It all began with the bubblegum disease,

An annoying urge to chomp on something.

Obnoxious squeaks and chewing sounds

Echoed through her room, supplemented

By the constant scent of artificial watermelon.

When she discovered the art of a

Perfectly chewed nail, she found she couldn't quit.

Forget gum, which attracts other students

Like mating calls during the spring.

Nobody wants to share a chewed nail,

And it became her new habit, a nervous one.

But people thought it strange, so instead

She began to snack in its place.

Most of the time it was junk food,

Occasionally replaced by healthy whenever

She had a moment of self-consciousness.

But the weight began to pile on,

And so she became addicted to NOT eating,

And instead running in its place.

She'd run and run and run until she felt better.

Self-consciousness replaced depression,

As she worried she wasn't pretty enough.

To release the stress, a friend suggested a cig.

At first it disgusted her, but slowly, surely,

Became her best friend when she was down.

She was addicted, smoking constantly

Until her chest became contaminated by it.

On her last day, as she lay in bed,

She mused about how bubblegum led to her death.