her head and it looks like the blood is dying her once natural white blond hair red which makes her green eyes fade. When she hits the ground I swear you can hear her skull crack from the force of physics and her eyes start to fill with the blood that is dripping from her hair. As I'm staring I she says the last thing she will ever say and the last thing anyone will ever hear from her empty and broken voice

"Live peac.." her voice trailed of but I swear I saw the bloodied eyes look into me. I felt a tear fall down my face like a snake slithering to its pray. My mind started to race and all I could hear echoing through my head repeated and repeated she is dead, a person I have nether talked to a person that sees me last, a stranger then I snap out of it and my repetitive thinking ends when someone else says

"What did I do" he was trembling and then I saw something shiny in his hand. I look closely and I see that it is a gun. This gun is a weapon of destruction and holding the trigger is the school badass douche bag and now added to that list is the title of murderer. Malcolm Ryan I sneered the name inside my own head.

" Monny, Monique no you cant die" a voice said as he rushed to the dead girls side and finally I had a name for her Monique the head echoed . Then the boy, who I assumed was Monique's boyfriend said

"Ryan, you killed my Monique. Just because you want to be cool to your little friends. Well I hope you are happy now you can show off to your new friends in prison" the Boy said with heart in a tone that was hardly ever heard in these times. Malcolm Ryan rushed of out of the school with his terrified little buddies following.

"Bastard" I whispered thinking no one could hear me. But in the deathly silence my words echoed in the room making everyone notice me. I was frightened of the emptiness that I saw on their faces. Their expressions weren't horrified or even sad. Instead their faces looked bored and sleepy. The only person who seemed to share my hate and horror was crying sadly, smiling gently down at Monique as the tears poured down his face. As he glanced around him and noticed the passive uncaring faces his anger built. When he saw my face his eyes frantically locked onto mine you could tell he was desperate but obviously pleased that at last he'd found somebody who cared that his girlfriend was dead and perhaps her death might not have been in vain after all.

I walked foreword into the scene at hand and dropped to my knees and from behind I saw my sister who was snorting in disgust and embarrassed that that her own blood cared about this, this mistake. I was feeling the same disgust, except I had different reasons. The fact that she was feeling no pity for the scene that she had witnessed made me sick to my stomach. I glared at her for a second so that I would always remember how hideous she was in that moment. She had brown hair that flowed down passed her shoulders and stony green eyes that were like ice unlike the soft warmth that I'd seen in the dead girls. She had a hard heart shaped face and she might have been pretty if she was not so cold-blooded.

"Shut up, Sirena" I said spitting her name out like a curse. She just rolled her eyes up to the sky and although I couldn't hear her muffled words I just knew that she'd said "Whatever, Zowie"

I turned back to the blood stained body and a single tear slid from my eye and slipped onto her hand. My soul was screeching in pain as I watched her life ebbed away. The teachers finally came and the students scattered before they could get in any trouble. But I just stayed there, not hearing a single word that came out of anyone's mouth.

I walked into my garden and stared at my house. It was just like all of the other houses in the neighbourhood. New and plain and lined up like wooden soldiers. When I walked inside the house I stared around and I just knew that the inside was just as plain as all the other three bedroom houses in the neighbourhood. They were all clones and as I walked into my bedroom at the end of the house my eyes finally had something original to look at. I had a double bed with bright orange sheets, unlike Sirena's beige ones, there was a large jarrah desk for homework and the rich red colour of its wood filled the room with warmth. Although the built in closet seemed as plain as the rest of the house it was bursting with colour once you slid open the door. My t-shirts and jeans may have been as plain as everyone else is but my brightly coloured scarves, quirky hats and long flowing dresses stood out in a crowd. But the piece de résistance, the one thing that really stood out in the room was my fluffy, furry, rainbow swirled carpet that wrapped itself around my feet and melted into the floor. I dropped my bag near the desk, sat down and absentmindedly lifted my school books out of my grey back pack. I thought that if I tried to do my homework I might snap out of the nightmare and horror that I held within. I kept seeing Monique's bloodied hair and lifeless eyes staring blankly up at me and I couldn't stop thinking about the mindless drones who didn't even care. I though it might take my mind off things if I tried to concentrate on my homework. I'd only gotten one piece of homework today and in an attempt to distract myself I carefully read what I was supposed to do.

Year 12 Social Studies:

Dear class,

You are near the end of your schooling years and it is time to figure out what you want to do in your future. You are to undertake the following activities:

Research six different career choices that you are interested in (for example, army, teacher, Doctor, lawyer, mechanic, spy etc). Take notes on each career and identify the advantages and disadvantages.

Write a 1000 word research report on your career of choice and include the following:

Pay rates

Education required to undertake the career

Steps that you will need to undertake if you are to follow that career path.

What the career is and what roles you would be required to fulfil in this job

You have a week to complete this report and it is due on the 4/6/2023.

With Regards

Mrs Rosella Parkinson

I stared at the words that seemed to have no meaning except one singular word the makes me think about and that word was future it seamed like a dream word that meant nothing but anything at the same time. It made me confused at the fort of having a future, what would the point be for a future a hopeless bit of information that had no end of the robots in the world. I tried to take my mind of that by thinking the six jobs that I would be able to do in the future. I thorte and thorte until my head aced. I sleeplessly stood up and lay down my bed hoping for new inspiration for the work then a sudden thort popped up in my head, if I was to have a job it would be so that I coude change the world from the disaster that it has become where there is abnormal to be abnormal and there was nothing that you can do to change the hole that this so called government has bran to us. If I was to do anything to tell people that I was proud of it would be and more then glade to tell my grandchildren is that.

I Zowie Achilla Xanthis, Greek blood, witnessed a murder and was different changed the world for a better place and there was only one way that I am going to do that.

I stood up and worked other to the mirror that handed over the desk and a saw my self. I tried noticing my feathers like my shiny and wavy black hair that stoped at my hips, my determined hazel eyes and my tallness and then my sight went back up to the eyes and look strait at my self and said in a voice that was a whisper and a commanded

"I will protest and no matter what the cost I will change the world"

Ass soon as I said that I wondered what would the cost be….