Another land,

Far away kingdoms,

Magic spells, and curses too.

Drifting away from this world,

From mean words, and stressful work.

It all fades,

As a movie plays in my head.

I am no longer in my seat,

Maybe not even on this world,

The writen word takes me far away,

Beyond my home and into my imagination.

Some don't understand,

It's boring, they say,

I've got better things to do, they say;

It's wonderful, I say,

To get away even for a moment,

Into the pages of a book.

My great escape,

My chance at adventure.

Wonderful creatures,

Beautiful lands,

And a hint of danger.

Watch love develop,

Feel their embaressment,

Laugh and cry with them.

It doesn't seem imaginary,

How can words do this to your emotions?

Maybe it's magic,

But maybe not.

All I know is,

If I have a book in my hand,

I am no longer in this world:

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