She was an actress,

An expert on acting happy.

Everyone thought she

Was okay, was content;

Her performance was

Muy excelente.

There were a couple

Unnoticed signs she couldn't

Hide from public;

Someone had to look hard

To even notice it.

The ends of every finger

Was destroyed beyond

Repair, covered in

Battle scars of stress:

Bit off nails and

Skin torn away from

The edges.

There were slight shadows

Under her eyes, which

She attempted to conceal

With makeup, but failed.

Her lack of sleep

Made her sigh whenever

She thought nobody

Was looking at her.

Sometimes, her smile

Was very obviously fake.

Not quite as big,

And her lips quivered.

Even then, nobody noticed.

Every once in a while,

Her nail would be tipped

With dried blood.

Even though she never

Subscribed herself to mutilation,

She did it subconsciously.

A scar rested her upper thigh,

Which she picked at sometimes.

Without her knowledge,

She had grown addicted

To self-harm.

Even though the signs were few

And very well disguised,

Her loneliness was overwhelming.

Some days, she wished that

Someone could just see through her.