To dance once with you,
Would simply fit perfect.

To dance under the stars,
Hand in hand, waist in waist.
To move and glide as one,
Under a blanket of darkness -
Emptiness that yet holds untold wonder.
To move and glide over the lake,
And spin in the spiral of the moon,
Reflecting in every part, yet shining
Only here.
Everything would sparkle,
As if fairies granting and guiding.
To put all my trust in you,
To hold my body as yours,
Would simply fit perfect.

To dance on the air,
Soul in soul, heart in heart.
To fly and believe as one,
Nothing else to surround.
Simply you and me in untold wonder,
To never let go -
As we're all we have left,
All we'll ever need.
Dancing between the clouds,
And laying there at night,
Everything clear.
Everything blue, calm.
To have you as me,
Would simply fit perfect.

To dance between the sheets,
Body as body, desire as desire.
Meeting there, only as one.
Everything else, anywhere else, tangential.
Pure electricity passing through,
Each others veins and beings.
Heat and friction possessing,
Exploring energies never found or to be in others,
What else would we need?
Could we need?
To intertwine together, our bodies,
To dance,
Once with you,
Would simply fit perfect.