So what on earth are you doing and why?

Well, I'm going to try to write something every day. Things like poems (probably bad ones, if any), stories, random descriptive paragraphs, character profiles, just random bits and pieces. I might write snippets inspired by songs, or random thoughts, or just write some dialogue.

As for why, because my writing sucks compared to how I wish I could write. Also, because I want to make myself write every day because realistically that is what I want to do someday. I want to challenge myself to write in new ways, to develop new skills and find the mystical and elusive 'unique voice' of my writing. Also, part of the reason I may have decided to do this is because I am (ever so slightly) out of my mind. So, yay for that!


I know that there are people on FictionPress who are proper writers and people on here can actually write. I am a complete amateur and fairly hopeless at a lot of forms of writing. Hence, I'm doing this because I need to improve. See?
However, I'm sure that on more than one occasion you'll read something from a particular day and just stare at the computer screen incredulously and question both my sanity (for writing it) and your own (for reading it). Feel free to tell me. So, as the title of the paragraph suggests, you have been warned.

I need a little help

First up, feel free to give me whatever feedback you like, I guess it all helps.

Second of all, sometimes (when I'm stuck for ideas) I'll just draw three random words out of a hat and write on that. So… I need random words (nouns and adjectives and verbs, I guess). Maybe (if people even review this…) You could give me a couple of random words? Pleeeaasseee?

Well, maybe I'll see (figuratively speaking, of course) you around?

And, honey, I tell you, if you read this you're a saint.

Now I have to think of a catchy way to sign off…SIBEM? No, that initialises weirdly. Faithfully yours? No, I don't even know you...

How about just…



Tada! Perfect ending!