A More Personal Second World War

I was not entirely oblivious;

I knew something was seriously wrong.

Her very own Hitler was brutally attacking her,

Singling her out like the Jews.

However, America was much like myself.

They could not have known the

Extent of the abuse

Since Holocausts were unheard of.

I had never had a friend who

Had been in an abusive relationship.

I didn't recognize the signs.

I couldn't have recognized them.

It ended her life,

Much like the victims

Of Hitler's hateful rampage.

We were not necessarily close;

Acquaintances whenever we were not

With our group of friends.

She was only a single member of my friends,

Like a single group in Europe,

One that I politely acknowledged,

But was not as attached to.

Still, I feel as though

It was my responsibility.

To stand up for her.

As the America of my companions,

I would have been strong enough

To keep him away,

Shield them from his hateful ways.

But I didn't realize the monster he was.

Not until she was already gone.

He took her life,

Without any grief or care,

Ending her sentence in the smoke stacks.

I should have stepped in sooner.

I could have saved her.

Instead, all I did

Was earn myself eternal guilt.